Obey Your BodyUnethical and manipulative behaviour and empty promises.


My daughter and I was conned into buying R18 000 worth of Obey your body and other brand names products at the store in Menlyn Shopping Centre in the beginning of August 2016, which included 24 months worth of facials. We booked our first sessions and had our facials during the last week of Aug, and found it quite ridiculous, done by a beautician they had in for the day from the Soap Stories shop in Mall of Africa. She did the absolute minimum, and sent us on our way. When we tried to book our appointments for facials this month, we were told they closed down, and so have almost all the other similar shop in the country it seems.
You feel conned out of your money in every possible way.
Shopping centres should not allow these con artists into their shops.
I had a similar experience at Kolonade last year, and when I looked at the card I had left, I now see it was also Obey your body products being sold.
They teach these European/Italian people how to con you into buying - always on Credit card, and they promise you the product will last you at least 18 months. They promise you service knowing full well they won't be there to deliver.


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    Obey Your Body Sep 19, 2016

    Dear horselover12345,
    We regret to hear about this incident.
    It is important to mention that we are the wholesaler and manufacturer of ObeyYourBody products, and you encountered one of our independent retailers at Menlyn Shopping Centre.
    We condemn this kind of behavior and misrepresentation by our independent retailer and strongly advise our retailers against such conduct. We worked hard to build a strong and beloved brand and do our best to guard it the best we can.
    We are currently in legal litigations with this specific former retailer.
    Again, please accept our apologies for this incident.

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