NYC Housing Authority [NYCHA]repairs not being made in my house, hazardous ones

K Nov 22, 2018
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I am having a major issue with getting repairs done in my house. I have had tickets in for more then a year and repairs still have not been made. In my sons room it rains whenever it rains outside. There is mold all in my bathroom. My kitchen floor was uprooted and never completed. I have developed minor breathing problems and so has my son. I am reaching out to whoever will listen but nothing seems to be getting done.


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    CSaliva Dec 18, 2018

    I have a mold issue in my house that get cleaned and painted but the root of the problem is never dealt with so the mold pops up all over the house at different times. I am praying that this will not cause long term effect to our physical bodies. I am keeping track of all the times they have come out and in some areas of the house never really complete the job like in my livingroom. Also, the heat and hot water issue is beyond frustrating at the amount that we pay for rent. Waking up everyday or coming home from a long day of work wondering if you going to be lucky enough to find heat or hot water is not a way to live. NYCHA has to really do something about these conditions

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