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R Sep 11, 2018

September 11, 2018
To Whom it May Concern,

I am writing to express my concerns and frustration after several attempts on calling the NYCHA Customer Contact Center regarding a maintenance complaint and to follow up on the work order. I understand that everything is a process but when a situation calls for an emergency, pressing issues should be evaluated within 24 hours as this also can get worse and affect other residents that live in the building.
The situations are as follow:
-The bottom kitchen cabinets are falling apart. There is a hug hole on the wall located behind the kitchen sink pipes.
-The tiles in the kitchen, the tiles in the hallway, and the tiles in the bedroom are starting to loosen up since water is seeping through the floors nonstop which by the way is definitely a breeding ground for mole if there aren't some already.
-The apt is starting the smell, roaches are coming in (never had an issue before, the apt is always clean and organized) the paint and plaster on the hallway walls are crumbling down due to the water damage.
-About two weeks ago someone from maintenance passed by to look at wall in the bedroom since there are water bubbles forming in different sizes, they made two big holes in which the holes exposed dirty metals and maybe a pipe I believe. Later on the holes was covered with a black plastic bag and taped "securely". It has been said by one of the maintenance personnel that a pipe broke, a big concerning issue I think. The water bubbles across the bedroom wall are currently getting larger and are erupting and leaking water or some type of liquid.
-We have been following protocols as responsible tenants…my mom who is handicapped went with the assistance of her home attendant to the management office of the Fredrick Douglas Housing development a few times to notify/remind them of the ongoing problem. My mom has also called the NYCHA Customer Contact Center multiple times to submit a ticket and follow up on the work orders and all she is being told is that they will be sending someone within 24 hours and no one ever comes, and it's been now almost 2 weeks. I inclusively called the number provided on the NYCHA website for Services for people with Disabilities Hotline and left messages with my contact information. Furthermore, contacted 311 and they provided me with the Manhattan Borough Management Office at [protected], spoke to someone briefly who was very unprofessional and was told hold on but it seems as though someone was one the phone and didn't want to talk.
-Failure to comply and perform repairs that need attention in resident's homes exemplifies the violation of basic federal health and safety regulations to provide a safe and sanitary housing for families. This is also a reflection of management dysfunction on organizational failures of NYHCA. I am requesting that you please look into this urgent matter; my mother's living condition is getting worse as days past and I am afraid that she or my mom's aid might physically get hurt or even be exposed to something contaminated. If this happens, this can unfortunately turn into a legal matter. I am so disturbed by the poor health infrastructure of the NYCHA community.
- As I wrote before above my mom lives in the Fredrick Douglas Housing Development building 140 If there is anything that we can do on our end to help facilitate and expedite these repairs and upkeep where my mom resides we can gladly assist as well in any way we can that's within our means. My mom is a good civil person and have not been late with rent payments. If there is someone that can direct us to get assistance through a different channel please provide information and I will follow up to get the right support my mom's needs. We don't want to be a hindrance but would like to resolve pressing and distressing issues that need immediate attention due to health concerns and because not only this affects my mom but maybe even all the residences that also live on the B line, not sure to what the extent of the damages are but where my mom lives it's pretty bad and ugly. Please help.


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