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F Aug 04, 2018

I bought a nutribullet 900 a couple of years or so ago. I had problems with it from the start, with it leaking and also with a strong smell of burning when I used it. I have not used it very often as it is such a hassle with the leaking. I did contact you before but decided not to pursue it as I assumed it was just me not having strong enough fingers to screw it up properly. It then ran out of warranty and I have continued to use it only very occasionally. Recently I stayed with my daughter who has a Ninja and was amazed at how easy it was to use, no leaking, no burning smell...not needing really strong hands to do up the lid or undo the lid. I know I am way out of the guarantee period so you have no statutory rights. However, I certainly know which one I am going to recommend to everyone unless you feel like proving me wrong!! I imagine I simply have a faulty model otherwise you would not still be in business!! So I am asking for above-and-beyond customer care to restore my faith in your company.
Also, I have come on this site as your customer service department doesn't appear to recognise anyone outside of the US or Canada!
Yours hopefully, Fiona

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