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I had new tires put on at your beavercreek Ohio location. Car went in holding air and came out leaking out of the rear passenger tire, I lost 20 psi in a day so I brought it back. Not once did they apologize and before they even looked at the car they were trying to say it was a cracked rim ( it is from 1987), which I understand. But from the start both employees had a attitude and rather than trying to find a solution they were clearly seeing what they could blame it on. After I told the manager I almost didn't come back after my last expiereance with my other car he looked at me and said "why did you." I have never felt so disrespected by a business in my life. While the other tech was trying to tell me what he thought was wrong he would not look me in the eye, instead he was looking off and to my right the whole time and when I asked him to please address me and look me in the eyes he immediately showed a attitude. I get it there could of been something wrong with the rim, but it was without a doubt the worst expierence I've ever had at a "business" and I have no intention of ever returning, not that the manager cared. I'm just happy that working at another auto place down the road im able to talk to about 60 to 70 different people a day in the area and warn them to not go to that NTB, everyone I tell is blown away by the story. Also I did bring my rim to another rim and wheel shop and they did confirm it was a proper valve stem installation and that the weights on the rim were not properly installed on that wheel because it was leaking from the weights as well. Definitely will continue to spread the word to avoid your company. I wish I felt valued as a customer. I just wanted to feel like they tried. I don't know if your customer care department cares more than them or not but a chance to at least talk to someone who cares would be nice.

NTB / National Tire & Battery


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      Sep 09, 2018

    I was at westbend location ordered a set of tires they said they will have them saturday great I made appt for 1:00 Saturday i go there and the never scheduled me and forgot to order tires i was very pissed their response is what it is!!! Everyone keep away from here

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