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First, this company will not tell you (at least not me) that their service is not compatible with VoIP. After a few years of 'service', I finally figured that out (a few false alarms, with no phone call from them). After I found that out, and after talking to them, I decided to cancel my account. While talking to a Customer Rep. I asked about their cancelation policy. I was told that I needed to mail or fax a cancelation notice to their office - Fax # [protected] - with 30 days notice.

This notice was faxed to them on the 12th of Sept. It is now the first of Dec and they are still withdrawing the monthy fee from my bank. I have since tried on three separate occasions tried to resend the fax (yes, it went through the first time) and the fax will now no longer got through - the phone keeps ringing. Yes, I did try to call as if I expected someone to actually answer the phone.

Of course, I will NOT give up.


  • Ms
    Ms. Lynch Jan 03, 2009

    This company is a FRAUD. I have been trying to cancel this service with them for over 3 months now and I get no where. I am told I can not even though my contract allows me too. If you are able to cancel your service please enlighten the rest of us that still can't get it done. There customer service is horrible along with the actual alarm service. My husband finally got the phone to stop ringing from the system. This alarm company is awful and does not care about there customers. No matter how much you report them, they are still able to continue to steal from people. We have got to do something.

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  • Ju
    just_me Feb 10, 2009

    Ms. Lynch, first off the company is not a fraud. I read your post earlier and I'm sorry you dont like your service. But you have to realize you signed a contract. And like any contract they are going to hold you to it. Your contract allows you to cancel within 3 days after the contract is signed and the system is installed without a penalty. However, if you try and cancel after that you will be charge a prorated amount for the remainder of the contract. THAT is what you signed. Own up to it. The company does not steal from people, they just keep their end of the contract. Keep yours. So unless you pay the remainder of the contract you probably arent going to be able to cancel.

    VoIP does not work with ANY two way voice system, not just they one you have.
    Also, did you only have VoIP when the system was installed? Because if you did, then you should have gone with the Cellular service where the system is connected to the monitoring center. That way you would have service. And if you did have VoIP ONLY and you dont have the cellular service the rep that sold you the system did a poor job.
    And if you did not have VoIP and switched to it or even if you switched to any other service you should have called the company to let them know you switched phone services. I have seen many people lose connectivity to the monitoring center because they didnt notify the company of the change. So you may need to just get some extra equipment

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  • Ro
    robert beddoe Mar 02, 2009

    I bought this security service in May, 2008. Right away after the service tech left, I discovered that every time my phone rang the alarm console would buzz and I could not hear my caller due to all the static. I called Northstar, they put a tech on and he walked me through the console keypad. I thought that solved the problem, but it is still messed up with a lesser background noise. Furthermore, I have discovered that the system does not really work; the console works with its message when you leave the house, but if you forget and enter w/o your buzzer to disable the alarm, the cops do not show up. I think that means that it is not connected to the police dispatcher or whoever.
    Now, I have a problem as they won't answer their phone and their e-Mail address won't connect ([email protected]). I went to my bank to stop the elec funds withdrawal and the bank told me it was almost impossible to stop Northstar from getting your money. These alarm system bums really suck.

    Robert Beddoe
    Pflugarville, texas.

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  • Ja
    Jamie Vallen Apr 08, 2009

    To Robert Beddoe, I worked for Northstar in Texas last year, I was probably in the company there the installed your account, I'll have to be honest I left Northstar because they were a no-name joke and a bunch of liars (like most of these company's that I've worked for), although I will tell you what your sales rep did not inform you of, and the reason why I mainly left the company, in Texas you have to register your alarm through your city, and that is the only way it can be fully monitored (if it does go off without it being registered, northstar will still call the police, but 8 times out of 10 they won't show up), the city does charge you a fee to do that, but of course if the rep told people that, then most likely they wouldn't sign up to pay extra money, and to be honest that single thing really bothered me, and I'm sorry that you have to go through that. If you have anymore questions with your account as a fellow citizen I would be glad to help you, my email is [email protected]

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  • No
    Northstar Alarm May 27, 2009

    Hi Ken,

    Our contracts are usually 5 years long. So from what you've said, you're probably still being billed despite your requests for cancellation because there is still time remaining on your contract. You can find the length of your monitoring agreement or any renewal term in section 1.1 of your contract, or contact customer care. While I'm not sure what happened at signing, whether our salesperson was aware you had VoIP, we would like to make our security system work for the remainder of your contract. Please contact customer care so we can diagnose the problem and have it fixed.

    Northstar Alarm

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  • To
    tony12 May 30, 2009

    I worked for Northstar also last year in Texas, I worked with JAMIE VALLEN also last year. He was fired the first month because he was a bad technician and couldn't do his job properly. I just don't like when people that get fired or do a bad job blame people for their inadequacies. Hopefully Jamie has moved on with his life. From all of my experiences with Northstar they have treated me well, and it was a good experience for me.

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  • Ju
    justhelpinout Aug 09, 2009

    I like how jamie vallen Still has a reputation as being a poor tech I work for northstar now and have heard how he was no good. The worst part is that jamie did say something true You do have to register your alarm with the city or county you live in but it is the techs responsibility to provide his customer with that information not the sales.

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  • Ja
    Jamie Vallen Aug 10, 2009

    Wow that's amazing Ryan, I'm so glad that you fired me, NOT! you're so full of crap it's dripping out your pants. I left you guys, and you had to shut down your office because you were doing so terrible. I'm sorry if I wronged you in some way. I was in the middle of starting a family, and you guys made promises you couldn't keep, not my fault in any way what so ever. I left you remember that. Or are you too ego headed to remember that? Northstar is no good folks, and Ryan Alspach happens to be one of the worse reps in the whole company he won't think twice about lying to you. Much like most reps in this and other security companys are trained to do. And a bad technician? I installed 2 accounts as I was required to give all the rest of my installs to my techs, seeing as I was the lead tech. Don't try to make me look like the bad guy just cause you ended up buying part of the company, and are trying to and at any cost to save your crappy image. And as for you "justhelpinout" You would of had to of head the lies from Ryan if you thought I was bad. I did nothing wrong but leave when I wasn't making any money along with the rest of my technicians who ended up being split up around the country. And another thing I was offered the lead tech job in Raliegh NC and I turned that down, so I must of not been too bad if your company seemed to still want me when I quit. Thanks and out.

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  • Ro
    RonJones789 Sep 24, 2009

    I had service with them for 1 year. 6 months of it they did not porvide service. Because they said my unit was out of date and could not service that anymore. SO I PAID 6 months for no service. I told them that I wanted to cancel because that is just bad service. They told me that I need to upgrade my equiptment for $300. I have been fighting them now for 2 year because they wanted me to finish the contract. Tonight I get a collections company call... THEY ARE SCAMMING PEOPLE!!! Total BS... RON JONES INDIANAPOLIS

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  • Sc
    Scott - Indianapolis Area Nov 05, 2009

    Any inside on how to cancel with these guys? Anyone willing to help out legally with this? There has to be something that can be done besides complain. I know it is a contract, but it sure isn't friendly. Please, give me examples of a cancelation policy as bad as this. We all know they make it this way so you can't cancel. Which is wrong and I hope these people are returned the favor later on in life.

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  • Bd
    bdrr Nov 18, 2009

    Please let me know if you were able to find some legal help. The same service is available for $16.95/month!!

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  • Ke
    Keihanna Dec 09, 2009

    When I signed up with this company, I also set up for auto payment. About a year ago I was laid off and found a new job with different paydates. Six times I called and informed them that the auto payments would not work and that I needed to set up paper billing. Six times they said it was done and six more times they still tried to auto pay but not send a bill. About a month ago they called for payment being declined. I explained again the problem and they said they were putting me on paper billing again. Low and behold I got a bill! YESTERDAY!!! Today I had a call from the rudest person I have ever dealt with. I tried explaining I just received the bill less than 24 hours ago and her only response was make payment arrangements! I don't want to make payment arrangements, I should at least have a couple of days to send in a payment! I told her I was not going to deal with her and her response "If you paid your bills you would not have to deal with me!". I stated she was terrible at customer service and her response was she was not in customer service, she was in collections therefore she did not have to be curteous and give good service!

    I asked for her name, she would only give her first name as Michelle, I asked for her last name and she stated that she did not have to give it to me. I asked for her supervisor and she stated she was the supervisor! I asked for her agent number, direct report to VP, etc...anything to identify her to someone, heck anyone I could find to complain to and she refused. I did get her extension (152).

    I will pay the bill when I get paid next, but I am sure going to figure out when my contract is up and cancel! I will check a company's reputation out better next time before I buy. Consider this a lesson well learned! And needless to say I will make sure that any and every person I personally know or have contact will be aware of the issues and lack of customer support from this company. I work in a building with over 2, 000 employees and have already posted a sign..."ASK ME ABOUT MY BAD ALARM COMPANY!!!"

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  • Ro
    rogerjameson Dec 16, 2009

    If you really want to get somewhere, I stumbled upon the owner's extension: 102! good luck!

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  • Al
    aldeidmom Apr 03, 2010

    I have been trying to cancel my contract too. If anyone knows how to to that, please let me know

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  • Bi
    big_franco1ID May 24, 2010

    This company is a fraud. The salesman used a bait and switch teqnique to get us locked into a 5 yr contract. He used the term "agreement"as a trick. He said we were specially selected to advertise for his company, in return we would recieve a free alarm system and get employee pricing on monitoring service for up to 60 months. All we had to agree to was to make sure their sign was visible at all times and call them right away if it went missing. We also were not to tell our neighbors of this deal. So my wife and I agreed to to what he said verbally. We agreed to pay Northstar 83.99 for the first 3 months, then 50.99 a month after that. Never did he mention a 5 yr contract, and never told us about the 3 day cancellation rule. In fact that part of our contract was left blank. We just signed and initialed where he pointed to. We used the alarm after that a couple of days. We found out that the alarm was malfunctioning, so i contacted NorthStar. A day later they called me back and thats when I was told of the 5yr contract. I couldn't believe it. I was told to cancel I would have to mail or fax a letter to their cancellation dept. Which i was of course denied. So am still calling them contantly paying for an alarm I can't even use. So, If a Saleman named CHAZ LYONS comes knocken' on you're door. Remember, LYONS is Lyin', and slam the door in his face. NorthStar is not worthy of handling my security! How can I trust a company, when there employees are not honest and straightforward!

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  • Fl
    FloodVictim2010 Jun 22, 2010

    This company is unprofessional, harrassing, and deceitful. I am having my lawyer contact them about the behavior of their salesman towards and the technician. They took advantage of a young woman alone in her house and pressured me into something I did not want to do. As a salesperson myself, I know there is a BIG different between what is legal and what is ethical. You can say "You signed it, too bad for you" all day long, but that makes for unhappy customers and apparently, a C- rating with the BBB. They are not accredited and complain after complain on this and countless other websites. There is even a "I HATE NORTHSTAR ALARMS" Faceook page! Wake Up, Northstar!! The company I work for (far larger than Northstar) has an A+ rating and only 9 complaints in the past 3 years!! I am proud to say I work for a company that cares about their customers. A happy customer will pay off again and again, even if they don't give you the business right away. Everyone should go to the BBB website and leave a complaint about these con artists.

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  • Do
    does any display work Aug 10, 2010

    Hate this company!!! I agreed to take over this contract when I bought the house from previous owners because they couldn't get out of the contract with Northstar. Northstar would not let me just take over the previous owners contract they made me sign a new one for 16 months. I have digital phone WHICH DOESN"T WORK WITH THEIR SYSTEMS and I'm not about to give them more money for their cellular crap. I'M NOT EVEN USING THE *$&^ system and yet I STILL have to pay them money for the next 4 years. HATE THIS COMPANY, DO NOT GET CAUGHT UP IN THIS 5 YEAR + CONTRACT!!! Should have gone with my gut and told the seller to deal with the crap they had signed up for in the first place. I will find every website possible starting now to complain about this company!

    ~Ashley NC,

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  • On
    oneandonly371 Sep 03, 2010

    so I signed up for this "great deal" and after the installer left my house my security system went off everyday at the same time. I activated the "chime" feature and while in my house without the wind blowing my system went off several times. I've phone the company more times than I car to mention. Always the run around. I have been walked through the reprogramming three times and the problem still exists. Then I receive a letter in the mail stating that I have not filed a permit with the local police department. I asked why would I file with the police department when the system is not working correctly to begin with-be charged for false alarms which the company has been notified since initial install. I'm so apt to take the sign out of my yard because I would NEVER recommend this company to anyone.


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  • Do
    does any display work Oct 19, 2010


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  • Ya
    yardman1234 Jan 13, 2011

    I will start a class action suit on this company, , they will not answer my phone calls or emials, i sent in cancellation notices on my check and a written notice on a statement that i sent to them with my payment, , They have no records of this of course. I need all that want to sign up to email me..i will pay for this, to many threatening letters from them and i have even sent in copies of my checks they cashed, that has cancel my contract in the for space at the bottom of my check. they will not cancel and says they are going to turn me into collections...Email [email protected], , , , lets stop this company from bad practice...

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  • Ya
    yardman1234 Jan 13, 2011

    my alarm system did not work for over 6 months, , , , found out that they installed a faulty and out dated system...Now i find out this system is not compatiable with the needed system to set off the system to be able to call the police in case of a break-in...and they want to charge me for non service...they will not let me cancel this..oh yeah, , the guys that come door to door are not licsence to do this...And in this state, you have to be...FInding out more and more fraud about this company..They are not even monitored in our state...

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  • Mo
    Mohammed shawarbeh Jun 23, 2011

    I have north star, sales woman was hot and got firm breasts, got me to sign up, 39.95 amoth, Im happy to have my family and house safe, but that wasnt the case, if phone is cut off alarm is useless and it wont notify u, tech came to install the first time, But I found no alarm seasure on the line which enable alarm to take over and call police and disable all phones in the house, called tech back were I ran didicated lines for alarm, he fixed it, come to find out they do not know what alarm seasure is, basically if the phone is off hook ur alam wont call police, talked to them but I decided I'll wait 3 years, called 60 days to cancel and emailed a signed letter but I got a reply back that my account was extended 18 more months, this company is a fraud and a total rip off,

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  • Co
    consumer22 Nov 17, 2011

    I also got ripped off by this company. The ADVERTISING DIRECTOR MICHAEL WALKER from Indianapolis came to my home and said he would REIMBURSE the fee to break my contract with my current alarm and change to Northstar.
    He gave me a whole lecture on how his company gave him money to allocate to just about 10 houses as advertising. He wanted us to be one of those houses and he SWORE so many times in our faces that we will get reimbursed that money. As soon as I try to contact him thought email AND phone to get paperwork ready. His Northstar email bounced and he is not returning my calls.
    I have just had to pay almost $700 to get out of my old contract which was almost ending and now I got sucked into a new 5 year with this low life company. Shame on all of them. They are supposed to protect you from thieves…but unfortunately they are the biggest THIEVES of all!
    Thank you NORTHSTAR, thanks to you “I DO HAVE PIECE OF MIND”(for those not familiar with them; this is their freaking slogan)
    By the way... that sign that has to stay in the yard for 5 years… yep, it will have an additional one right next to it.
    It will be fun, look for it soon all over the internet. I’m working on it!

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  • Co
    consumer22 Jan 05, 2012

    I will have to say that Mr. Billingsley has done an exceptional job in working with our case. We have reached to an agreement which I am satisfied with. Not sure what happened to the actual sales person that created this whole mess. Hopefully he learned a lesson, the same way I did GET EVERYTHING IN WRITTING!!!
    Thanks Northstar for owning up to promises made, I truly appreciate it.

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  • Er
    Eric Eide Dec 13, 2013

    Ok I've tried to do what I can do with customer service and their customer service is terrible I explained my situation and how I was push into a alarm system. I am disabled and I was taken advantage of. I have had my bank acct 30 years and I have never had a problem with it. I ask that they stop taking money out of my acct and that they understand I have HIV and I'm not able to pay. My name is Eric Eide and I live in Tacoma Washington I don't have much longer to live and I'll be damn if I will let them get the best of me. I should of known when the guy came in my yard it was trouble. 1st off he showed me where you can go to your cell phone and see if there are problems in your home with a camera they have and everything is free. I thought that was cool. However when they put the system in I had no camera for monitoring. I told him I couldn't afford it. I didn't get to see the contract and he explained to me what I was signing. I call that entrapment. I know if I would of been like I used to be I wouldn't of had this. They also called me and told me when I close my acct they will turn me into a collection agency. I am going to the TV stations and I will be on every sight and I hope that I will be able to help someone not being taken advantage of. Eric Eide Tacoma Washington

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  • Wh
    Whyworrynow Feb 18, 2014

    I really really really hate this company. I was home after. An out patient surgery & this piece of garbage came by twice. He had a carbon monoxide alarm system one where I could call for a medical emergency attach to my key hand & the home alarm system. By the time I was coherent enough, I realized the alarm didn't even work. Along with this issue, the last minute they said oh we don't have the carbon monoxide feature with us we can give you more of the motion detector. Just what oi need homebound with two dogs. After a few months, my son said you can't get it to work because it doesn't. That's when I found I had signed a 5 year contract!!! I couldn't believe I was that freaking sick or stupid one!! After about two or three years I was able to get a tech out. He said this or that was never hooked. Then he said one those key chain items are not for medical emergencies & they are not hooked up either. I am 4 months to making it 5 years & saw this post!!! I called them & they are telling me to fax it to 8013734027. I will be sending them registered mail signed received. Now they are saying we sent you an email apologizing wanting to give you a discount on the medical alarm. I stopped them saying hell no and I normally don't cuss.

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  • Gu
    guelie Nov 10, 2015

    Serjio From Texas that is happening to me my contracts is expired all ready call AGUST 2015 FOR CANCEL MY service and send the letter they ask still stilling my money from the bank for sep oct I told them that I m going to the bank to put stop to them so that way they cant gite my money anymore they told me if I do that they are going to send me to credit repor so to have a bad credit I don't know what to do Im might talk with a lawyer or if you can help me where to call to report this company I will appreciated NORTHSTAR IS A BAD COMPANY OR BAD WORKERS

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  • Ra
    Ralph3 Apr 14, 2020

    Im hoping someone can help me . Agreed I signed a 5 year contract with Northstar to supply their security services and some 2 years later we decided to sell the house and downsize to a place that has protection.

    I am struggling to understand how you can be charged for a service you no longer require in a house you no longer live in? Who knows the future and what it holds? Northstar evidently

    I was told I could give transfer the service to the new home owner or to a friend. I said "Seriously, you want me to put the people who purchased the house or my family into this situation, you have to be joking"

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