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During December 2004 I purchased a NordicTrack SL710 stationery excercise bike from Sears. It was listed at $349, but reduced to $249. I am a senior citizen and do not use it on a regular basis. After about a week the console stopped working so they sent me a new one. It uses 4 "D" batteries which is a nuisence because they have to be replaced every month eventhough they are not fully discharged. They also get loose in their compartment and the console then goes off until they are tightened up again. Since this is not a mobile bike I don't understand why they used batteries instead of a plug in system. Just recently the console stopped working again but I use it without the console because the cost of the console and shipping is more than what I paid for the unit. Also, after a few years the pedals developed some play & noise but I used it until the bike quit working completely. I diagnosed the problem and found that the flywheel pulley had broken and needed to be replaced. It's a small part that can't cost more than $5 - $10 and listed in the manual as part number 48. I called NordicTrack and was told I had to purchase the entire flywheel assembly system for $215 including shipping which would include the flywheel pulley that I needed. I declined and was then offered a 35% discount on the part + $38 shipping. This was still more than I wanted to spend because I was certain that something else would go wrong with the bike so I declined again. Based on my experience with this excercise bike and other complaints I have read for their bikes and other equipment that NordicTrack sells I believe they sell inferior products and I would not buy another of their products. Also, they gouge you when you need to buy a part that is listed separately in their manual but you have to buy an entire assembly of parts to get what you need. The excercise bike that I used before buying this one lasted 35 years and was in perfect operating condition when I sold it.


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