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cheating on contest prize

I am one of the five winners around the world, of Nokia's- Nokia Twist, Unscramble and Win! CONTEST of 2006. I was notified about my selection as a winner from INDIA in September 2006, on the nokia's official website and by e-mail. Despite of completing all the formalities, sending hundreds of mails to all the concerned officials both in INDIA (Syam Devjeet (Nokia-CMO/Mumbai) and South East Asia(Tony Wang Online Marketing, Nokia APAC, Mobile: [protected] Fax: [protected]).

I still have to receive my prize. It's been eight months that my subsequent efforts have gone to deaf ears and their officials have stopped acknowledging my efforts of trying to contact them.Whom should I talk to about this treatment? Is this the image this company is trying to project to the world- as LIARS? I for myself have lost a great amount respect for them. Is there anyway that I can obtain my prize?

poor signals & joystick hanged

I bought a nokia cdma model no. 6235 with rsn: rnkcdb213748 vide bill no. : 065 dated: 25-04-2006 from m/s kohli infocomm (A reliance webworld express franchisee) , e-46, naraina vihar, new delhi-28.

In this regard it is to inform your goodself that I had sent the handset for first time to nokia service centre at okhala, new delhi on dated: 28-02-2007 for the key pad is ideal and got the handset returned back on 08-03-2007; I found that the key pad is working properly but joystick has got ideal and signals is poor, I again sent the handset to okhala, new delhi to rectify the problems; but regret to say that its still having the same problem.

After this I had gone out of town due to urgent piece of work for a long... Now I returned and once again I sent the handset by today on dated: 23-04-2007 but they refuse to say that this is out of guaranty/warranty.

I got really frustrated from this type of behavior they are doing nothing and my warranty period about to expire.

Someone suggest please what to do?

  • Ra
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Purchased nokia 6235 cdma from reliance webworld in may-06 as one year's warranty over. Nokia care service centre visited four time and they changed voice ic but complaint again next day. Go again for the same, they keep the set with them for one week in wait of software/spare. After recalling they give back the set but problem on next day. Our time the problem sorted out but repeat after some time. At last they return the amount charges for voice ic and told that your set is not repairable. You go to karol bagh for the same if they can repair. Nokia has opened with big letters nokia care but very small problem can not be sorted out till date. Every thing in phone is working except voice. Now set is useless due to cdma/not repairable. Where and why nokia selling handsets if they can not repair the handsets at their service centre also. Who will...?

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  • Wa
    waddah k. al-huneidi Sep 27, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i witnessed exactly same problem with a Nokia cell phone . the problem is still not solved till this date .

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poor customer service

read for yourself:

Feedback on nokia website:

ME: Hi, I have phoned customer support twice today and i am a little annoyed. I bought your n95 because of the GPS and nokia maps.

Heres what you say advertise

Which features are free in nokia maps?

******Find address***********, (several million points of interest) or an own Landmark.

Q: To Nokia helpline:

No matter what i do i cannot find addresses.

I live in australia and downloaded the australia maps for eastern and western australia.

I can search by name and find mcdonalds for instance, i can search by catergory and find mcdonalds as well as other places in my local area.

What i cannot do,,, is do a search for address, no matter what address i put in it results in " No results found"

I know its free maps, but you do advertise it with this and with the capability of searching local streets in 150 countries.

My question is why is it not working on my phone?

I would like to talk to someone who actually knows this phone and the capabilities you advertise. I am sure it is supposed to work but its just not.]

Nokia Answer:

Dear Mr. Williams,

Thank you for emailing Nokia Careline.

With regard to your email, I suggest **searching by the street name** instead of the full address. Kindly revert back to us if you still encounter any issue.

Kind regards,

Kay Z.
Nokia Careline


Hi, I tried queen st.

It says "search requires at least 3 characters of a city name as well. So your suggestion of "just searching by street name" goes against the ability of the software. Are you qualified in this product? as it seems you do not have any answer. Can you please pass this problem onto someone who would have an answer.

Kind regards

Nokia Answer:

Dear Mr Williams,

Thank you for emailing Nokia Careline.

We value all constructive feedback that we receive. This gives us a gainful insight towards developing and providing greater technology, products and services to our customers. While I can appreciate the dismay expressed in your correspondence, I can assure you that Nokia prioritise and understand the support required by our customers.

Pertaining to your enquiry, unfortunately the mapping system through Nokia N95 ***does not narrow down and specify the street names****. It is best to locate via the main street or search via the nearest main location. The reason being the particular street name you searched for may not be listed in the maps. The best option is to determine the nearest main location of the street name you are searching for.

Another way to choose a location is by selecting it in the category browser.

Kind regards,

Shazrin Mddin
Nokia Careline

Heres where we are at:

So the 2 telephone answers lead me nowhere.

Email they told me to narrow down to street name only. After I told them their software doesnt allow it they suggested it does **not narrow down to street name. Pretty good at stating the obvious i would say at this point.

dismayed by all this I googled the answer and wrote back to Nokia after i tried the solution and found i could infact do an address search after all, as I thought i could. And as they had advertised.

this is part of a bigger problem globally unfortunately. People just don't give a rats anymore and customer service is something you have to have for good looks. Heaven forbid there is still a few companies left out there that take your mighty dollar and offer back what used to be called service.

Half the answers you recieve from these companies are pre written and totally irrelevant tot he individual. Ah well one day the world will discover they can actually make more money by investing a little back into the customer.

Heres how i felt at the time:

I hope you feel embarrassed, because that is how I would feel if I had a multi million dollar company and could not answer a simple question posed by a customer.

And I truly hope you take on board this "gainful insight" into your product.

I have been through 4 Nokia careline "specialists" and you know what? I gave up and googled the answer myself.

As stated on a forum found on google

YOU need to be connected via WiFi or 3 g to do a search by address. Theres my answer. It’s a HUGE pity you couldn’t provide it. Give this to your boss and let him have a laugh at your own incompetence.

Good Day!

I will never, ever view your company any other way after this distasteful, embarrassing, disgusting experience.

Don’t bother apologizing because I know the apology is already pre written just like your useless answers. You should be ashamed.


  • Ch
    chris Jul 02, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear nokia
    When i put in the PUK code then it comes up with enter new PIN code then i put what i want and then press ok then it comes up with confirm PIN code i enter the right code that i did before and press ok and it comes up with code error if this complaint has happened before and you figured it out and they were happy please tell me the exact answer that you gave them please reply.

    Thank you
    From Mr whitson

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  • Ak
    AKyriakou Nov 11, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If you ever think about Buying a NOKIA mobile phone...THINK AGAIN !!!...I have had 7 months of problems with my Nokia N8 with the phone continually losing it's settings and then not being able to send or receive sms, mms, I lose the internet..and then they come back on again after several hours. in short, it's a very unreliable phone with all these problems. The phone seems to have a mind of it's own and works whenver it feels like it. My phone has been repaired twice, replaced once and yet the same problems happen again. When I tried to tell Nokia about this, they said that I need to take the phone back AGAIN to the service centre to be assessed. CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS ?????...they sell dud phones and then frustrate the customer by asking him to continuely return the phone to be assessed and repaired. If you write a complaint, Head Office will get some guy from the Philippines and he will try to manipulate you inot believing that Nokia really cares but all he's been sent to do is to frustrate you into doing what Nokia what you to do and that is...Keep returning the phone back to the service centre over and over and over and over's never ending...then when the warranty runs out ...BEWARE...they will make sure they stress that your warranty is out and "we can't do anything"...Keep well away from NOKIA...they don't make good phones anymore...

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poor phones and service

I have a 9300i. After 2 months I was told I had water damage on my phone and was not repairable. I was also told this can happen going into a air conditioned car, having a phone in a shower room. This is not acceptable. I was first told it was 107 euro for repair, when I told them it was under warranty I was told it was water damage.

I has taken four months to get this answer from them which is also very poor service.

How can I get some help with this problem, I will not stop until I can have some resolution.

Can anyone help me to know where how to proceed so I can get satisfaction? Or at least warn others of Nokia's poor phones and service.

Bill Coleman

battery problem

My mobile is not working Properly (Nokia-2310),It's battery low very fast without using any call, radio and game, and I want to give it nokia services center To Be Change, I want to know what the process it when they give me back the battery and i live in near by AIIMS plz tell me which nokia services center close to my place. IT purchase on 4 feb 2007

  • Da
    Dattatraya Bhor Aug 25, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I buy a nokia 3250 express music mobile phone 9 month ago.
    It battery have some problem.It's size will expand.What i do for that.
    Handset specification=serial no-357933009143281
    Software version=v3.23
    Battery= RM-38
    Manufacturing date =15-05-06
    Please reply
    I am waiting
    Thank u

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  • He
    Hema Jan 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I m not getting proper network and not finding anything which i want from the website of airtel.

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  • Tj
    T.Jhansi Rani Jul 19, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    IME No.355532017115380
    Name .K.Hari babu.Kadiyam, E.G.Dt. Present no:9908561543
    Date of purchage 19-9-2007
    Last call.9542517244
    Date:April 15th 2010

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  • Mn
    m.nagaraju Jul 19, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    IMEI NO :351532047973521
    NAME : M . Nagaraju
    PHONE NO: 9032722612
    PHONE MODEL:Nokia 7200
    LAST CALL NO:9492991783
    E-mail: [email protected]
    DATE OF LOSS : 01-07-2010
    TIME :8-00am to 8-30am

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  • Vi
    vinod chaudhary Jan 21, 2013

    No network inside house

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faulty handset e50!

Ref: handset model - e50 (Purchased on 16th jan'07 from a local gurgaon (India) dealer " hot spot". Other...

problem with nokia 5200

I have purchased a nokia 5200 mobile phone on february 11, 2007. On 31.03.2007 suddenly there was no sound with the loud speakers. On 01.03.2007 I went to the nearby nokia care at velachery and they confirmed that it was speakers that got open and since they did not have the parts, I was asked to go to mount road for repair (Nokia care).

The next day (I have to take leave on that day) I went to the other service centre and was shocked to see that nearly 9 to 10 customers were there having the same phone with same problem. Just imagine how many would have suffered like me?
The job sheet was prepared and they said it will take nearly 3 days for repair. But when I contacted them on the third day they said that it will take one week to finish. Is this the customer care?

Should the company make arrangements for the parts since this seem to be a regular problem??? The company should also supply the parts to all the nokiacare units. Paying rs.8000.00 and there is no phone for nearly 10 days? Is it not ridiculous?

Since this seem to be a common problem with the model 5200, company must take immediate action as early as possible.
Nowadays I recommend my circle of friends & relatives not to buy nokia anymore.

  • Ol
    Olumide Obe Apr 08, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought a Nokia 5200 at dubai and now I'm back in Nigeria and I'm facing the problem of a bad loudspeaker. I'm aware that this is a general problem that Nokia customers have with this phone (Nokia 5200). I want to know what Nokia has to do for customers that are facing this problem and also to the phone model to prevent future occurrence.

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  • Me
    Mesut Apr 17, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought a nokia 5200 on march 23th. But on 10th april the loudspeaker didn't work. And i gave the phone to service and i took it back today. I think loudspeaker problem is the general problem for all nokia 5200 series.

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  • So
    Soumya Jul 15, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have purchased a NOKIA 5200 Mobile phone on August 22 2007. It worked fine but suddenly after 2 month it got restarted automatically. Then i went to c-care and gave for repare then they took about 1 month to repare it. And finally they gave a new one. The new one woked fine but since last 3 months the network of the mobile is dropping down. 2 times went to C-care they are sending to L-3 and when they r giving me after 1 or 2 week the same problem happening.Details of my job sheet: 1st job seet-381343506/080609/18, 2nd job sheet-381343506/080714/13 . please do the needful

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parts not available

I lost the cap of the camera of my N93 phone. I rang up to customer care and they gave me some address but when i reached there i came to know that Nokia parts are not available now. Because they stopped manufacturing. I brought this phone with 32,990 and if i lost the cap of the camera means that lens will be spoiled. If you can charge such a big amount why can't we get the parts of those phone in the market? If you have any such shop or wholesale center in Bangalore please let me know the address. I need to by the cap of the camera, i don't want to spoil the phone and camera.


  • Pr
    Pramod Mallya M Dec 04, 2006
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a mobile(N93) which is not working from the day one. I got network and was able to make calls only for 30 minutes. I had been to one of the service centers in Bangalore but they did not help me get the set repaired and at the same time scratched the body of my mobile. So that shows how nokia trains their personnel in their service centers maybe because thy can compel the consumers to buy a new one as by the time it comes out of the service center, it would be very tough for the consumers o use. And then again they asked me o give it to another service center witch i did and now they want me to come after 10 more days even though they had promised to return in one week. So if it takes them 25 days to repair a phone i think there has to be some serious problem with the phone which they are not willing to disclose it to me. I have completely lost faith in this company which was held in high respect by me. Now i am not able to complain to anyone as all the sales shops ask me to complain to their customer care but they are also not helping which has left a bad taste in my mouth. So i wish no one purchases their phones particularly the n series pones which i think have a lot of software problems.

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  • Ku
    Kumar Deepak Apr 23, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased my n93 on february 14th 2007. Then after 2 days my phone stopped working. So i had to go to the customer care center at sector-2 noida. Those ppl (manager sunil) without even knowing the problem told me to leave the cell there for 3 days n i did. But the third day my phone wasn't repaired n they didn't even call me to tell this i dun know what they did with my cell for three days.. So i had to loose my patience n i shouted the hell out at them n still they treated me as if i was a dog barkin... Finally i got my cell replaced by my dealer whom i purchased my cell from... I thank god that i didn't buy the cell from nokia priority.,. And after replacement too i'm was facing problems in the cell n today i found that my camera has stopped clicking photos... Tell me where should i go i've purchased that cell for 32000 rs and for me it's a huge sum n this is the way i'm being treated by these nokia ppl...

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  • Ku
    Kumar Deepak Apr 23, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yes dude u are write nokia priority ppl don't work properly even i suffering the same problems with my (n93) phone form day one.

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  • Mp
    M P Singh Nov 21, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought the nokia N93 in month of oct last year(2006) from that day handset submitted for 10 times from the date to nokia cust care center,the cell phone was getting hang n switched off but every time they gave it back and said ur cell phone is ok but when i last time submit it they gave me the replacement of that handset which was old and in damage condition even its front camera is not working they are not listening the customer voice and i left the handset to their,now tell me there is any solution ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    here is list of job-sheet numbers:
    1.1200143673 (02-11-2006)
    2.1200151582 (16-12-2006)
    3.1200186646 (08-07-2007)
    4.1200188320 (16-07-2007)
    5.1200192699 (05-08-2007)
    6.1200198742 (07-09-2007) cell phone taken back on (15-10-2007)in replacement which was damaged and front camera was not working and the same itime i submitted that cell phone to them back from the till date i am not having my cell phone .
    7.1200204707 (15-10-2007)

    plz make a solution for this as soon as possible

    waiting for ur reply
    MP Singh

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  • Kr
    kripesh pk Nov 02, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    iam using nokia n93 mobile ..actually i want change full body cover of this mobile and also cover display . cover display alo damaged would u pls tell me that we can change the cover and display and pls tell where can i get the service...and service number pls...

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defective handset

I bought a mobile handset of Nokia-5200 model on 10/02/2007 from "Little Sisters'", (Midnapore-721101, W.B., India, Ph. No. [protected]- an priority dealer of Nokia) not for light purpose but for my old mother-in-law who is a cardiac patient. As my husband usually stays outstations, I have to contact with the Doctors for my mother-in-law every now & then. After using for only a few days the mobile became defective, no body could hear any sound for outgoing calls. Then & there I lodged a complaint to the dealer. As he told me to submit the handset I had submitted the same. Then he told me that hte set would be delivered after 6-7 days because it would be taken to Kolkata for repairing. After 2-3 days' gap I had several times inquired about the phone but he replied negatively. After a long fifteen days' time he called me to take delivery of the phone and also told that it had been repaired properly. But unfortunately, another major defect occurred. The phone could not be "charged" even for a single time. I had again submitted the set to him. He admitted that the set was a defective one and needed to be replaced. He didn't told me when would I get back my phone. Now the set is lying with him.

His casual & carelessness approach astonished me. He didn't even inspected the set before delivery! Unnecessarily he harassed me.-

  • Ra
    Ravikumar Apr 08, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have purchased a NOKIA 5200 Mobile phone on February 11, 2007. On 31.03.2007 suddenly there was no sound with the Loud speakers. On 01.03.2007 I went to the nearby Nokia Care at Velachery and they confirmed that it was Speakers that got open and since they did not have the parts, I was asked to go to Mount Road for repair (NOKIA CARE).

    The next day (i have to take leave on that day)I went to the other Service centre and was shocked to see that nearly 9 to 10 customers were there having the same phone with same problem.Just imagine how many would have suffered like me?

    The job sheet was prepared and they said it will take nearly 3 days for repair. But when I contacted them on the third day they said that it will take one week to finish. Is this the Customer Care?

    Should the Company make arrangements for the parts since this seem to be a regular problem???

    The Company should also supply the parts to all the NokiaCare Units. Paying Rs.8000.00 and there is no phone for nearly 10 days? Is it not ridiculous?

    Since this seem to be a common problem with the Model 5200, Company MUST take immediate action as early as possible.

    Nowadays I recommend my circle of friends & relatives not to buy NOKIA anymore.

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  • Ma
    Manoj Kumar Singh Apr 17, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had purchase nokia 5200 from Delhi on 12.02.07, But from last two Days My mobile Speaker is not working. I think there will loose connection in speaker.

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mmc card not detect in my new mobile

I have bought the mobile N70-Music Edition on 14th feb. I found that memory was not detecting. I was out of...

faulty handset

With due respect i beg to say that i purchased a nokia n91 gsm handset in july 2006 it works properly for a month. After this it have problem of hanging ,it auto switch off while talking or listening the music i send the handset in nokia care hcl infinet dehradun after the 20-22 days i receive my handset back but i found that there is no any change in handset, i resend the handset to nokia priority for further 20- 22 days, care centre person said me that at this time the handset will properly repaired, but the handset is become more problematic this time the hard disc creates a sound during operating the handset i fed up with this process doing again & again, i feel cheated by nokia ltd.

  • Kh
    Khalid Irfan May 31, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a nokia N91 cell phone, I purchased it on 11th of March and its just 3 months and i have given for service 3 times already. Again it does not seem to be switching on. This has happened 3 times already and again. I have not installed a single software or do not even have any music on it it is totally empty and with full HDD space. Can some one help me out?

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  • Ra
    Rakesh kumar Jul 06, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought N91on 15/07/2006.whose Me1 no is 358391000020850. Since beginning there is a problem. When i take this set to customer care they say that it is a network problem. I have given twice my set for nokia care Center Jalandhar Punjab India. They tried to repair the set but it is not giving satisfactory performance. They always say that there is a hardware problem .If is is not repairable in that case why don't they change the defective hardware. They are waiting for expiry of warranty period. After warranty period they will say now we are not responsible.It is such a big company. They are not looking after the customer complaint.

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  • Ja
    Jasjit Vohra Dec 10, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased N91 in August, 2007 and there was some software problem.

    on 25th November, 2007 the same was given for repair to Nokia Care Centre, WZ-200, Bajaj Tower, Opp. Rajiv Motors, Near Santoshi Mata Mandir, Jail Road, New Delhi 110 058, Ph. 32907580.

    Mr. Baljit (on duty) said there is some software problem, they will try (for 2 days) to upload the software and in case they won't be able to rectify the problem they will send it to their HO for repairs/replacement.

    Thereafter I used to call them up everyday to know the status and was repeatedly told that "you will get it by today evening, we will call by evening to tell you the status" but nobody turned up. The whole week went like this, they could not answer any of my querries, different statements were given by different people, there was no co-ordination on their part, nobody knew what is happening in their office and nobody bothered to follow it up amongst themselves. They were least bothered.

    After one week (on 2nd December) I visited their center and the story was same, nobody knew the status, then I was told that they could not rectify the problem and will send my instrument to their HO on Tuesday (4th). Baljit said on 9th December I will get my phone back.

    Still there was no co-ordination amogst themselves, on 4th itself Mr. Neeraj called me up to take my consent to send the instrument to their HO. I told Neeraj that I have already given my consent for the same. Neeraj confirmed that I will get my phone on 9th.

    On 9th when I visited the centre again there was nobody senior, Ravi said Baljit has gone to gurudwara, meanwhile I could overhear somebody talking to Baljit about my case. After finishing the call he said Baljit is not picking up the phone. When I tried Baljit's no. he did not pick it up and nobody could update me on my instrument. After some heated arguments, they gave us phone no. of Mr. Guruvinder and said he is their big boss. Mr. Guruvinder assured that he will look into the matter and by Monday (10th) 2 pm they will definitely tell me the status but nothing happened. He also looks like least bothered boss.

    With this I would like to tell Nokia officials that they should not give frenchise to such people who are not bothered at all and are not fit to do customer care. They are earning bad name.

    In case I do not get my phone repaired/replaced by11th December I am going to register the case in Consumer Court.

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  • Ti
    Timothy Jul 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Please, each time I switch on my phone, it does automatic installation and afterwards tells me "Unable to complete installation, do it through file manager" The file manager then tells me "expired certificates" I cannot install. Sis format application also. Are these problems normal? Plz advise smb!

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  • Su
    Sudhakar Jul 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I also bought a N91 as a gift for my girl friend by paying 20K trusting nokia.But somehow it worked till warranty period but now it shuts down when tried to send msg or select any application.Unable to send sms or give a call. Gave to NOKIA service center thrice and got it back thrice stating software update is done, everything will be fine, all bull ###...after 3 repairs nokia care guy states, motherboard is problem, we dont replace it and asked to get it replaced outside. I will never buy a nokia again .If this N91 had problems nokia should do a recall of this product and provide compensation.Now I will have to invest another 20k for a good phone and this time it sure will not be on NOKIA.

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  • Ja
    jasmuicals Dec 22, 2010

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    Roland G-70 76-key Arranger Keyboard . 1200.00 USD
    Roland Fantom-G8 88-key Sampling SynthWorkstation . 1200.00 USD
    Roland Fantom-G7 76-key Sampling Synth Workstation . 1100.00 USD

    Warranty Support : 5 years International warranty
    Shipment : International shipping is available !! Shipping is 100% insured .
    Insurance : The keyboard is fully insured ( Product / Damage Insurance Free !! )

    Contact Details :
    Email: [email protected]
    Skype: jasmusicals

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  • My
    my cell phone Feb 17, 2012

    lost my cell phone

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harassed by nokia care center!

I had a problem of flap in my Nokia 6060 handset on 19th of March.first I went to Ace Communication, 13, Kapil Vihar, Pitampura delhi. But they have refused to take my mobile. I have informed to Nokia customer care but I asked to submit at some other center. So I submitted at Dexter's digital Lab, Rohini, Delhi on 20th of April with job sheet number ow 480.My mobile is under warranty. so they informed me on the next day that it is physical damaged, I went back and asked them to give me the inspection report which they have refused. Kindly ask this center to do the same.

This is not the first time I have been harassed by Nokia Care Center. I have purchased this mobile on 22nd March 2006.from UTG Computer Pvt. Ltd. 279, Rajdhani Enclave, mahindra Park, Rani Bagh with Invoice no UTG/1980/2005-06.

There had a problem in display of handset in Nov. for repair I had submitted to HCL INFINET LTD.District Center, Janak Puri. Delhi.the jobsheet no.[protected].on 25th of Nov. They informed me that this display is local and given me in the writing also. The same Hand set I have submitted to Dexter's Digital Lab, Rohini on 26th of December.which was returned back in Jan.2007 after the new display it means my display was not local. So for last one year I have been suffering with this mobile set 6060.

Poor mobile and Nokia service!

  • Pr
    Prateek Sharma Sep 19, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My NOKIA 6060’s ringer was not functioning. So I took time off & went to the nearest NOKIA "CARE" center! It is in Koramangala –KHB colony, Bangalore. It was CHAOTIC! It is underground, the fans and AC were switched off. I could not breathe! WORSE than a government office! After pushing myself through irate customers, I finally got to speak to a lady employee who could barely communicate with me. I was sure my work will be done soon since I was in the hands of NOKIA!! The "good" brand! I was made to wait and wait and I kept walking up and down to the service staff. But to my dismay, I was made to wait for 2.5 hours even before they could tell me what the problem is! Well, I was better off because I had people waiting for 6 HOURS just to get their phone’s security code reset! With me was a very irate customer who had paid a 4th visit and in spite of having written to NOKIA’s head of India-his work was not moving. His words were, "This Company is so beautiful in Finland and look at its state in India!"

    So I went home and logged on to the Internet in order to file a complaint about the poor customer service-But the website has no such option or contact details! So I went back today, after a week, having found some time-to collect my repaired phone. The shutter of the center was down at 4 pm itself!! They are supposed to be OPEN till 6pm. I forced my way in and when I showed my receipt to collect my phone, the customer service in charge tells me, "Sir, one man will come now, please give him this receipt." So i waited for this "man". Many men came from the service chamber (which had an opaque glass door so that the customers could not see what was happening inside) but everyone ignored me. Finally I tried to barge into the service room (after 20 mins of wait) and I was stopped by someone who offered to help me.

    But he was soon caught up with another customer whose phone was under warranty and the “CARE” center service personnel wanted him to pay for the repairs. When he argued, he was suppressed by the service in charge shouting, “This is just a franchisee center ok? This is not NOKIA. We cannot do anything for you!” The poor illiterate man just walked away defeated.

    My phone arrived and the staff member asked me to sign on the paper saying, "I have collected my phone, it works fine and I am satisfied with the service". But I asked him to show me that the ringer is fine now. He REFUSED! He was like I cannot do that-we do not have a battery (since mine was down and lying at home). So I told him that the service guy would know how to do it coz he is the one who repaired my phone and he must have checked the ringer. This man just walked away refusing to check it for me. I was irritated and I threatened to walk off without signing it when one staff member came up to help me. He got a battery and tested my ringer for me. I finally smiled! I thanked him and asked him for his name. His name is Anand.

    So I signed, collected my phone and went up to the previous rude man and told him, "Thanks, I finally got to check my phone before delivery! How did this gentleman help me when you refused?! Are you not customer service people? Should you not help a customer?" He rudely stared at me and replied, "No, I am not a customer service guy! And I will not help you. Take your phone and go!". At this point I wanted to bash his face, but then who was I fighting against? Am I upset with NOKIA or this man who is just not trained to service people! Who hired him? Who evaluated the service center’s running anyways? Did NOKIA really "CARE"? I doubt it. I walked away thanking Anand and banged the door as hard as I could. Because I didn’t really care! I just hope my phone does not go bad again because I dread the chaotic NOKIA CARE service center! I just came from the dealer who sold the phone to me. I asked him to furnish me with NOKIA’s sales manager’s number or e-mail ID so that I could lodge a complaint. He said he did not have any. I asked him if he could get it for me from the NOKIA “Care” center by calling them, he smiled and replied, “Sir, you keep trying! They just will not respond!” This is called FAITH! I laugh!

    Today almost everyone has a cell-phone. But do these companies understand HOW they will service such huge quantities? Do companies really care about us customers after selling their products to us? It doesn’t seem so! NOKIA was a brand of style, care, customer friendliness and innovation to me. But my post-purchase experience has turned the table!

    I don’t know how to tell NOKIA my story so that more customers are not harassed and treated like dirt! Bye NOKIA.

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  • Ra
    ramprasad reddy Oct 22, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    no response frm nokia since three weeks reg complaint

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  • Xz
    XzX Jul 10, 2008

    Don't blame Nokia, how can you expect that the millions of Nokia phones sold around the world are being sold at "top quality" service... That's too bad that you had to go through all that, but though phones do have problems sometimes, it's not Nokia's fault that that guy was there to treat you like that.

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poor customer services

I have submitted my nokia handset N80 to care center because of display problem (Under Warrenty) on 17.Feb.06 but I am still not able to get my handset back. I registerd a complaint to careline on 09.Mar.07 and still awaiting their feedback on my complaint. Whenever I call careline, the only answer I get is please call back after 48 Hrs. I wrote mails to their customer support dept. but only to find false commitments. If the set is not repairable please replace it. Does it really take so long to sort out a problem? I have paid hefty amount to purchase the set only to call up care center and careline. Nobody is bothered about the customer. This is for the 4th time that this set has gone to service center. My 2 months warrenty on the set is already lapesd in the service center. Do nokia extend the warrenty. If not then why the set is not serviced fast.
My Job sheet No. is [protected]/070217/23 dated 17.Feb.07.
My complint no. is 2-1WPYJP dated 09.Mar.07.
Is there anyone who would listen to me???
I am also attaching the e mail communication that I had with Customer Suppport and you can find easily that what is going on.
Dear Mr. Ohal,

Thank you for emailing Nokia Care.

This e-mail is in reference to your concern regarding the Service provision of your Nokia N80. We understand your concern and sincerely regret the inconvenience caused. As per the update from the Customer Care Division, your Handset is currently in the process of service provision and kindly be assured that one of our Customer Care Executive will contact you on 26th March, 2007.

We seek your patience and further solicit your cooperation.

For further enquiries, please feel free to contact our Technical Support Executives at [protected] between the hours of 9:00am and 9:00pm, seven days a week. For online support, visit "Have a question? Ask Nokia" at You may also find answers to your queries at We reassure you of our continuous support.

Please help us improve our services by clicking on the following link:,,96469,00.html

Kind regards,

Shamshad Begam
Nokia Care

------Original Message--------
From: "ext Sachin Ohal"
Sent: Friday, March 23, 2007 2:56:07 PM
Subject: Re: Nokia - Sachin Ohal - Nokia N80 Phone Concern

Dear Noki Care,

Please refer your earlier mail. 22nd March 07 came and gone but there was no call from any of your representative.
That is why I had mentioned your services as Pathetic in my earlier mails.
I am fed up writing mails to you and would like to initiate suitable action from my side. I do not see any reply or feedback coming to me on my complaint which was logged on 09.Mar.07. and let me remind you that it is 15 days now.

Keep frustating your customers.

Sachin Ohal

On Wed, 21 Mar 2007 NokiaCare wrote :
>Dear Mr. Ohal,
>Thank you for e-mailing Nokia Care.
>This e-mail is in reference to your concern regarding Nokia N80. We
>understand the difficulties you have been facing and sincerely regret
>the inconvenience caused. We are working on your case on priority basis.
>However, as your phone requires a higher degree of assessment, it has
>increased the turn around time. We shall coordinate with the Nokia Care
>Centre and revert to you with the subsequent update. You would receive
>call from one of our executives by 22nd March, 2006.
>We solicit your cooperation in this regard.
>For further enquiries, please feel free to contact our Technical Support
>Executives at [protected] between the hours of 9:00am and 9:00pm, seven
>days a week. For online support, visit "Have a question? Ask Nokia" at
> You may also find answers to your queries at
> We reassure you of our continuous support.
>Please help us improve our services by clicking on the following link:
>Kind regards,
>Meghna Mohan
>Nokia Care
>-------Original Message--------
> From: "ext Sachin Ohal"
>Sent: Tuesday, March 20, 2007 9:42:07 PM
>Subject: Re: Nokia - Sachin Ohal - Nokia N80 Phone Concern
>Dear Customer Care,
>It is very sad to state that I have to write you time and again
>regarding my complaint no. 2-1WPYJP.
>I registered this complaint on 09.03.2007 and I was asked to call back
>after 48 hrs. to know the status. I called back on 13.03.07 and spoke to
>Shriram and he again asked me call back after 48 hrs assuring me that I
>would get the status. I called back on 17.03.2007 and againg spoke to
>shriram and he was unable to provide feedback and asked me call back
>after 48 hrs. I thought of giving one more try and called back on
>20.03.2007 and spoke to Asma. To my surprise she was also unable to
>provide any feedback and asked me to call back after 24 hrs.
>What is care line meant for? Do you want your customers to call careline
>every 48 hrs.
>It is ridiculous that it is 11 DAYS after lodging the complaint and
>there is still no feedback on the same and in these 11 Days I could not
>get the status of my set.
>Is this the high service standards of Nokia?? DO customers need to go
>through all these pains after spending hefty amounts to buy NOkia
>My set is lying with Nokia Care for more than a MONTH now and I am not
>able to get the feedback for 11 days now. FORGET about getting the SET
>BACK. DO you really want your customer to go for a legal help in this
>I am very much irate and would never recommend any of the Nokia products
>to anybody.
>I would rate this as the Poorest of the services that I had ever seen
>and most pathetic response to customer complaint.
>I assume that care line is ment for just saying Sorry to the customers
>and cannot help them in any regards.
>I would like to take this to media as well and would like to show the
>nation that what kind of services are given by so called world leader
>Nokia. (Anyways Media is also hungry about these kind of issues).
>I would seek an early response and quick action for this and I
>understand that you will appreciate my patience. Now I cannot withstand
>this anymore and would like to take serious action for this. ONE Month
>is good enough time for repairng/Replacing the set and if the set is not
>available with L3 center it can be managed from any of the
>I had never imagined this poor service from Nokia and if I get a chance
>I would definately look to talk with your Customer Support Country Head.
>I hope I have made my points very clear and if I do not get a call from
>your and if this issue is not sorted out immediately, I am going to
>proceed with suitable action.
>Sachin Ohal
>On Thu, 15 Mar 2007 NokiaCare wrote :
> >Dear Mr. Ohal,
> >
> >Thank you for e-mailing Nokia Care.
> >
> >
> >This e-mail is in reference to your concern regarding Nokia N80. We
> >sincerely regret the inconvenience caused and appreciate your patience
> >in this regard. We shall do the needful and assist you in the best
> >possible way. We solicit your cooperation in this regard.
> >
> >For further enquiries, please feel free to contact our Technical
> >Executives at [protected] between the hours of 9:00am and 9:00pm, seven
> >days a week. For online support, visit "Have a question? Ask Nokia" at
> > You may also find answers to your queries at
> > We reassure you of our continuous support.
> >
> >Please help us improve our services by clicking on the following link:
> >
> >,,96469,00.html
> >
> >Kind regards,
> >
> >Meghna Mohan
> >Nokia Care
> >
> >-------Original Message--------
> > From: "ext Sachin Ohal"
> >To:
> >CC:
> >Sent: Wednesday, March 14, 2007 7:21:11 PM
> >Subject: Re: Nokia - Sachin Ohal - Nokia N80 Phone Concern
> >
> >
> >
> >Dear Sophia,
> >Thanks for the reply.
> >I do understand the process involved in this and that is the only
> >that I did not complaint for 1 month.
> >But somehow I was not comfortable for not knowing the exact status of
> >the set even after submitting it a month back.
> >I hope that necessary action will be taken from your end.
> >
> >Thanks,
> >
> >Regards,
> >Sachin Ohal
> >Pune
> >
> >
> >On Wed, 14 Mar 2007 NokiaCare wrote :
> > >Dear Mr. Ohal,
> > >
> > >Thank you for e-mailing Nokia Care.
> > >
> > >This e-mail is in reference to your concern with Nokia N80. We
> > >understand your displeasure over the delay in the service provision
> > >your mobile phone. As one of our valued customers, your satisfaction
> > >one of our primary objectives and we sincerely regret the
> > >caused to you as a result of this. We note your experience while
> >calling
> > >the carline. We will do the necessary fact findings and action it
> > >accordingly.
> > >
> > >We would like to inform you that when a phone is submitted for
> > >provision, it goes through several levels of assessment to identify
> > >exact concern. This process equips our technicians to provide you a
> > >definitive resolution. Hence, the delay may be attributed to the
> > >comprehensive assessment carried out on your phone. We wish to thank
> >you
> > >for your patience and know that you will understand the necessity for
> > >this delay.
> > >
> > >We have communicated your displeasure to our customer care division
> > >their prompt action. We also acknowledge receiving the information
> > >provided by you and have appraised our customer care division of the
> > >same for their effective handling of your case. Pursuant to your
> >request
> > >for replacement, we would like to inform you that we are presently
> > >in a position to comment on the request. However, we acknowledge
> > >received your request and will duly forward it to our customer care
> > >division.
> > >
> > >Further, kindly be assured that the concerned executive from the
> > >customer care division will contact you within the next 24 hours in
> > >order to validate the latest status on the service provision of your
> > >handset.
> > >
> > >We appreciate your patience and further solicit your cooperation.
> > >
> > >For further enquiries, please feel free to contact our Technical
> >Support
> > >Executives at [protected] between the hours of 9:00am and 9:00pm, seven
> > >days a week. For online support, visit "Have a question? Ask Nokia"
> > > You may also find answers to your queries at
> > > We reassure you of our continuous support.
> > >
> > >Please help us improve our services by clicking on the following
> > >
> > >,,96469,00.html
> > >
> > >Kind regards,
> > >
> > >Sophia S
> > >Nokia Care
> > >
> > >-------Original Message--------
> > >
> > > From:
> > >To:
> > >CC:
> > >Sent: Wednesday, March 14, 2007 3:51:48 PM
> > >Subject: Ask Nokia (Complain)
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > >[THREAD ID :2-1X4F8Z]
> > >
> > >
> > >[Type of Service:Repair]
> > >[Model:Nokia N80]
> > >[Accessories:]
> > >[Concern: This is in reference to Job Sheet No [protected]/070217/23
> >dated
> > >17.02.07. The target delivery date given to me was 24.02.07 but after
> > >month now I have still not received my hanset. I had lodged a
> > >for this and the complaint no for the same is 2-1WPYJP dated 09.03.07
> > >and had spoken to Shobha. She asked me to call after 48 hrs. to know
> >the
> > >status and when I called back on 13.02.07 and spoke to Sriram he gave
> > >the same answer and asked me to call back after 48 hrs. I cannot
> > >understand that if the call center do not have any information what
> > >the point in logging the complaint.
> > >However I am more concerned about my handset. Since the time i had
> > >purchased the set in june06 this is 4th time my set has gone to
> > >center. Unfortunately it always takes 1 month for the problem to get
> > >resolved. I have purchased the set for Rs.28000 and this is the value
> > >that i am getting for my money.
> > >My 3 months warrenty has lapsed while the set is lying with service
> > >center. Who is responsible for this?
> >I want immediate solution to this and request you that please do not
> >to satisfy me by giving lame excuses or any false explainations.
> >If I have paid Rs 28000 for the set I would expect that high quality
> >service also.If the problem cannot be rectified please Replace the set
> >and do not give any excuses that it takes time to replace the set and
> >all. What if company delays in giving your salary in time and then say
> >that it is due to technical error and it will take another 1 month for
> >your salary. You will definately be furious and will ask for
> >explaination coz you work for money and not for free.
> >Try to understand my emotions and the money that I had paid to buy the
> >set.
> >Request you to do something on URGENT BASIS as I do not have nay
> >alternative set and my all phone book is on memory card which I am not
> >able to use.
> >Please try to arrange the replacement on immediate basis, so that I can
> >start using the set.]
> >[Salutations:Mr.]
> >[FirstName:Sachin]
> >[LastName:Ohal]
> >[Gender:M]
> >[Email:[protected]]
> >[CountryCode:+91]
> >[IMEI:[protected]]
> >[State:Maharashtra]
> >[City:Pune]
> >[Country: India]
> >[Alternative Contact No:+91]
> >[Date of Purchase:[protected]]
> >[Job Sheet Number(s):[protected] 07021 23]
> >[Job Sheet Date:[protected]]
> >[Job Closure Date:--]
> >[Authorized Care Center:Shree Communication]
> >[Have You Registered:yes]
> >[Where is Product?:At Care Centre]
> >[Last Time Visited:[protected]]
> >[Last Time Called:[protected]]
> >[Last Updates received:--]
>Top weeks
> >ature-home.htm/[protected]@Middle5/1119454_1113764/1120166/1?PARTNER=3&OA
>S_QUERY=null target=new>

  • Dr
    Dr sarbeswar sena Jul 07, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    At – Purusottampur
    Date : 05.07.2007

    From :
    Dr. Sarbeswar Sena
    At/Po- Purusottampur
    Via/Dist- Kendrapara
    Contact No. 9437088039
    E-mail : [email protected]

    The Service Manager, Nokia Care / Cellular Clinic,
    Janpath Road, Plot No. 797
    Saheed Nagar, Bhubaneswar

    Sub: Replacement of Nokia handset – N-72-5 Black by a new one already assured by you.

    Ref : Your job sheet No. 071434038/070602/47 Dt. 02/06/2007.

    I am to inform you that I had purchased one Nokia- N-72-5 Black handset on 10.12.06 from FUN ‘N’ FRIEND’S , Kendrapara, Orissa in the name of my son, Shakti Prasad Sena. I am sorry to intimate you that the handset became headache to me because it did not function properly. For checking and removal of the defects of the set, I deposited it in your service center. On 2.06.07 . According to the job sheet provided by you, target of the delivery of the said set was fixed for the same date i.e. 2.6.07. I waited up to 6.00 p.m. on the said date, and you intimated me that it could not be delivered today due to non completion of the job and the delivery date was fixed for 3.6.07. In the mean while more than a month’s time has passed and I have personally requested you in you service center five times for the delivery of the same I have also contacted you over telephone more that six to seven times but your reply was casual for all the times with a plea that the job work was yet to be completed.

    As per your oral commitment I had met you on 29.6.07 for delivery of the set but you assured me that the hand set is to be replaced and a new one is to be provided within seven days for the defects could not be rectified. Accordingly I talked over telephone on 4.07.07 to ascertain the exact date of delivery of the new one and again you have taken three days time.

    On 5.07.06 in the website of Nokia it is found that the job card is closed on 2.6.07 by you. I talked with you over telephone regarding the same and you intimated me that the set is sent to L-3 of Bhubaneswar for replacement and the same is to be delivered within two days. Your reply to this effect is not only contradictory but also misleading.

    It is needless to mention here that the set covers warranty period. With much constraint I am to mention here that being a disciplined consumer of Nokia I am being unnecessarily harassed. Time is precious and valuable for both of you and I . Replacement of the set is not at all a big big Herculean task on the part of a world famous company like Nokia.

    Under the above circumstances I would like to impress you to take appropriate steps for replacement of hand set by a new one within seven days from today i.e. 5.7.07 failing which the situation my constrain me to put up the mater in the legal forum for justice.

    With thanks
    Yours faithfully Dr. S. Sena
    F/o- Shakti Prasad Sena

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  • So
    Sowmik Sep 20, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dude I am completely with you. The problem with Nokia is that they have taken customer for granted. These guys dare to have these kinds of treatement meted out only in India.Had it been US or Europe people would have taken their ### with Nokia's pants down.

    I had such a horrisying experience dealing with these ###s that I switched to Sony Ericsson.Not that the Sony guys are great but atleast one doesn't have to face stupid problems like display screen blew up, keypad hanging, phone getting switched off and etc...From that perspective even though Sony Ericsson is expensive to buy but very very reliable. I bought a N70 Music edition from Nokia and had such a pathetic experience with that handset and these Nokia care center that a week back I had to buy Sony Ericsson P990i again.The handset has been so far so good.

    Hell with ###in Nokia Man !

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  • Sy
    syed tanveer ul islam Sep 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i am an user of nokia 6270 handset.imei no. 3579006867248.i ve purchased it near around one year before.its network i.c had been damaged.i went for a service to your service centre(south extension, delhi).they kept it for arount three-four months and then returned it back without solving the problem.wahat should i do when the problem is not solved out at care cetre??

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  • Ta
    tallsmrh Aug 19, 2009

    I recently purchased a Nokia E51 on November 28, 2008 and recently began to notice that some of the applications will not work unless its turned off. The power button has started to fold in making it difficult to restart the less than a year handset which I purchased for $234.99.

    I have repeatedly called the customer service department and nothing is being done to replace the bad part of fix it. Instead, they want me to turn in the phone so that they can fix it but after reading all these complaints, why would I give out my phone and not have anything to use for several weeks? Do I have to use my own money to purchase another phone to use while this is being repaired or replaced? Why cant they provide me another phone or something to use in the mean time? Again, I am not the complaining type and if only i could turn my cellphone on and off I will probably not complain. I value having my cellphone to use as at when needed and I am sick and tired of this notion that I have to turn in my phone while its being repaired or replaced. If there was a Nokia store close by, I will gladly take it there and get answers right away.

    I am willing to take this to any level if a company as big as Nokia cannot take charge over a defective product they've made that is still under warranty. Somebody from that company better provide me an answer or else...

    I need them to provide me a number to be calling because the stupid people at their customer service doesn't seem to get it that being denied use of something I have paid for...

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  • Ma
    masentle Jul 25, 2011

    T Matlala, have mess me up, he is working at Cell C Legal Department. i phoned him last week to get my Account Balance, he told me, i must pay R800 and e-mail him the proof and he will send me the settlement letter.([email protected]). i even asked him is that all I owe Cellc, and he said yes. To my suprise, this morning ( 25/07/2011) i have send him 3 e-mails and he did not respond, i called cell c and demanded to talk to him, but they said they can not transfer the call, he offered to assist me, he checked my account and told me I owe cell c R1273.89, not R800. Then i lost it, he said on the screen it shows that i will pay 800 this month and the rest next month. I did not know what he was talking about. he said i can try to call again and ask to talk to Matlala. i did that, a african lady Unswered the phone she also said she can not transfer me, she said on my records it says i promised Cell c that i will pay the balance on May, another story, totally different. i could not handle it anymore. Cellc really messes us up. They have done the same to my husbank, it took him 4 hours to get help. I hate it. my Ref is 1107250000071962.

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useless phone from nokia!

I took my phone on 3 occasions to nokia service centre in woodmead, Johannesburg.despite this my phone was never repaired properly.

Since the woodmead repair centre closed down I took it to the mtn service centre at the glen and after more than 3 weeks they did not even repair the phone.

I am supposed to keep this useless phone from nokia without it being repaired despite it being under the manufacturer’s warranty.

  • To
    tony Oct 31, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My Nokia E65 (received in January 2008 as an upgrade) went in for repairs (from Cape Town it was sent to Jo'berg). It went in, after a month it came back "repaired". The sim card wouldn't even register. It went back, another month later - on all occassions I had to follow up as there was no communication from vodacare.

    I received my phone from repair, it lasted less than a month and broke again (same fault). I am still waiting for feedback even though I have phoned 4 times to obtain feedback. I have been told that it was sent back unrepaired and they have to get hold of Jo'berg to find out as to why. Five days later after finding out that it was not repaired and phoning vodacare, I still have no phone or reason as to why it was not repaired - its a warranty claim.

    It seems as if the company hands out second grade phones and we must just accept their rubbish. There is no communication between the different departments, even less between them and the client.

    Our entire company has already been doing research and are considering of moving to another provider that actually gives a damn about their clients.

    Highly disgusted and still awaiting feedback from those idiots.

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  • Zu
    zubair Nov 11, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    please phone me or email me what to do im tried to download nav4all and its tells me invalid certificate and yahoo go number is 0826294972

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  • Mi
    MickeyG Jun 04, 2010

    The New Nokia Care store in Woodmead Retail PArk is amazing...
    Try it out for yourself!!

    0 Votes
  • Lp
    LP334872 May 11, 2011

    Agree. Nokia and MTN useless

    0 Votes

car symbol on the display

Sometimes one car symbol is coming in mobile screen, at a time no sound, no sound ringing tone, incoming and outgoing calls no sound.

hanging & restarting problems in 6270 handset

I brought nokia 6270 handset, it get restarting problem on the 3rd day of purchase. I take it to hcl nokia care centre, noida sec -2, they returned the handset after 15 days, after a short period the phone has occurred the same problems & it was taken to the nokia care centre three times for the same complaint. I am sick of the nokia handset & nokia care centre!

  • Vi
    Vincent Varghese Mar 15, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have purchased Nokia 6270 4 days back from Sharjah City Center, I am facing the same problem, it is hanging, and sending blank sms to numbers stored in the mobile and it is slow.


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  • Pr
    Prabodh May 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    As per my experience it is a good phone and now after about 18 months of usage I faced the very first issue in this phone.

    Now, when I am trying to openup Gallery it seems to hang up and remains there... Always.

    If anybody has ever faced this situation or have any idea why this problem is occuring or what can be done, please do let me know at [email protected]

    Thanks in advance

    0 Votes

pathetic service, faulty handsets!

I am one of the frustrated customer of Nokia India and fighting for their third class services to India...

fraud through internet website and nokia logo

It is hereby warned every one a person named ananda lingaraja kolakar has developed a website similar to nokia and has used the same logo of nokia too and has started accpepting orders through his website and offers huge discounts on all new models of nokia by saying this is a promotional offer. He has 2 mobile and a fax which is of bombay number and both mobiles are of karnatak and ask the caller to make immediate payments through funds transfer facility and mobile would be sent through blue dart courier but nothing happens to be given in hand all hard earned money is just donated and transferred into this frauds account, hence every one is alerted not to make any transaction with person are else all money will be lost and nothing could be recovered. I have faced the same person and myself be came fool by transferring 25,000 for nokia n-91 modle but after transferring the money this chap ananda has stopped answering the telephone and seems to eb smart not to talk and hand over the mobile too. Now a cid-economic offense case has been filed against him and a case of cyber cheating too has been filed.

  • Si
    Siddharth Razdan Jul 18, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    No, he's not a cheat...He just banked on your foolish...

    (Siddharth Razdan)

    -1 Votes

denied service

My nokia phone was hanging a lot. I took it to nokia [hcl] , preet vihar, delhi care center. They said that they will check the problem and the call me to inform about it. I agreed and submitted the phone with them.

Even after a week no one called me... So I went back and asked them. They said phone is tampered and hence cannot be repaired. Which is a complete non-sense. It seems some novice technician has played with my set and now the blame is transfered back.

I purchased the phone from an authorized dealer and opened it from the box and no body except the care center people opened it.

Ps: the staff here is also very rude.

Quit nokia!

  • Ra
    Rajnishkumar Feb 23, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i have loat my N70.

    IME NO IS:351863016951648

    plz hlp me.

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  • Aa
    aamir Jul 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i am agree to u my frnd but u shoud also gone there and check that wat they do u should not be let all the things on the ok

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nokia care cheating customers

I bought a new Nokia 1600 black mobile from Anitha Stores Madurai on 04-01-2007. IMEI no of the set is [protected]. The mobile has been sparingly used at home. Suddenly it failed to work on 21st feb'07. I took it to the dealer and in turn they sent it Nokia care centre. Nokia care centre refused to take the set for service falsely alleging that water has logged in and the mobile is opened for service already. But there was no visible evidence of water logging or set being opened already was pointed by the center. When asked them to show evidence, they simply replied common people can not see that. Then I took it again to the dealer and the dealer accepted the set for servicing. Two days alter I got back the set. The set was working but without lights on the display board and key pads. The dealer also said it can not be rectified. I have used the set carefully and Nokia care is giving false allegations to avoid replacement of the set. Do not buy Nokia!

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