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Nissan South Morrowdishonest car selling tactics

Stay away from here. I went in on august 18, 2012 to buy a 2013 altima. I heard a praise 102.5 fm ad that said they'd pay your car note for a year and give you $20 in gas for a year. The deal is called black friday per the dealership. When my husband and I first got there, we showed the salesman our $250 online rebate along with the price of the car that we built on nissan’s website. He said, "that's great. Hold on to that; the price is always negotiable." I was trading in a paid off 2009 honda accord, which he said that they'd give us top dollar for. The manager and my husband both agreed that we were not there to waste any time, but they kept stalling. My husband told the salesman that our deal depends on how much we'll get for our trade-in; he kept asking how much they were going to give us. The salesman kept telling us that we'd get top dollar for our trade but kept stalling and trying to show us cars. He told us that they no longer do the deal to pay your car up to $400 a month for a year; he said they now do $300 a month for up to year. I said, "you all must've just started today because I heard the radio ad on my way home from work yesterday." he said, "okay, we can give you the $400 a month."

At first the salesman told us that for the 2013 altima we could get the internet price that we showed him, we could use the $250 internet rebate, and we could get the black friday deal. Then he later says we have to get either the black friday deal with their price or the internet price without the black friday deal.

He said that they no longer install rear spoilers on the 2013's because of the body style. I said, "online they let you add a rear spoiler, so you're saying that I can't get one?" he said, "let me double check on that."

After we were there for a while, he told us that we could not get the black friday deal on the 2013's; we had to get a 2012 because they were trying to get rid of their remaining inventory. My husband said, "you should've told us that in the beginning. We'll just look elsewhere." he told us that he would see what he could do. He left and came back. He said, "we're going to make an exception and let you get the 2013." we agreed to look at more cars and select one. They did not have the altima with the navigation. He kept asking if I had to have the navigation. I told him absolutely. He said they could order me one and have it available the next day. He tried to sell me one that I did not want. The exterior and interior color was not appealing to me, but he wanted me to buy it anyway.

I asked him what was the difference in the 2.5 and 3.5 altima. He said the price difference was about $5, 000. He said that I could get the 2.5 fully loaded with a navigation system for between $28, 000 to $29, 000. The 3.5 was $33, 000 fully loaded. When I built the 3.5 online with all of the options that I wanted, the price was $29, 930. I wanted the 3.5, but it was too much. I told him that we'd settle for the 2.5 instead. The price of the 2.5 ended up being more than the 3.5 for the same features. My husband and I agreed to leave. My husband also told him that we would not settle for what they were going to give us for our trade-in. The salesman said, "hold on, let me see what I can do." he goes and talks to whoever and comes back saying that they were going to work out something for us. The manager comes back to rudely say that if they give us more money for our trade that we'd have to pay our own car note. The deal was that if we bought a car, they'd write us a check for $5040 to pay our car note for the next year and gas. What they actually did was jack the price of the car up by almost $5, 000 so that they could write us a check for $5, 040.

The salesman did not seem very knowledgeable about anything at all. The other salesmen are not friendly; they walk right by you and don't speak or smile. The place is so crowded there that we all kept bumping into each other.

In summary, I will never shop there again or recommend them to anyone. They are full of lies, are very deceptive, and play games.

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