Carasso Motors Ltd, Manor Israelunprofessional behaviour, unwilling to deal with the problem

Hello Nissan,
Please, your help.
My name is Izhak Farladansky, living in Israel, electronic engineer, more than 30 years expoirience in Hewlett Paccard and Agilent Technologies.

In April 2017 have purchased Nissan Qashqai 1.6 automatic, turbo diesel, MY 17 GR, J11FT6A2C4.
More than half year ago, during regular driving poped up a message "front radar unavailable due to obstraction" with "emergency brake off" on the dash.
These messages disappeared after some minutes while continuing driving.
This phenomenon comes back almost every day, sometimes once, sometimes more
and always while driving or after turning the motor off.
I documented this cases( filmed and printed) to display and to prove to the service center (Manor garage), that the problem is exesting, appears during driving only, requires driving to cause the problem to appear.
They told me that testing the car will be long, may be hole.
To my surprise, after half hour, they informed me, that they don't see any problem, they cleaned the sensor.
All my efforts to convince them to deal with the problem were unsuccessful.
I was very disappointed by such attitude to the problem.

Serching in internet for relevant information, i found out, that the sensor frequently deactivates itself which is accompanied by the warning message " front radar unavailable due to obstraction".
The problem is known and there is a solution.
For any reason Manor service does not informed nor about the problem as well about the solution.
In addition, the Emergency Brake system mulfunctioning makes the cruise control inoperative too.
I'm asking your help.
My Nissan is still uner warranty and i deserve reliable service.

Thanks in advance
Izhak Farladansky

P.s That is the second message to you

Oct 02, 2019

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