[Resolved] Nikecolin keapernick "just do it" campaign

R Sep 04, 2018

I was in the Air Force for 23 years, and flew 4200 hours in the E-3 AWACS. While in the Air Force, I served alongside all different kinds of Americans: black, white, brown, young, old, rich, poor, men, women, Christians, Jews, atheists, you name it. We all wore the same uniform and we all put aside any political differences when we did so. We all wore the flag on our uniforms because we believed in what the flag stood for: equality and freedom! We knew the USA wasn't perfect, but we also knew that each year we were getting better, because we stood TOGETHER. That's why we were getting better. We were all fighting for the same thing, as a team. When we would deploy we were proud to be Americans because most of the people in those countries also wanted what OUR FLAG stood for: equality and freedom. What country has a perfect past? None, including ours. But they knew that the US was the BEST country at always trying to get better at equality and freedom.
I am very sadden that you have chosen Colin Keapernick as a face for one of your campaigns. This is an individual who has chosen to sit during our National Anthem which is a symbol of our freedom. A symbol that so many have dedicated and given their lives for in many different ways. I am saddened to think of little kids, wearing your Nike wear, and now they might think it's cool to sit down for the flag too (Kaepernick did it and Nike promotes him).
All I can tell you is that it makes me very sad and disappointed as an American Veteran that you've quit, if that's what it means when you take a knee.
When I came through the gate of Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma this morning, its was about 5:30 am and dark outside. There were two armed enlisted young troops at the gate, checking IDs, wearing the flag, ready to protect us. They'd probably been up for several hours already, earning a very small paycheck. One was black and one was white, but they were united, ready, vigilant, and STANDING UP!

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