Nextdoorposting slanderous statements about me from a fake person who had just joined for this purpose

S Jul 18, 2019

As a member who is advertising their business I was horrified to read a post about myself saying that I was known to police for store theft and was a scammer with my full name, address, description, car I drove ect.i New the person who had done this as she was an ex employee and had two verbal warnings from police previous for harrasment of me.I could not contact the site directly just by email .This & other posts sent by this person at different times each took over 24 hours to be removed giving all members time to read & digest these lies .my main contract for my work as I am self employed has dropped me due to her mentioning the name of the many new customers will do the same?.This has a massive impact on my business .I have been in touch with nextdoor reguarding this yet no reply
Kind Reguards
Sally Williams

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