Y May 11, 2018

They sent me a pair of shoes exactly the same size as the previous one! 28.5 cm!!! (when i ordered 25.7 cm, based on their shoe size chart) i gave them my measurements i even asked you to check out before they sent them to me (have it all documented). I even paid extra 26 dollars for the delivery, while my first parcel was only 14! (i have a receipt ). Receiving the shoes yesterday, i realized this shop is nothing but a big spoof! How can i trust their shoe size chart is they double sent me the same size (one marked as 42 and the other as 41 with no markings on a sole, but equal in length - two sizes bigger than their size chart! Also, they don't publish people's true responses about the shoes (i left them 3 times and they won't show up!), thus they keep misleading them!

They refuse to refund me for both 58.57 plus 26 dollars for the 2nd pair! They ask to post their huge wrong sized shoes back (and this costs a fortune to post them to china!)
Also they claim they can't see my videos or pictures, not even links on the youtube!

I think we shall all unite and complain to facebook a google to stop publishing their adds everywhere! They need to be closed! I've cr4eated fb group "newchic victims"

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