NewChicpayments and missing refunds - mens outdoor jackets and loafer shoes too small in size - do not meet eu standard sizes at all!

T Nov 15, 2017

Dear Customer Service Persons,

I'm totally unhapy with the inivoicng and refound should be commited to refounded to my n e w OP Bank - Finland account.

Please, note that You should not use the Credit Card Number, which I have earlier used for my payments to You as my Bank adviced me to 'cut down' my previous Card and close my old Credit Card soonest after we realized Your or Your 'Fanny Bank' taking double payments from my Account!
The O-Bank warned me seriously about 'danger of fraud in this case'!

These are the fact bookings taken from my Account:

1. Refound done by' Paytrail' at October 7.. for EUR 67, 71 - Thank You for that!
As wel as I can undrstand this amouth of money sended back to me the eaelier 'falsh booked' bookings of...

October 18 - done by ' PTA ' Jiadise Chengu') CHN) pf EUR - 34, 99 and again teh same amouth by the same 'foult Bank' ' called 'PTA' 'Jiandise CHengu' (CHN) for EUR - 34, 99.

Based on above 'double bookings from my Op Ba

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