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To NY&C Executives,

I just wanted to let you know about a customer service situation that occured to me this week at your Edina, MN location.

I was out shopping November 27th just after Thanksgiving and I noticed that some of the items I purchased from the Mall of America store on the 20th were now on sale. I asked one of the sales clerks about a price gurantee and was told that I would get the new price as long as my purchase was made within 14 days. Since I made the purchase on the 20th, I produced my reciept and requested a sale price adjustment.

The sales person then told me that since I did not bring back the actual items, she could not make an adjustment for me. I asked why since I had my reciept, identification, and my NYC card from which the purchase was made. I also explained that I did not live close to the store. I was told that this was the "policy". I then asked that she check with her manager since I live quite a distance and did not want to drive home to get my merchandise only to return back to the store for my price adjustment since I was already here.

The most shocking part was that upon hearing my situation, the manager simply replied "NO" to the salesperson. I was not acknowledged or given any explaination by the manager for her decision.

I have done business with many other retial stores and not one has ever required that I bring my merchandise back into the store in order to get a price adjustment.

I then had to drive home to get my merchandise and then drive back to to the store dealing with holiday traffic, holiday parking and holiday crowds in order to get my price adjustment.

Four hours later, I got back to the store and I got the same cashier. We were able to complete the price adjustment since I now had my merchandise. I also was upset enough with the situation that I returned some of the other items I had purchased from the MoA location.

I honestly feel that I might have been a victum of racial discrimination since I am of Hispanic origin. I feel this way since no other retail makes me go through such a process for a simple price adjustment.

I am sure that you know an angry customer tells at least ten other people about a bad experience, but how many do you think I will tell about this experience?

If I was not a victum of racial discrimination and this is truly your policy, I think you might want to think about changing it.

I will think twice before doing business with your location next time I am out shopping. I am also considering closing my NYC account since just seeing your card in my wallet reminds me of this experiece and makes me upset.

I look forward to hearing from you soon in reference to this situation.



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    iworkhardforaliving Nov 29, 2010
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    As an employee of this company, I can tell you that you were not discriminated against, that is the policy. It's that way to prevent fraud. Otherwise people could find a receipt in the trash and bring it in to get a price adjustment, or return the clothes to another store and then bring the receipt to get a price adjustment.

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    Jane_H Nov 01, 2011

    I absolutely agree. I had the same horrible experience. I am also among minority and I was pretty upset that the store manager actually yelled at me. I was told about this 'policy' by my cousin who we were just leaving to do price adjustments with. I called the store manager and explained to her that my clothes was actually in the washing machine but I have all tags and a receipt. She told me she would not make a price adjustment if I did not bring clothes in. I had to put wet clothes in a bad and bring it into the store. The cashier did not even look at my merchandise...I went to a store manager to express my frustration and that ### yelled at me and said I didn't have to do price adjustment at all. She said it was my problem and I had 14 days to do price adjustment. I told her that it was the only time I could come over and she again stated that I didn't have to come to their store at all. I suggested that their store reviews the policy as it didn't make sense as I was not returning my clothes but doing price adjustment. She stated that in their system she needed to do a 'return of the merchandise' first and than make it look like I made a purchase at a discounted price. I told her that she didn't need me to bring soaking wet merchandise to do that change in their system. She kept on trying to convince me that I was doing a return of merchandise. Then she simply walked away from me! I was pissed off. I submitted an online complaint through the online web form and it stated that somebody would follow-up with me within 5 bus. days. It had been 2.5 weeks and nobody responded to my complaint. I will never go to spend my money at the Edina store and obviously the store will never hear a good work about themselves coming from me. I think it is absolutely ridiculous!
    This message is to an employee who left a message above, if your store is so worried about fraud, you should use a better tracking system for price adjustment receipts like all other big companies do. It is a horrible customer service for people like me who are honest and trustworthy customers!

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