New York & Companyaccount assure

K Aug 13, 2018


I have been paying on my NYC card from 2013 to present. I just noticed my credit card balance isn't going DOWN as it should since I haven't been charging to this card. I simply pay above my monthly minimum . Once I combed through my statement I noticed a recurring fee from Account Assure $22 here $24 there ! I've NEVER gave permission or authorized this company to charge me. I called C.S. at NY&C "Amber" advised that Account Assure has charged me since 2013 ! I do the math, and that's around $22-$24 per month x's 5 yrs = roughly $1300 plus !! I am applaud that I've been SCAMMED. No warning NOTHING ! just charging me away. In turn this is why I can't ever seem to pay down/off my NY&C card. I want a resolution. Like refunded. My email is [protected] I spoke with "Corey" today with Account Assure, he stated that he sent my complaint to their resolution dept. to refund ALL of these charges, not some but ALL. I have also opened a ticket with the BBB this is not fair to honest paying customers.

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