NetFloristrude delivery driver

The driver hooted incessantly at my gate, despite there being an intercom provided. When I enquired why he did not press the intercom bell, he said he did, but clearly that was incorrect as I did not hear the intercom ring. (A side note: I have always been contacted telephonically by Netflorist drivers when they are at the gate, but not this time). The driver then proceeded to rudely tell me to write my name and telephone number (without having provided my package first), banged the car doors once he had retrieved my package, shoved my package into my arms and skidded his cars off my driveway, leaving unsightly tyre marks behind) without a word. This is unacceptable behaviour and due to this I will NEVER order another item from Netflorist again. I will not be treated like this.

Sep 30, 2019

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