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Nespresso review: Ordering process and delivery

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I had a terrible experience with this Nespresso recently and they have made no effort to rectify it.

I asked to make a formal complaint and was told I could not do it over the phone with customer service and that someone from complaints would call me within 5 days. It’s now been two weeks and I’ve heard nothing.

I placed an online order with Nespresso at 12:15 PM on a Thursday and paid extra for same day delivery. I do this regularly with all my orders and have never had a problem before. I received a confirmation that my order would be delivered by close of business.

At 5pm I had still heard nothing about the delivery and noticed I had not been charged, so I phoned the store. The store seemed confused and put me on hold several times until finally trying to blame me, saying my order had been placed after the 1pm cut off and that they could not process it for same day delivery.

I confirmed that I had placed my order before the cut-off, so the store changed the story and said they were really busy and just didn’t get to it, they but will try to process it tomorrow.

I said this was not good enough, as nobody had contacted me to say they couldn’t process my same day delivery order and I had specifically paid extra for the same day delivery. I said I wanted to cancel the order.

I was first told that I could not cancel it as it had already been processed, then while I was talking to them on the phone, I received a notification to say my credit card had just been charged. I was then told that my order could not be refunded and that I could only be given a credit on my account. I had to ask several times to cancel my order unless they could provide the same day delivery which I had paid for.

After I insisted to please cancel my order, finally I was told it was cancelled and I would receive my refund within a few business days.

The next day I received a phone call from the store again confirming that my order was going to be processed. I said I was told that it had been cancelled, to which the store said no it was still being processed. I again requested for my order to be cancelled and that I wanted to make a complaint. I was told that I could not make a formal complaint and they were now going to cancel my order.

Frankly this experience with Nespresso has been nothing but difficult and unprofessional. I was lied to several times, the customer service staff tried to blame me for not processing my order and no compensation has been offered to me for the horrible experience, even though I have been a customer for about 8 years and own a Nespresso machine.

Desired outcome: Formal complaint and some compensation

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