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E Aug 07, 2018

The customer service team has lied to me everyday about when my gutters would be installed. When I call they said we will be there today and they never show up. Ned Stevens was quick to take my money but has not delivered on there promise for service. When I asked if they have a schedule and when I'm scheduled they said we will be in your area tomorrow but they can even give me a window of time. Here is an example I called this morning at 9:30am on Tuesday Aug 7, 2018 and have been calling every day to be told we are taking care of you ASAP we will be there this afternoon. Well as I expected no one has showed up. They need to provide customers with an appointment and stick to it they should have been able to tell me a day and time when they would be here like between the hours of 1 and 4pm or 9am and noon. I can't imagine how they have any repeat business with this type of or lack of service. I guess when a company is around 50 years service suffers. So here is how it started I called to get gutters in stalled on an outdoor kitchen I had built the tech showed up a few days later only to tell me he didn't want to do the install he wanted me to make adjustments to my underground drains! WHAT? All he needed to do was run the gutter down spout to the cement block that was placed under the spot he was running the gutter down drain. So he left and told me I needed to reschedule. Now I'm in the Net Stevens twilight zone of no service. I went ahead and made an adjustment to my underground ground drains to allow the gutter down spout to fit in thinking and hopefully it will meet Ned Stevens tough standards. Lol, I called back a day later to request them to come back and now I'm just being lied to every day. I just want my gutters or a full refund so I can find another company that cares about customer service and Ned Stevens will never hear from me again.

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