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Below portrays only one complaint against NSBA. Beyond that I have tied in two other real scams which may well NOT be connected and have not revealed their specific nature so as to protect an on-going investigation. However, if you become familiar with these things, their nature is to go beyond your most creative imagination. Regarding the NSBA, I found it has been actively operating for years. It's behaviour has not changed.

National Small Business Alliance is still alive and stealing money as of June, 09. No authorization, no notice, they're not even bothering to fake you out anymore with some semi-legit idea they're going to provide a product or service! I believe they are now using credit card info from an affiliate of an affiliate, from which an additional scam also gets executed. In other words, one is scammed by either $1.00 for an info packet, or $49.95 for a "How to Get Started" manual for a $$s making idea or business. Then unknowingly, within the fine print of the "Terms & Conditions" that one clicks, and it is mandatory to click, other, unrelated subscriptions are enacted. You were not expecting to be charged for products/svcs. beyond what you originally ordered (detailed in para. 22, page 5 of an 8 page T&C). And, you did not expect to then be billed with direct hits on your card for say, $5.00, $15.00 respectively each month! Three months later, amidst your busy schedule, you discover these charges and call to get them cancelled. They duly cancel your subscription, but they will not refund already spent money. So, now I'm out $49.50 + 3 x $20.00 = $89.50. A month goes by and whamo! $350 hits the account from a firm not hitherto known, National Small Business Alliance. So now, three separate companies all unrelated to each other within various forms of legality and illegality . . . OR, ARE THEY actually unrelated? Use your imagination, they do.
Consider the take:

Within 3 months at 10, 000 "hits" or "fools" from all around the globe equals:

$89.50 + $350 x 10, 000 = $4, 395, 000.

Now, subtract expenses: There is labor, systems, office expense, multiple foreign and domestic registered companies, website, urls, email, etc. Let's say, liberally, the fraudsters spend $500, 000 every 3 months. Now, subtract an extra $100, 000 in expenses for "seed money" to put together the team and plan for the scam. Still, the take nets out at $3, 795, 000 split by the partners. Imagine now, how much you would consider paying for "damage control"!! NOTE: These sociopaths can be incredibly intelligent and creative. Consider a twelve month take! Consider doing it once, for 12 months, then shut it down and do it again with a new twist, new fad or new fangled scam. First time, Real Estate profits tapes and “systems”, next time Lines of Credit, CCs and hard money loans, next time internet ad sales scam, next time Govt Grants, and on and on.

Now consider this: At $4.4M, the SEC won't look at it. (Hell, $50B wasn’t enough, i. e. Madoff!) The FBI won't look at it. The local state or county sheriff won't take it, even if you do take on the incredible effort to meet, call, fill out papers, collect and aggregate as many or your fellow victims, and in the process lose your job, your wife and kids in the effort. Even your attorney won't take the case for less than $20, 000 for starters. A top law firm on the 85th floor of your city's tallest and most expensive building won't take the case for anything less than a $60, 000 retainer, and they'd say something like, "well, you know, these cases are difficult and actually gaining access to real money is unlikely, and it could take years...” You are out a whopping $439.50. YOU will walk away. You'll suck it up and go on with your life.

These criminals have capital, profit, cash, and condos in the Bahamas, Paris and for kicks a bungalow in Aspen. AND, they have their own highly paid lawyers! You bet. Welcome to this brave new world!!


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      Jun 25, 2009

    Hey! I'm sorry. My math got messed up. Let me do it right. Again this is just an example, but interesting, I think, to consider the potential ravaging that can go on especially with coordinated multi company scams:

    $49.95 + $1.00 + (3 x $15 + $5) + $350 = $460.95

    Times 10, 000 patsies = $4, 609, 500

    Times 4 (not 12) = $18, 438, 000 revenue per year.

    10, 000 customers every three months? I agree, this may be improbable. Cut it half, cut it into fourths. Still, the point is made. Then divide it by 3, 4 partners... multiply it by two or three separate but continuously operating scams each sharing names, charge card numbers . . . . . . . . $10-12 mil/yr. for each experienced operating partner.

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