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Credit company helping small businesses

They pitch a good story to assist your business for a $1 trail. I gave them (like a fool) my bank routing #...

Harrassing Phone Calls to Doctors Office

This is a doctor's office & we keep getting REPEATED phone calls from this company. All they do is call & sit there for a minute, then hang up on us. They have even put our call "on hold" so that we cannot disconnect the line, thus tying up our buisness line used for our patients to call us on during an emergency. When we try to tell them to add us to the DO NOT CALL list or ask for a supervisor/manager, they hang up.

I have reported them to the FCC & started a complaint file on them with the FCC. We have even gone as far as to place a call tracer on the, document the calls on a log & add all of their numbers they call from to a "Call Block" feature that we have on our phone account. Yet, they STILL manage to get thru by calling on a different number (one that is not blocked). It would be a little more tolerable if they would just call once a day, but 3-6 times a day is a little too much (harrassment). Just a little FYI for some of you with the same problems. If you figure out a way to stop them from calling, please share the wealth...Thanks

Money taken without authorisation

I canceled my membership-account with national small business alliance (nsba). I did not give authorization...

This company is a complete scam

Took my money without delivering the goods and when i asked for a refund they said it was on the way its been about 4mos now and I have been calling daily. Looks like i have to go to DC to confront this scam artist and get my money back. They will not take me for a ride. Bouncemasters Plus is my company in Baltimore, Maryland and if anybody in Baltimore got taken for a ride look me up and lets fight these people together. We cant continue to stand for this type of stuff. My company is too small to be taken every little bit count. I'm beyond pissed.

Bad service

I was also contacted by the National Small Business Alliance with an $8, 000

pre aproved credit card limit. I accepted the offer because I am trying

to start up a new small company. The credit limit turned out to be with certain companies (none of which I needed)and you had to put money down on

the item (which I didn't have) So, not only did this not help me, it hurt

me by taking $149 and $349 from my bank account. Then you can't get a hold

of these people by phone or mail or anything! It's like they're non-existent! If you send an e-mail you just get an automated response. I think

a lot of people get them confused with the National Small Business Association. What a rip off and what horrible timing to be taken advantage of. I'm just trying to get back on my feet after having to sell my house

(I'm living in a camper) can't buy a new house because my credit is

messed up...oh, I'm a realtor by the way, you know what the real estate

industry has been like. My health insurance is cancelled...I could go on & on.

  • Be
    BellaMedica Dec 02, 2010

    I agree this company is a complete scam!
    They pulled from my bank account last year, I disputed the charge for a fee of $25.
    Then yesterday they pulled from my account again!! So do I need to fight them every year???
    They need to be arrested for theft.

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Refuses to stop calling my company

I keep getting a machine calling my company about a $8000 credit card that has been approved for me. (Total BS, never applied for one) and they call and call and call every day, I listened to the message and waited some time for Alex, a girl, to come on line and she immediately started asking me for my information. I countered asking for her business name, and her name, and when I asked for her phone number, she wanted to know why I was asking HER questions. I told her their machine keeps calling me every day, multiple times and I wanted my phone number taken out of their machine and she hung up on me and now I am still getting the calls and I will complain every time and call the FCC until this bogus company stops waiting my time.

Unauthorized charges to my account

NBSA will not remove my company from its pool of members. Again I have been charged $359.40. This account was canceled several years ago. This is the second time this company has withdrawn unapproved money from my business account. I have request a refund. They even issued a confirmation number...

  • Ma
    mark j smith Dec 01, 2008

    I can not get my money back or any phone calls returned. please help

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  • Ab
    abbymac258 Jan 25, 2010

    cancel membership told it was canceled then they took 359.40 out of my account

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  • Be
    BetterandWiser Nov 13, 2010

    I totally agree!!! I cannot believe they are still scamming people! What surpirses me is the representatives keep up with scamming with no conscience! I guess $10 bucks an hour can definity make them act like crack dealer Ho! No shame!!! Lets get these people expose and keep the message going by sending mass email mails to everyone that National Small Business Allaince is SCAM!!!

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  • Rl
    RLPinPensacola May 02, 2011

    There is a class action suit in process against them in WA. Google national small business alliance class action suit. You have to put your claim in by 5/20/11.

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  • Jw
    jwise Feb 17, 2012

    this is 2012 and I just recently got took. They are still at it!!! Do not deal with this company. I did not even get the package!

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withdrawal of membership fees that were canceled

The person we spoke to on the phone about signing up TOTALLY misrepresented what this company was all about.I...

taken money out of my account

I have called you MANY times and every time i call customer service gives me a mail box number ([protected]...

Unauthorized/ Fraudulent CC hit

Below portrays only one complaint against NSBA. Beyond that I have tied in two other real scams which may well NOT be connected and have not revealed their specific nature so as to protect an on-going investigation. However, if you become familiar with these things, their nature is to go beyond your most creative imagination. Regarding the NSBA, I found it has been actively operating for years. It's behaviour has not changed.

National Small Business Alliance is still alive and stealing money as of June, 09. No authorization, no notice, they're not even bothering to fake you out anymore with some semi-legit idea they're going to provide a product or service! I believe they are now using credit card info from an affiliate of an affiliate, from which an additional scam also gets executed. In other words, one is scammed by either $1.00 for an info packet, or $49.95 for a "How to Get Started" manual for a $$s making idea or business. Then unknowingly, within the fine print of the "Terms & Conditions" that one clicks, and it is mandatory to click, other, unrelated subscriptions are enacted. You were not expecting to be charged for products/svcs. beyond what you originally ordered (detailed in para. 22, page 5 of an 8 page T&C). And, you did not expect to then be billed with direct hits on your card for say, $5.00, $15.00 respectively each month! Three months later, amidst your busy schedule, you discover these charges and call to get them cancelled. They duly cancel your subscription, but they will not refund already spent money. So, now I'm out $49.50 + 3 x $20.00 = $89.50. A month goes by and whamo! $350 hits the account from a firm not hitherto known, National Small Business Alliance. So now, three separate companies all unrelated to each other within various forms of legality and illegality . . . OR, ARE THEY actually unrelated? Use your imagination, they do.
Consider the take:

Within 3 months at 10, 000 "hits" or "fools" from all around the globe equals:

$89.50 + $350 x 10, 000 = $4, 395, 000.

Now, subtract expenses: There is labor, systems, office expense, multiple foreign and domestic registered companies, website, urls, email, etc. Let's say, liberally, the fraudsters spend $500, 000 every 3 months. Now, subtract an extra $100, 000 in expenses for "seed money" to put together the team and plan for the scam. Still, the take nets out at $3, 795, 000 split by the partners. Imagine now, how much you would consider paying for "damage control"!! NOTE: These sociopaths can be incredibly intelligent and creative. Consider a twelve month take! Consider doing it once, for 12 months, then shut it down and do it again with a new twist, new fad or new fangled scam. First time, Real Estate profits tapes and “systems”, next time Lines of Credit, CCs and hard money loans, next time internet ad sales scam, next time Govt Grants, and on and on.

Now consider this: At $4.4M, the SEC won't look at it. (Hell, $50B wasn’t enough, i. e. Madoff!) The FBI won't look at it. The local state or county sheriff won't take it, even if you do take on the incredible effort to meet, call, fill out papers, collect and aggregate as many or your fellow victims, and in the process lose your job, your wife and kids in the effort. Even your attorney won't take the case for less than $20, 000 for starters. A top law firm on the 85th floor of your city's tallest and most expensive building won't take the case for anything less than a $60, 000 retainer, and they'd say something like, "well, you know, these cases are difficult and actually gaining access to real money is unlikely, and it could take years...” You are out a whopping $439.50. YOU will walk away. You'll suck it up and go on with your life.

These criminals have capital, profit, cash, and condos in the Bahamas, Paris and for kicks a bungalow in Aspen. AND, they have their own highly paid lawyers! You bet. Welcome to this brave new world!!

  • Kt
    ktom Jun 25, 2009

    Hey! I'm sorry. My math got messed up. Let me do it right. Again this is just an example, but interesting, I think, to consider the potential ravaging that can go on especially with coordinated multi company scams:

    $49.95 + $1.00 + (3 x $15 + $5) + $350 = $460.95

    Times 10, 000 patsies = $4, 609, 500

    Times 4 (not 12) = $18, 438, 000 revenue per year.

    10, 000 customers every three months? I agree, this may be improbable. Cut it half, cut it into fourths. Still, the point is made. Then divide it by 3, 4 partners... multiply it by two or three separate but continuously operating scams each sharing names, charge card numbers . . . . . . . . $10-12 mil/yr. for each experienced operating partner.

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Unauthorized billing

National Small Business Alliance contacted me on 3/5/09 by phone. As I had been laid off from my job of 13 years, I was interested in the health insurance being offered.

I was told by the telemarketer that my account would be debited $1, that I would be sent a package of benefits within 2-5 business days and that I would have 30 days to review it. If I did not cancel within the 30 days that my account would then be debited $149.95.

However, the promised material was never sent and on 3/13/09, only 8 days after the initial contact, NSBA debited my account for the $149.95. I left a message for the supervisor on 3/16/09 but she never returned my call.

On 3/23/09 I closed out my account to prevent any further theft of my money by NSBA.

  • Sh
    shannonsavilo Sep 14, 2010

    same thing happened to me.

    ''I was told by the telemarketer that my account would be debited $1, that I would be sent a package of benefits within 2-5 business days and that I would have 30 days to review it. If I did not cancel within the 30 days that my account would then be debited $149.95''

    but mine was just 3 days.
    sept i was told id get a 8, 000 redit card...later told my boss...he aaid its a scam.they didnt tell you they only let it be to there vendors

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  • Sh
    shannonsavilo Sep 14, 2010

    also had to change my accounts and call my c.c. merchant and finance company who eftys $ into my accounts.and my sprint bill sum utilities and tanning company.took alll day.i know im not gonna see the money back from can they run this business when so many people are complaning

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This company is a fake they mailed me information to be a member and told me it would only cost 1.00 they...

Harassing calls

I have received daily phone calls from the National Small Business Alliance on my personal cell phone for over a month now. When I answer my phone a computer voice tells me I am eligible for an 8k credit line. It tells me to press 0 to accept this credit line or call [protected]. I do not want the credit, I never asked for the credit and I do not want NSBA to ever call me again.

My phone number has been actively listed on the National Do Not Disturb for over a year now and I continue to get these harassing telemarketing phone pitches. What is the point, when telemarketers call anyway?

  • Bi
    bisk Jan 08, 2009

    I get the same annoying calls daily.

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Be aware of NSBA!

National Small Business Alliance NSBA

"BE AWARE... PLEASE... WITH the company from NSBA, which is National Small Business Alliance. This company offers many products for small business but unfortunately all they do is take your money with lies, and even without your authorization, I went to internet and their Advertisement looks very serious, but unfortunately they are thieves, they tell you that they will give you the money back "THE ONE THAT THEY WERE NOT ALLOWED TO TAKE" but with all the phone call and e-mails that you have To make will make any impatience person give up on them and not get it... NOT with me.


Unauthorized charges!

NBSA will not remove my company from its pool of members. Again I have been charged $359.40. This account was canceled several years ago. This is the second time this company has withdrawn unapproved money from my business account. I have request a refund. They even issued a confirmation number for this request. Of course I have not received the refund. I still have the information to cancel.

Beware people!

  • Dk
    dk5000 Sep 23, 2008

    I paid a dollar for materials from this NSBA and never
    got them, 2 days after paying the dollar they took 149.95 from my account, no authorization. Two days
    ago they took 149.95 again and then 359.40 on the
    same day, this has also cost me $75 in overdraft fees
    and left me with no gas money to work.

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  • An
    Andra Jan 28, 2009

    My husband's business account was just debited over $300 by NSBA. He does not know who they are and has no idea how they got his account information. The bank will remburse but will take over a month. Times are tough and he has almost lost his business 3 times in the past year. he can't afford a dime from his account as he has customers to get supplys for. These people should be prosecuted.

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