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I have just been on a coach trip to the Emmerdale studios with national holidays with my friend as her birthday treat.
On pick up we were not given an itinerary although information previously sent stated the itinerary would be provided on boarding the coach.
. The driver introduced herself as Kathy with a K she had an aggressive confrontational from the outset.
. She then told us her toilet rule was liquids only anything else & she would lock you in the toilet for the rest of the journey.
. If you weren't back at the coach on time she would leave you behind to sort the rest of the journey out yourself.
. On every service stop everyone had to disembark the coach even though some did not want to. One lady in particular was 88 and although she told Kathy that she didn't want to get off the coach at each service station, Kathy insisted she got off and told her " to stop being difficult ". This was unacceptable behaviour by your employee who displayed no compassion or respect whatsoever to this lady.
. Kathy altered the service stop because she wanted to "buy her dad a present " from this particular service station.
. We were then dropped in York and told to be back at the coach in 4 hours time if we weren't back on time she would go without us and we would have to catch a bus from York to Bradford to the hotel.
. No information about the hotel was given until we returned to the coach and Kathy was asked how long it was take to get to the hotel she then told us about 1hour 20mins, when asked what time dinner was she begrudgingly told us 8:00. Thus providing distress for some customers as they hadn't eaten because no itinerary had been given to us.
. One lady in particular was distressed because on getting lost in York she panicked to get back to the coach under Kathys threat that if late she would be left behind.
. The journey from York to Bradford was filled by Kathy telling us her life story such as :
. she's on her second divorce.
. Lives with her dad
. Dad was a bus driver
. She used to drive for "NASTY Express"
. She couldn't wait to get home to her own bed because there was a "telly" programme she wanted to see.
This was to name but a few I've never experienced such a self centred unprofessional driver in all my life.
. On arrival at the hotel she said she would be back at 9:45 the next morning.
. Kathy arrived at 9:30 once everyone was seated she proceeded to tell us before she set off she was killing time because she wasn't sure what time the studio opened.
It was at this point that I was completely shown up and humiliated by Kathys actions.
. I asked if she could set off straight away and would it be better to be there early there rather than sitting on the coach in Bradford.
. Her response was in an extremely aggressive tone "I've got things I need to do before I set out" I responded by laughing at that she said " I don't need this [censored] and I don't get paid enough to take abuse.
. By this point she was standing in the aisle shouting up the coach at me I was absolutely in shock when she continued with" I can throw you off this coach anytime I want, then you'll be making your own way home. Just leave me alone to do my job ".
. Everyone around me was disgusted and horrified by Kathys behaviour. It absolutely ruined my weekend and I'm certainly not a confrontational person had we been given itinerary at the beginning of the trip there would have been no need to ask such questions.
On raising this complaint I feel that Kathy should be disciplined and sent on a customer service course. I do expect a response from yourselves as both I and fellow passengers feel that Kathys behaviour was totally unacceptable, unprofessional, aggressive and had undertones of bullying.

Oct 08, 2019

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