National Football League [NFL]the officiating and the new england patriots dirty playing

The officiating has become corrupted! Perfect example is during this past Sunday's Bills vs. Patriots game. Last year when Clay Matthews ACCIDENTALLY had a helmet-to-helmet hit, he was penalized and unable to play. This past Sunday, a Patriots CB did a helmet-to-helmet hit that caused Josh Allen not just to leave the game but he was knocked out for a moment. That Patriots CB was still able to play and the refs said him doing that was cancelled out as a penalty due to a holding call against the Bills! I'm sorry, that is not even close to the same degree of penalty. Belichek and Tom Brady, the entire Patriots team gets away with WAY too much! They play dirty and they are not penalized the same as others in the NFL. This needs to be addressed because it is RUINING the game and the NFL!! The officials did not call that game well at all and in the end, their poor calls and lack of PROPER penalties against the Patriots, affected the outcome of the game and made it so the Bills lost and the Patriots won! The Patriots team needs to be looked into very closely and started to be fined, penalized, and treated just as any other NFL team!! I don't care that they have so many Super Bowl wins, etc. I'm sure they have cheated in more than just the one they got caught in. Belichek should be FIRED and his team needs to experience the penalties for their actions they have been taking. They believe themselves to be untouchable because they are continuously allowed to get away with crap that other teams and players would NEVER be allowed to get away with. Address this before you completely ruin the game and the NFL!!!

Oct 01, 2019

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