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I'd like to kno wy the referee in the Bill's game gave the Patriots player a roughing the passer wen you can clearly see the Patriots player leading with his helmet and hitting the ad in the head causing a cuchisan and his team mate had the qd in his hands wy wasent he ejected from the game and fined that's not right and the ref cant say he didnt see it he called the penalty and did se it I'm a l9al fan but 5he refs ar ruing the game they are suposto protect the players I kno they dont see every thing but even wen they do somthing like a player grabbing the face mask of another player they dont call it it's time to clean house and get rid of the blantent non calling refs forcallthe players safety thanks

  • Updated by Displeasedfan, Sep 29, 2019

    The referee in the Bill's game did not eject the Patriots player for leading with his helmet and hit the Bill's player in the helmet causing him to leave the game vfc with a concussion and just giving him a personal foul penalty also the referees watch a player grab the QBs face mask and he was looking at the QBs and could see his head jerk mb I'm a loial fan but the referee s should be fired or held accountable they arnt helping to protect players on any team I see alot of no calls wear 5he players get hurt on other teams

Sep 29, 2019

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