National Football League [NFL]suspension

M Oct 02, 2019

Vontaez Burficts unfortunate hit on the colts reciever does not warrant a full year suspension. He got ejected from the game. He deserves a fine and a 4-8 game suspension due to his repeat violations. But suspending Burfict for the remaining 12 games in the league is warrantless and a gross abuse of power by the nfl. Suspending Burfict for 12 games and not providing anything more than a penalty/fine for the patriots player who knocked Josh Allen with a harder more vicious, more flagrant his sets a huge precedent as being biased towards individual players and needs to stop. Yall keep losing viewers as it is. If the standard was set and enforced across the board consistentl, this would not be an issue. But it is not which is why this letter is being written.

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