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R Sep 26, 2019 Review updated:

Once again the NFL has shot itself in the foot. How can an organization that touts itself as a premier organization, charges ungodly amounts of money to watch on television or purchase products and supervises its employees tighter than the Vatican does, put such a crappy product on the field with the refereeing. The non pass interference call in the 3rd quarter of the Eagles & Packers game was totally ridiculous & makes me understand what the Saints fans went through a year ago. REALLY SUCKS


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      Sep 27, 2019

    The last play in the packers eagles was clearly PI the eagles DB hugged him before the ball got there look at the tape the NFL referees suck

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      Sep 29, 2019

    NFL rules changes are ruining the game for me. Obvious pass interference, as TV announcers agree, does not get called while it does get called when it does NOT appear to be interference. A defensive player cannot touch a quarterback anymore. But I do agree that intentional head spearing had to stop. The new rules leave too much to the imagination of the ref and it is ruining the game. Fix it NFL if you want us to keep watching.

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