National Football League [NFL]halftime show

K Feb 03, 2020 Review updated:

I am appalled at the lack of family friendliness in the halftime show tonight. My 14 year old daughter and 8 year old son were watching. I cannot believe that you allowed the crotch shots and tasteless costuming of Jennifer Lopez to be broadcast to families. It makes no difference to me that she was in flesh-colored tights...the pole dancing and knee sliding and butt-bending and the camera angles were pornographic. I will be sharing my complaints with Jennifer Lopez and also with Fox. How are we supposed to raise the next generation to respect women and not objectify them if they see these horrid examples of "socially acceptable" performances?


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    Another Christian Feb 03, 2020

    NOTHING BUT SMUTE! The Halftime Show should have been "X-RATED"..not fit for anyone to watch let alone Family !!! NFL and Pepsi need to change half time shows for family friendly viewers! Such a disgrace to watch such trashy entertainers!

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    Jjcmr Feb 03, 2020


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