National Express Groupcoach times amendments & lack of info

A Aug 18, 2018

I was travelling 14/8/18 from Fareham to Victoria ( 1250) Leaving (1430) to Chesterfield.
Returning 17th August
When I got to Victoria I noticed there was no time for my bus ( 1430 ), there was a bus time of 1530. I went to Information desk, and asked them what had happened.
They said there had been an amendment to bus times. I told them I had not been informed of this. They changed my ticket, but I was not impressed as the return ticket had been changed also and was unacceptable.
They had changed it to me going via Birmingham to Southampton, Southampton to Fareham . Time leaving Chesterfield would be 1020 and finally arriving in Fareham 2150.
When I read this I told the info desk this was not acceptable as I wouldn't be able to get a bus home. At this point I was told I'd have to pay for the amendment. I said it was not my fault, and I was not willing to pay anything.
They put me onto Customer Services to change the ticket again but they told me there would be a charge. I said I was not willing to pay as this was nothing to do with me, it wasn't my fault,
Eventually the ticket was changed to coming via London 1125 on the 17th.
We waited for the 560 to take us to Chesterfield suppose to arrive at 1530.
Bus did not turn up, no one was giving us updated info as they didn't know.
Someone tweeted and was advise that the bus had been delayed and was at Victoria station, driver was in his break. When I approached the National Express gentleman and told him what had been tweeted he said that the operations people hadn't advised him of this fact.
To cut a long story short, we were all put on a coach to Luton Airport, leaving at 1640 pm and this would drop us off where a coach would be ready to take us onto our final destinations.
I asked if this was definite, would a coach be there and the reply was, "That's what I've been told".
Thankfully, the coach was there.
My journey started should have been 1020 finally arriving at my final destination at
1815. The time I did arrive was about 9pm.
Not good enough.
My ticket number was 9Q35325 booked on the 30th April and ticket posted to me for which I paid 5 pounds in total for the postage & booking fee.
This has not been an isolated incident for me as it has happened on other trips, but after this I felt I had to complain.
There was no empathy from your information centre. I felt as if I was being an inconvenience to them and I don't understand why I wasn't given a direct amended ticket in the first place.
I believe compensation should be awarded for the inconvenience and lack of concern from your company.
Without the public travelling on your coaches, the company would not exist, and the customer should be treated with respect at all times. Not a good face for National Express

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