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Not only is the company being sued by the Attorney General on a civil level, but hopefully they will be criminally prosecuted for extortion, grand larceny for illegal real estate dealings at their clients' expense, as well as elder abuse regarding their elder clients who were in fact led to believe that within 60 days from the date of signing on the dotted line and producing a deposit, that they would be provided with an attorney that they had no possible resources to do so. They willfully, maliciously, and intentionally defrauded hundreds of people out of millions of dollars, all the while keeping the money moving so that it would not be traceable.

They unlawfully and intentionally held the first month's "legal services fees" as pure profit with no intention to even attempt to have the matter assigned to counsel (which under the law since they are not licensed by the Bar Association to act as an attorney referral service they could not anyway). They forced clients to agree to have their accounts "ACH'd" for payments, then subsequently obtained their account numbers to further commit fraud by directly debiting these people's accounts.

The depth of their unlawful actions is beyond what many, other than those who had the misfortune of bring tricked into working for them, knew. They preyed on the desparate and took their money and their homes. Each officer (Pulvino, Barker, Sandison, Soutar, Fleetwood, and Burns) should all have their assets seized, their bank accounts seized, their cars and the spoils of their deceipt taken and used as settlement funds. Barker, Pulvino and Sandison need to go to prison.


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      Nov 30, 2010

    People who got themselves into bad loans to begin with because they were over-zealous and did not think before they jumped have only themselves to blame. Unfortunately, because everyone wants to blame someone else, you ultimately gave a criminal entity like this an opportunity to thrive and steal from you. PEOPLE, IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT IS. Just like all those "fabulous loans" you were getting and not realizing that the real estate bubble was going to break: it should have popped in 2004.

    As your lesson from this, realize that you impacted the economy as much as the lenders and servicers who engaged in predatory lending practices. Greed and a false sense of security can be powerfully dangerous commodities when not kept in check.

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      Aug 21, 2017

    saya lebih suka menggunakan Viabox. selain harganya lebih murah, pelayanannya juga cepat. CS akan merespon dalam waktu 1-12 jam. tidak ada biaya pendaftaran, tidak ada biaya pemrosesan dan tidak ada biaya lainnya yang tersembunyi.

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