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I was trying to pay off some bills and clean up my credit and I thought this was from this website was from one of the credit bureaus. They said they're would be a fee when I got half way through I backed out and it charged me anyways a $1. Then the next day there was a charge to my bank for $29.95 so I talked to the bank and they said it was a one time charge and I called the company and they said it was a membership and I had a 30 day trial and I cancelled it said I did not want there service. I just checked my bank and they just charged me again unauthorized, I looked up this number on the website to call them and all I got was some recording asking 1-10 how I like their service, not only that but, I didn't even get a credit score. I want to know how businesses in this country get away with this kind of stuff.

I did not authorize this company to deduct 29.95 from my checking for a so called FREE credit score!

Seems there are a few of us here who have similar complaints about this company - head company of it is Golden Credit Scores LLC

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. - Unauthorized charges / false advertising

I was told I needed to sign up for my free credit report when I applied for a loan and it asked for my CC#. I tried to skip the CC part but it wouldn't let me so I entered it into the box. I never...

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