MyPointsno points for amazon month after month, year after year, even after 3 complaints now!!

T Dec 03, 2019

I spend hundreds a week just on Amazon alone. I always get points for every little thing on Ebay @ 2 points per dollar. But Amazon? Was up to 20 points per dollar and just recently went up to 30. I spent a hundred easily just since it went up to 30 points per dollar and all I ever see IF I'm lucky is on or two Amazon points pending @ "0". I've submitted my thirds complaint two days ago and once again just get the same old automated response telling me the same old things I already know.

I make sure I put the items in my cart "before I go to the Mypoints website to make sure no time elapses and I get the points yet STILL never get any points. That's THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of points they haven't given me just in the past year and I've shopped on Amazon clicking through the Mypoints website for a few years so I couldn't even count the points they robbed me of over the years on just that site alone. So who knows what other sites I haven't received points on :(

I almost have enough points currently to redeem and buy something which took months and months and months mostly just from the emails I click on seeing they won't give me any points for shopping on Amazon. I've been a Mypoints for many years and this is what I get. So after I redeem these last points, I'm done with them!

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