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unable to redeem points for rewards

I submitted a help ticket asking for help in redeeming my points for gift cards, I get an errror message to use another browser and then I get an error message that the e-mail and password do not match. I get the same error messages no matter which broswer I try and the e-mail and password are the same as the ones I use to log into my account for which they work. Since receiving a support ticket, I cannot log in using my e-mail address and password to follow up with the support ticket and have not had a reply from Mypoints other than the initial one stating that my request for support was receiveed.

deactivation of account

For at least a month I have been trying to redeem points. The redeem button only grayed out and would not lead me to anything.
When I contacted MyPoints I was told to use another browser. I did with the same result.
Then I was told to use one without ad blocking. I did. The button to redeem seemed to work and showed I had successfully redeemed my points, and then it grayed out without showing me a confirmation. Not only have I not received the gift card I was trying to get, but since then I have not received a single email, neither points opportunities nor gift card activation codes.
Today when I tried to sign in I was informed that my account had been deactivated. Every attempt to sign in I saw that my account had been deactivated or disabled. I wasted some time with the chatbot pointing me to totally irrelevant articles.
I am assuming that is just an error in your protocols and not deliberate.
I have also learned that this is not the first time this has happened.
I am requesting that I simply receive the $50 Amazon gift card that my point total should redeem for. I believe that I also had sufficient points for another gift card of lesser value.
Please redeem my points and please explain the deactivation.

mypoints emailed offer 20 pts /dollar spent @ amazon nov 26 2019

Mypoints emailed offer 20 pts /dollar spent @ Amazon on Nov 26
Mypoints does not even show the "click" on that day
What Mypoints has done here is a form of fraud
Mypoints never responds to my email
I have been in touch with Amazon
Will be returning the item ordered that day from Amazon
Here was the offer:

"Get Your Points!
Visit Amazon. Make a purchase. Receive up to 20 Points per dollar."

I do not trust Mypoints anymore

puffy mattress partnership...

Puffy mattress is not a cheap matteress by no means at a cost of $2695. We purchased one on November 17th. I always go through MyPoints first and was so happy to see they had a partnership with Puffy and was offering 150, 000 points...unreal, huh? Well, it turns out it is! As a result of a follow up, Puffy claims they have no partnership with MyPoints.

I do most of my shopping online and always go throuogh MyPoints, but for the past week they're always down. I've tried different suggestions from online sitesto correct this if it was on my en; finally got it to work only to click on a store and 'down again'. They provide no real means to contact them other than calling, and you can sit on hold forever. Their marketing has now posed a very serious concern for me. They owe their members an explanation! PS. I also have a gift card somewhere in the mail...I'm beginning to think that may never arrive now.

I tried to redeem my points and was told that there was an error

As stated above, I tried to redeem my points dunkin donuts gift card for $15.00 because I had the points. It said there was an error and I changed my password. When I tried to get back to the dunkin donuts gift card, it said I only have 480 points.. The site took my other points but did not give me my egift card.

Help. This is supposed to be a Xmas present for my granddaughter.

no points for amazon month after month, year after year, even after 3 complaints now!!

I spend hundreds a week just on Amazon alone. I always get points for every little thing on Ebay @ 2 points per dollar. But Amazon? Was up to 20 points per dollar and just recently went up to 30. I spent a hundred easily just since it went up to 30 points per dollar and all I ever see IF I'm lucky is on or two Amazon points pending @ "0". I've submitted my thirds complaint two days ago and once again just get the same old automated response telling me the same old things I already know.

I make sure I put the items in my cart "before I go to the Mypoints website to make sure no time elapses and I get the points yet STILL never get any points. That's THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of points they haven't given me just in the past year and I've shopped on Amazon clicking through the Mypoints website for a few years so I couldn't even count the points they robbed me of over the years on just that site alone. So who knows what other sites I haven't received points on :(

I almost have enough points currently to redeem and buy something which took months and months and months mostly just from the emails I click on seeing they won't give me any points for shopping on Amazon. I've been a Mypoints for many years and this is what I get. So after I redeem these last points, I'm done with them!


Members can earn points by viewing video strips of 20 or 40, yielding 2 or 4 points per strip. First of all, this is excessive. It used to be that each video yielded one point. At one time, the top value for a strip was 6 points, and sometimes the values were doubled. Also, lately, a video strip that was supposed to take roughly half an hour has taken hours, sometimes not being completed until after 3 AM Eastern Time, or Midnight Pacific Time, when any info owned work is wasted because the new day has begun. I am in my 60's and on a fixed income. I need these points for gift shopping, and sometimes for things for my home. I cannot afford to be a slave to my computer just because my only source of income (over and above a $50 per week job and my government pittance) is so difficult to obtain.

customer service - lack of

I redeemed 3970 points for paypal. I got the email you always get that tells you they are working on it. I then redeemed another 3970 to paypal but this time I never got the email. Then I never received ANYTHING in my paypal. After 20 emails someone finally said my paypal was unverified so they would credit me by days end. How can it be unverified when they have been sending my redemptions there many times? So they went into my acct and credited 3970 then credited 3970 then deducted 3970 4 times giving me a negative balance! More emails. They then credited just 3970 and still owe the other. But they took away the 2000 points I had already accumulated in there. They also jacked up my pending points to half of what it should be. I used their link when we got xfinity wifi. Thats 5000 points. After 20 more emails showing all my proof they say I cant get the pts because of some blocker on my phone --- I do not have one--- and said I used a 3rd party to sign up??? No thats a lie. I have sent 50 emails trying to get my acct fixed and noone answers but the standard bot reply. I messaged on FB and I get the same reply saying they are busy and will be with me ASAP...still waiting. I have emailed response yet. I sent a message via Twitter. Waiting to see if they respond to that. I finally decided to file a complaint with BBB ! Maybe then they will fix it. Its sad because I have never had a problem. I guess once you start getting high points they rob you so they dont have to pay out!

lack of service

Made multiple emails (50) and telephone calls (10) to My Points

I did not receive credit for 1450 points earned for purchasing gift certificates.
Mysteriously 400 points were removed from my account
$25 reward card was mailed but could not download it (fraudulent website)

I have been member for 10 years. They even sent me reward (which I could not use)

Problem started in late February 2019 and to this day no solution. In March they at least sent back some emails indicating they were looking into the situation. Now there is zero response.

This company is a ripoff and offers no customer service. Their telephone number is a joke. Takes 2 minutes to leave message and no one ever responds

gift card

Took all needed surveys to earn enough points for a Ted Robin gift card...have not received the card nor any response to several emails sent as to the status..have dealt with several survey sites over a number of years and never had this issue before...what is most annoying is the total lack of response to my contacts...somehow this company is trying hard to convince me that they are less than trustworthy.

survey scam

I just recently spent days and HOURS completing survey and I reached enough points to redeem a $10 visa card and it took my points and said the order was being processed. I go to check the app today and I was logged out, tried to log back in and I got a "DEACTIVATED MEMBER" message. Wow. I have screenshots of all of it to prove it because I knew something like this would happen to me.

survey scam
survey scam
survey scam

unauthorized redemption of points

My points has turned into a scam. Someone, somehow, got into my account and turned my points in for Walmart gift cards and then spent the money off of the cards asap. The company has no one to reach out to and you get no response from emails sent. I will be deactivating my account. I won't be clicking anymore that is for sure, just to let someone else walk away with MY earned points!

scaling back after comments on social media

A few months ago I noticed that Mypoints was doing a bunch of unscrupulous
things to limit the amount of points you could get--like making you watch 20 videos for 6 points, but the last video would be faulty and not play, so you'd watch 19 and no points. When I complained on their Facebook page they blocked me from making comments. Not cool.

Since then I notice that my account has to do way more searches to get any points, (than another account) and even for the surveys, I get opted out after maybe half an hour of taking the survey--no matter what survey, I never get the points. They are scaling back the number of points you get unfairly, by slowing down the offers you get via email, error messages on the website (Ncraves) and so forth.

After ten years with them, a LOYAL customer, they are scamming me out of points because of a comment complaining about the videos running 19 and then failing, cheating you out of ANY points?! This is BS.

each time I try to get help from the site, it says, I am suspended, but I can still earn points.

Latest was today 12-11-18, I logged in to redeem points for PayPal, and it would not work, I tried, Help, then it said my username was suspended. Yet, I can still earn points. I have a considerable amount of points I have been saving for this time of year. What gives? There seems to be no phone number for them that works.

I have received service from them in the past but now I can't seem to contact them.
I have 31, 357 points and wanted a PayPal gift card. What can I do, if anything?

my account deactivated mysteriously and I cannot get them to help me!

I have been a member of MyPoints since it first began! Used on the usual TV and online shopping network...

visa $25 reward card (e-card)

I accumulated a sufficient number of points through MyPoints and redeemed them for an iTunes e-card and a $25 Visa gift e-card. My iTunes e-card was ready to use and able to be redeemed immediately (I received a confirmation email and everything). I am STILL waiting for confirmation that my Visa e-card has been processed, and I submitted an inquiry this morning as to the status. Having read the numerous complaints associated with MyPoints (which is disappointing, as they have been great over the years), I am understandably concerned. Please show good faith and allow me to redeem my e-card, as I have used points that took time and patience to acquire. Thank you.

no response to tickets

I'm a long time member. Recently, I've not been getting any response when I submit screen shots of their vendor thanking me for completing a survey. I give them everything to support my claim and they generate a generic response with no action. My time is valuable and I know they're getting paid big for surveys that I'm taking for literally pennies.

no response to tickets
no response to tickets

  • Ja
    Jason Tulloss Oct 07, 2018

    I am having the exact same problem with the Gilette offer. I have sent them everything they requested and I get a generic response saying they can't link the purchase to my account. What can I do next?

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not receiving points earned

Ticket #4440269 my name is shari lefebvre [protected].. I am sick of fighting for points earned it has been over 90 days I have sent several emails and attached invoices proving my stay but still nothing.. I just get emails back saying updated file.. This is a joke mypoints makes it so difficult to receive points earned.. I also called protage left message no call back.. So frustrated with this company... Please look into my ticket number

  • Updated by Shari l · Aug 22, 2018

    If you brought up my ticket # you would see the information you need ..the company name is my stayed at a few hotels and never received my points.the hotel names are island sun in..located in Venice fl.and the other is America’s best value ..located in foxboro mass.i sent my points all invoices from showing my stays and what I spent and still did not get my points has been well over 90 days im sick of getting emails from my points telling me to wait over 90 days ..Shari l

$50 gift card I redeemed points for had no balance on it when I tried to use it!

I've been a member sin 12/7/1999 and have never had any real issues with MyPoints. However, this year when I...

did not receive product

I redeemed 3400 points on 7/31 for an e $25 Visa card and have not received it yet, nor have I had any...