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MyPoints Complaints & Reviews

MyPoints / Missing points

Linda Ellis Lauer on Jan 4, 2017
. On March 13, 2016 I had 51, 889 points. In April I went to redeem some points and there was only alittle over 4, 000 points in my account. I have been saving for a few years and never used any points. I contacted by email my points and on April 15 I heard from Dave...

Mypoints.com / They won't answer any of my attempts to get missing points that I am entitled to

shehadegm on Jun 26, 2016
I donated a said amount to operational smile back in April, 2016 and I was supposed to get 1, 000 points but i still haven't received them.i have e-mailed my points many times, tried to follow their directions for missing points but it always says it can't process it, try again later, i...

MyPoints / Scam, Said I ordered point reward, Lost 4000 points

rwilkins66 on Feb 2, 2016
Tried to contact company. They entered a 4000 point reward for a 25.00 Amazon Card, that I did not ordered. On top of that the reward was worthless. The Amazon code was invalid. I tried to contact them several times. But they would not respond to me. I have been a member for over 10 year...

MyPoints / reward points

Scott Beattie on Jun 16, 2015
I have been with Mypoints for a long time. I feel Mypoints just isn't the same after they changed the layout of their website. I have been having issues not receiving reward points after I have made purchases going through their website. My last three purchases I have not received any...

MyPoints / Refuses to award points

Grumande on Mar 8, 2012
I signed up for AT&T U-verse through MyPoints on 5/3 under the premise of earning 10, 000 points. I then waited past 30 days for the points to be credited and they were not. I emailed customer service on 6/9 with a copy of my email receipt. I was told they would research it and credit my...

MyPoints / My Points doesn't deliver

Ogulay on Dec 13, 2011
I am a member of this survey group that has sponsor offers that earn points. I recently used "mypoints" survey to acquire DIRECTV. I went through the process "mypoints" instructed me to do. I even waited beyond the 30 day waiting period. When I contacted them (for asecond time) to inform...

Mypoints.com / It seems reasonable to say that MyPoints is a scam

Opliment on Nov 5, 2011
MyPoints offers the opportunity to earn points for doing what you already do online: shopping, reading emails, playing games, searching the web, taking surveys, and more. Users can then covert those points to gift cards for stores and restaurants of their choosing. However, upon reading the...

MyPoints / Frozen Accounts

My husband and I each have accounts with MyPoints. We each have our own login information and use seperate computers. All of a sudden they have closed my account and frozen his without any notice at all. We both had several thousand points that we have accumulated from purchases and email...

MyPoints / Bad service

Some "friend" gave MyPoints my e-mail and I am being swamped in MyPoints e-mail. Can't stop their junk e-mail to me unless I first join then unsubscribe. If I join, I must first agree with a series of stuff that amongst which says that they may share some of my information (e-mail...

My Points / Account arbitrarily frozen

Myself and 3 other members of my family have accounts with My Points. We all use the same home computer but with log in and out of our accounts each time, according to directions given to us by MyPoints. Each one of us has amassed enough points to receive several redemptions but the...

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