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In april 2019, my account appeared to have been hacked: the pedigree map gave a very strange location for my ancestor — romania, eastern europe. I contacted myheritage (#[protected]) may 1. Myheritage did not respond, so fearing the worst, east european hacking, I did not renew my membership after may 31. I finally received a response 5 weeks later, june 5! The employee's response said that the abbreviation "otp" appeared in my ancestor's record. Myheritage's software connected "otp" to otopeni airport in romania & the employee stated that my ancestor lived in romania!! My heritage's computer's interpretation of "otp" as romania is based on the airport designation "otp" for otopeni international airport in bucharest, romania. However, my ancestor lived in the 18th & 19th centuries, and airplanes had not been invented until the wright brothers' 1st airplane flight in 1903 (the 20th century!), so my ancestor could not have lived in the era of human flight.

However, myheritage made a serious genealogical research, "otp" means "of this parish" — a phrase often encountered in british parish records [especially marriage & banns records, to indicate that either husband or wife belonged to the parish in which they are being married].

So, there are 2 important issues here:
1) as a family history research service, my heritage should know that "otp" means "of this parish," and I highly recommend that my heritage make a list of common abbreviations and acronyms used in genealogy, both for staff training, as well as on its website for its customers.
2) myheritage's computer software has an inherent error with interpreting abbreviations & acronyms. Their software is obviously programmed to use a standard webster's or oxford dictionary list of standard abbreviations & acronyms. I highly recommend that a list of common genealogical terms, abbreviations, and acronyms should be programmed into myheritage computers.

Jun 19, 2019
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      Jun 29, 2019

    Dear MyHeritage user,

    I'm sorry to read your review and my sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.

    I'd like to investigate this personally and make it right for you. Unfortunately, I was unable to locate your account. Please email me the details via "catarina.vipsupport @" (the email address should be without spaces before and after the AT "@") so we may assist you with our highest priority.

    I'm looking forward to your email.

    Kind regards,
    Catarina MyHeritage Team

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