MyHeritagedna testing.

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Bought kit. Received and tried to register. Said not valid. Lost my money. Do not buy from them. Try CRIgenetic. Sound research. I was very disappointed that they did not try to resolve the issue. I know certain celebrities have endorsed this product, but the reality is there are many complaints against My Heritage. I wish I had done more research before selecting this company. Do your research. Sometimes, the leaser known give you better results. Also be aware, if you are a woman, that your brother's DNA will give your paternal heritage, not yours. Yours only gives your maternal heritage.


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      Nov 14, 2019

    Dear Karen,

    I am sorry to read your comment.

    Firstly, I must clarify that your statement regarding a woman not receiving paternal results is incorrect. The MyHeritage DNA kit is an autosomal DNA test for genetic genealogy.

    Humans have 46 chromosomes. The MyHeritage DNA test looks at the first 44 'autosomal' chromosomes (that aren't the X or Y chromosomes determining your gender), identifying linked DNA segments. It analyses the DNA inherited from your mother and father, four grandparents, eight great-grandparents, and so on - to provide a breakdown of your ethnic percentages going back hundreds to thousands of years and to connect you with relatives descended from any of your ancestral lines of approximately the last 6 generations. The results are not limited to just the direct maternal or paternal lines.

    I would be happy to assist you with your query. Please email me directly anytime at kayleigh.vipsupport @ (the email address should be without spaces before and after the AT "@") so I may assist you with this as soon as possible.

    Kind Regards,
    Kayleigh MyHeritage Team.

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