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On 24 April 19 I went to the My Dr. Now office in Laveen, Arizona with two medical complaints. The first was that my right testicle was swollen to the size of an orange, the 2nd was a rash around both eyes. The Nurse Practitioner who came into the exam room only asked me a few questions. She performed no objective exam on me at all. I am convinced it was because she is female and she did not want to visualize, inspect or palpate my genitals. That is the very definition of malpractice. Moreover, she refused to hear my 2nd complaint stating that because I was a walk-in and did not have an appointment, "you only get one complaint". Again, malpractice. I am a registered patient there. Not that that matters. And they have the temerity to send me a bill for $116.43. I paid for the lab work and the Rocephin injection but I told them I was not paying for a service I never received. They continue to harass me with phone calls, U.S. mail and emails despite me telling them three times I was not paying for an exam that never occurred. The NP that asked me a few questions is, Tammy Ericson.

Jul 11, 2019

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