SUBMIT A COMPLAINT new fibre deal

D Nov 04, 2019

Mweb spending all their resources on advertising this new deal, 10mbps for only R399. Do not buy this...where to start.

Firstly I order the product on their website, I then waited 5 working days for someone to eventually contact me. Then the call centre person informed me that the whole process is automated and I need to cancel my Fibre with my previous ISP and get the 30 days notice reference number. Right, did that now the fun part order to get hold of anyone you need to phone the slowest call centre in the world. I phone the call centre and probably on-average needed to wait an hour to be helped. Only to hear the same story that it will be automatically switched on the 1st of the next month.

The 1st of the month finally arrives, however nothing from MWEB...had to call again...waited an hour..send 10 emails only for call centre agent to tell me that they are waiting for the line to be active...ok we wait. Needless to say its the 4th day of the month and I still don't have internet connectivity..I guess thats why you pay less because you sacrifice the service not buy this from MWEB, save yourself headaches and go with another ISP

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