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On May 29th 2006, I called several Transmission place to get a quote on my repair, I contacted Mr Transmission in Ft Walton Beach Fl, Only to hear them slamming another company that I went to as for example, They will over charge You, Won't work right, and a THIEF. I therefore decided to go with Mr Transmission due to the fact I'm from Sioux Falls South Dakota.

I brought my vehicle to McGee shop for them to test drive it and take a better look at it only to get a phone call back saying it will cost me anywhere from [protected] dollars. I then told him to proceed with the tear down. Upon tear down he contacted me and told me it was going to cost me just about 2600.00 and I was flabbergasted by that. I told him go ahead and repair the transmission. I recived the vehicle back on the 2nd of June. Paid in FULL CHECK. Took my family and my mother to orlando for theme park Fun. Drove 463 miles only to come to find out that I started having problem again. Contacted MCGee in Ft Walton Beach and He informed me to drive it to Altonote Spring, which is about approx 40 miles from where I was staying. On the 7th of June I met with Ruth at Mr Transmission and she informed me it will be a bit, I went to get a rental vehicle from avis, which I only kept for 3hrs due to Ruth telling me the vehicle was fixed. She claimed the computer was bad. So I went to Ford and purchased a new computer or a reman brought it back to Ruth, installed it and she said that I was good to Go. Took the car back to the rental place, which closes at 6pm it was 5:59pm when I dropped it off. Got a ride back Left Mr Transmission at 6:30 only to drive 4 miles down the road, broken down.

Contacted Ruth in Altanote Spring to informed her the vehicle is not moving and that I'm on the Highway along the side of the road. She said She'll have a tow truck there shortly, approx, 8:45 The tow truck arrived took me and the vehicle back to the shop only to find myself stranded. I asked ruth how am I suppose to get back to Kissimee Where my family is, She stated I QUOTE, ITS YOUR PERSONAL PROBLEM NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY I'VE GOT TO GO TO THE GYM. I was applaud my her action. I therefor walked to Orlando International airport to rent a vehicle only to get back to my family at 1 or 2 in the am. The next day Drove to Altanote Spring, Talked to Ruth and He contacted McGee which is in control of the situation due to the fact its his warranty. I was informed that it will take a bit of time to fix it that they would have to pull the tranny out. She then told me that We My Mother and I could not hang around. Therefore. My mother and I rented two vehicle one for her to drive back home to Mary Ester Fl. and One for me to drive my family to the airport to fly home. As Ruth said it would be a week, before it would be done.

Took off for the airport on the June 10th had to purchase airline tickets for four kids and two adults totaling approx 978.00. I purchased a round trip ticket and set my return date on the 16th of June. During this time I contacted corporate out of Phoenix Az only for them to tell me they can't do much other then arbitrate and speed up the process. Did not recv any phone calls from Ruth or the Corp, office. I flew on in to orlando on the 16th rented another vehicle got a hotel for the night due to the fact I arrived late in the eve.

Met up with Ruth in Altonate Spring to see my vehicle in the parking lot. She said to me didn't anyone call You, and I told her NO. and Why She stated that my vehicle was not fix. And that she thinks the wiring harness or the computer is bad.

I was mad. Like why didn't anyone tell me, So... I suggested why don't we separate the computer from the tranny and test it.

The Tech... Jamie Hooked up a device called the trans X and came to conclusion that the problem is in the tranny. I was really mad They told me that they tore the tranny apart the on Monday and Put it back in Tuesday or Wedesday and they mention that there was nuttin wrong with the parts. other then bad clutch plates due to the spinning of the clutches. So... MCGEE FT Walton Beach was contacted again, and they persisted that I drive the vehicle back to Ft Walton Beach under the condition of the vehicle and I told them No I wasn't taking a chance on getting stranded. So. Again I left for Sioux Falls SD 18th due to the fact that they were going to have to pull it apart.

During this time, they have been pulling the codes on the vehicles. before the computer was replaced or the PCM, the following codes followed.

1.0732 Gear 2 incorrect Ratio
2. P0734 Gear 4 incorrect ratio
3. P1741 TCC control error.
4. Secondary fan Low with Low Fan on
After the computer or Pcm was replaced here are the codes
1.0732 Gear 2 incorrect Ratio
2. P0734 Gear 4 incorrect ratio

I flew back home and had day to day conversation with corporate office, and told me that the vehicle is ready to be picked up soon, that they are taking it for a test drive on the Monday before I leave. That day is the June 26th. I contacted Ruth later that day to assure that my vehicle is ready for pick up and she said COME ON DOWN.

Arrived in Orlando met up with Ruth in ALTNONTA Spring She rest assured me that the vehicle is good to go, I asked her to go with me on a test drive but she insisted that she had other things to do before close up. When I was also speaking with her, she told me that I've a problem with the O 2 sensor and I liked well didn't have that before I left why now. She stated its not part of the tranny so therefore she not gonna take care of it. In order to pull the tranny You have remove the exhaust manifold and replace it with a new gasket.

Got in my vehicle drove three blocks called her and said You JOKING My VEHICLE READY... Still same old thing Not working hard shift no shift delay of shift the same ball of wax. I decided to press forward in to Ft Walton Beach knowing that I would or could break down, It took me about 12 hrs to drive 463 miles. contacted McGee drove it to them test drove it and they said yeah got a problem bring it back in the am and We'll get on it. Before I brought it to them I took my vehicle to FORD to have the PCM Old and the New one tested Have a document stating that the PCM ARE GOOD THE PROBLEM IS IN THE TEANNY.

Brought it to McGee and He Took it for a ride only to say that the problem seems to be with the computer, well, I told him hate to rain on your parade had them tested and they are OK, the problem is Your Tranny. I demanded my money back he refused. I Run a business in South Dakota at which time has been closed to this date. I've lost thousands of dollars, Contacted Corporate and they are just plain no useful. I was threaten by McGee if I took the vehicle off the lot that they would void my warranty. I told him and insisted that they give me my money or I'll file a complaint against them to the Dept Of Agriculture and he threaten me again and stated get off my property or I'll have You arrested I told him go ahead call the police you just much a crook then anything. Till this day my vehicle is still in the shop, Lost out on the 4th of July company Picnic that i throw, My family, and the lost of our money from the Trip to the theme Park. Its been over a month and my vehicle still to this day is not fixed. I talked to corporate today the 3rd of July only to tell me that they have the tranny now pulled.
Tired... Disgusted... and Appalled by there action. Don't care about us Ignored us when we were speaking to him.

And We'll be bringing the sheriff when We're picking up our vehicle. and Gonna give them all the publicity that they want.

Total amount of money I'm out from this minus time lost at work and income is approx 5300.00.


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    NoWheels Aug 01, 2015

    That is horrible! The shop in my town just held my car hostage. They gave me 30 minutes to bring Cash in amount double than what was quoted the day before or I could not get my car Friday. They called earlier in the day and threaten me . They said if I did not remove my negative review off the internet they would raise the price. They did that and would not allow me to use a credit card even though they took the same card for $3790 the week before. THEY should go out of business. I called the police to try to get my car and they said it was a civil matte.I still have no car after two weeks.

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  • La
    Lauren0128 Oct 27, 2012

    This is the letter I have mailed to them 2 times, and am posting on every site I can. They are HORRIBLE!! DO NOT USE THEM!!! I can't even beleive they are in business!!!
    I wanted to make you aware of how unhappy we were with the service that was done on my car. The car was in the shop beginning May 29th with Perry telling us it would take approx 5 days, we rented a car for that time, as my husband is active duty for the Army National Guard and we have a 10month old child, we needed the transportation. After that 5 days, they let us know it would be the next Monday, then the next Wednesday, then some part they needed was on back order, etc. Then someone had to come in to program it, etc. It was always something and never was a correct date on when the car would be complete. My card was charged for the full amount on the 4th and 5th and my car was not ready for pickup until the 19th. That is 15 days of interest that I paid when my car was NOT in my possession. Which I find COMPLETELY out of character for any type of service/ body shop. Naturally, since there were 2 charges (one for 898 for Labor and 2648 for parts and rebuild- I would assume) My car was NOT done and I was paying interest daily (15 days of interest, which I understand is not much, but we are not made of money and on a very tight budget) I chose to dispute the charge of $2648 on the 14th since we STILL were not aware of when the car would be completed. Perry kept telling us Sat morning, Tuesday afternoon, Thursday afternoon, Saturday morning, and so on. When I drove my car away on June 19th - my alignment was totally off and the wheel was pulling to the right, I was one my way to pick up my child at daycare and since I had a friend drop me off, I called the shop back. They told me to come back and they would take a look at it. I then had to wait another hour for my car in their shop. I was very upset as I HAD to pick up my child at a specified time and this was something that happened while my car was in their care for 20+ days. The wheel is currently still pulling to the right, though not as bad, but I am terribly afraid to take it back to them and have it there for another week or more. Our family needs our cars, as I am sure you can understand. I explained that I would be calling Eric Johnson the owner everyday until he called me back. I called 3 times last week, with no return call. On the 25th of June, I received a call from Perry and "one" of the owners. He was not at all pleasant as I was very upset that he kept asking me "what I wanted him to do, that he couldn't do anything if a part was on backorder and they don't make any money off rebuilds, I could not have paid that much interest, etc" I kept explaining to him that I disputed the charge but had called my State Farm credit card company on the 19th BEFORE picking my car up to allow then to recharge the money since my car was ready. As of today, the location has all the monies owed to them. I am just completely disappointed with the service I received, the CUSTOMER service I received, and the lack of communication of when the car would be completed. I was furious when "one of the owners" had me on the speakerphone with Perry in the room and kept asking me what I wanted him to do. I told him that I was VERY disappointed that I had to bring my car back to THAT Mr. Transmission should something happen with the 36K warranty, I asked him if there was a way he could make an exception to have it honored at any other Mr Tranmission in GA. And that I had to bring it back due to the alignment. I told him also to put himself in my shoes, would he want to bring his car back to his own shop after what I had been through if it was me. He had no answer other than "well, the car is done now, and you have it, right?!" Are you kidding me? Do you require them to take any type of customer service orientation? I understand that the mechanics might not have that training as they do not deal with the general public, but owners and the other that work in the office? He then offered free services, which I also do not want. I am concerned about my car ever being in their shop again. But told him he could try and offer them to my husband, gave them his phone number and he has YET to hear from them regarding this. Please understand, I will do what I can to make sure that no one I know uses this particular shop in Duluth GA. I am not trying to hurt their business, I need them to understand this is not the way to earn repeat customers nor is it the way to earn customers from anyone that we might come in contact with. I work for a local city government here in the area and my husband as I said is full time active duty National Guardsman. I just find it horrible that the card would be charged 15 DAYS before the work and my car is ready. I would like to know the company policy regarding this if you don't mind. And I assure you, we will be filing a complaint with the BBB as well as the office of consumer affairs with regards to this particular shop.
    Thank you very much for your time.

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  • Di
    DisgustedSIngleMom Dec 09, 2011

    I am dealing with the same problem with Mr. Transmission in Spring, TX. My vehicle has been in and out of their shop for the past 2 months. I was told I needed a new Computer Module and Valve body to only find out that they just put a rebuilt transmission in my 2007 explorer. I have been hung up on. Told they would not get me a rental due to their carelessness of not fixing my vehicle the first time. I was told the last time I went up there that my vehicle just needs a tune up. When bringing it to ford, I was told that I had disconnected wires that were not put back correctly, looked as if I had a loose hose and a pinched wire from a very poor job. My transmission is leaking fluid and all I was told was that "FORD" didn't know what they were talking about!! Really!!! I have a FORD Explorer. I am so disgusted. For repairs that I was told would cost me between $1500-$2000 has costed me $2600 in repairs not including the nearly $1500 in rental car payments. I am taking them to court!

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  • Si
    Sir Bellamy Aug 12, 2009

    All of you gentlemen are very good sports and have a lot of patience...I would have went postal on all of them. I dont condone violence in the least but out of sheer fustration from the first man's story of renting like 4 or 5 cars, back and forth, breaking down on the road, leaving his family, I would have went straight to the ammo store and would have been on the 6 o'clock evening news.. yeah really. BUT I'm sure you all have pretty good restraint and I hope all of you got your tranny fixed! I had the same problem but I just backed out of the fixing part because I figured that I was going to get ripped off from the start. It hurt my heart to let my 98 honda accord go for 600.00 but with the tranny broken and me not having the 2500.00 to fix it, it was the only sensible choice. Sometimes you have to cut your losses.. feel me?

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    sonia coleman May 20, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I have just been ripped off by the Hoover Alabama location. They took the car apart, found the problem, tried to overcharge to fix and I decided to sell the car without transmission. Location Manager was upset I decided not to have them do work. He charges me $900 for labor to take apart, took my money and then told me I would have to pay more labor to have car put back together. Now they are holding my car hostage. Owner, Randy, sent message to me he would call, but did not. I have paid what they asked and now they tell me I owe more and all the while trying to get me to agree to have them make repairs.

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  • An
    Andy Sep 14, 2007
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    Verified customer

    That is why I started the website!


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  • Da
    Dan Van der westhuizen Sep 07, 2007
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    Verified customer

    I experience the very same way at Mr Transmission in Madison Tennessee Jim Micthell the owner September 06 2007. I must still file my report to the Police and BBB and the Mr Transmission complaints board. The owner was very rude!!!

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