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M Nov 21, 2017 Review updated:

I received the "newer, faster" Firefox update today ( not by choice), and it is horrid. Pages not loading completely, and with multiple tabs opened it will not work at all. I have been a Firefox user for years, but this is so bad I might as well use Microsoft Edge. If I could get the version I was running yesterday, I would be fine, as it is though, I will not run Firefox any longer.


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      Nov 29, 2017

    Yes I agree actually I understand the problem behavior with Firefiox 57 and 58b, if you use task manager, before when you use Firefox 56 for each window you open you have one Firefox.exe running. Now with this awfull version, you got many Firefox, exe running 2 or even more for each Tab, if you close this Tab they reopen. If you close Firefox the process is still running not as before, This consume much power drain notebook batteries and jam memory. Really It is a pity, Ii am rooling up to 56 and put manuall config using about config because in the general menu, ask me to install update don't work, it is not enough it rool up the same on this crazy update. I will suggest that before making such bad update to select some users for trying not only with Core 7 PC but with old hardware.

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