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Motorite Administrator: As I am typing this complaint, I am holding on waiting for the claims department to get back to me. Yesterday I made 3 calls (1st just reached a consultant who put me through to the claims department. It was 20min later and still no claims, I had to go, i called back, same story this time I had more time 30min wait, still no claims, I then had to go i called again 3rd time, this time held on for 40min..Finally claims..who then also made me hold on the phone just hung up. No one called back or anything. I currently am on a call again, was put through to Claims, waited 14min, then someone answered(in their very friendly and helpful tone) told me to wait as they check my claim. Iv been holding on again(now 10min since he went to check my claim) my car has been gone and waiting approval for 2 weeks now. Nothing! The Mechanics(Blue Route Auto) also waiting for Claims department to get back to them. Still holding on right now, (15min now) claims department. I would just say, this is beyond pathetic. As soon as my car is fixed i will immediately cancel my insurance with them and definitely not recommend any person on earth to even do business with them. They are pathetic the way Im still holding 18min..with claims its 5min to call centre, call center to Claims, 20min, claims to whoever...20min

Sep 11, 2019

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