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Tusker elephant collection (unable to add to cart)

Did a google search for tusker elephant collection, which took me to your page. Shows me all the elephants within it but unable to add to cart? Tried going onto the website directly but unable to locate the collection. Not very easy to use and search option doesn't allow me to see these. Hoping to order one before a birthday at start of October but unable to locate or add to cart??

Tusker elephant collection (unable to add to cart)

Mookie Gifts

Never received item

I ordered a welcome mat from this place in early Nov. well ahead of time for Christmas, and got a confirmation email with order number and total charges. Never received item and never got an answer from their customer service email. The email letter was the only way I could find to communicate to them. (no phone listed) I looked at my credit card statement and have not yet been charged for this item, so I'll just alert the credit company not to allow this charge. Disappointed with this company to say the least.

  • Sa
    Sandy Jun 17, 2011

    I too, have fallen victim to this company. I chose them because they had the lowest price on the internet. I ordered 2 sets of book ends from Mookie Gifts; I was sent an email stating my order had shipped and my credit card charged. What I received was a bass mailbox on September 5th. Now, 10 days later, I have sent 13 emails to all of the email addresses I know of between the 3 company names they go by, left 4 voicemails and I have still not been contacted. I reported them to the BBB and have contacted my credit card company's fraud department to get reimbursement for my order. Because of them, I have learned a valuable lesson...had I consulted the internet first to find all of the bad reports on them, I would have paid the $10+ extra dollars to purchase from a different company because I sure am paying now.

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total ripoff scam

I purchased a Christmas gift for my wife from Mookie for $151.98. As Christmas approached I e-mailed many times to find out the status of my order. No response, no item and no customer contact info. On 12/30/07, I discovered and the many complaints against Mookie Gifts, I wasted no time. On behalf of us all, I filed an IC3 complaint (Complaint ID I0912310925290252) with the FBI Internet Crime Center against Mookie Gifts, D&S Giftware and It's a Girly World, listing as evidence of more victims. Hopefully the FBI will investigate them, shut them down and bring to justice the low lifes that are behind this thievery and possible identity theft operation. Jim Patrick

charged twice as well as never recieved order

I had ordered a duckie backpack from them back in October of 2008 and was charged twice for product that I only ordered one of. There was NO contact number just an email address: [protected] of which I emailed several times and had no reply. Just recently I recieved an email stating that they had been under 'new ownership' and that my order had been cancelled. Looking under Peanut Gallery Gifts website I noticed that they are the same D & S Giftware company that is owned by website. Beware and do research. Its is now December first and I still have nothing to show for the 45 taken out of the bank account.

awful company

I placed an online order with Mookie Gifts on September 21st. I ordered The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack and Sally Spiral Hill Action Figure Boxed Set for my Wedding cake topper for my Halloween wedding reception.

After a while without hearing anything via email, I contacted them. Even though they say the item is 'In Stock' they told me that due to the popularity of the product, It was back ordered. They told me they would ship the following week (which was October 13th-17th) I went out of the state for my Wedding.

When I returned on October 20th, there was still no package or explanation on where my product was. I emailed them several more times, but no one responded to me. They won't give me a refund, and now my Halloween wedding reception is in 4 days.

Even after paying for this product, I still had to go out and buy another cake topper. I am beyond frustrated. I have never had a company do this to me, and I don't know where else to turn. I just want my money back, and for people to know NOT to shop at Mookie Gifts.

  • La
    Lawrence Dec 12, 2008

    I placed an online order with Mookie Gifts on September 21st. I ordered The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack and Sally Spiral Hill Action Figure Boxed Set for my Wedding cake topper for my Halloween wedding reception.

    After a while without hearing anything via email, I contacted them. Even though they say the item is 'In Stock' they told me that due to the popularity of the product, It was back ordered. They told me they would ship the following week (which was October 13th-17th) I went out of the state for my Wedding.

    When I returned on October 20th, there was still no package or explanation on where my product was. I emailed them several more times, but no one responded to me. They won't give me a refund, and now my Halloween wedding reception is in 4 days.

    Even after paying for this product, I still had to go out and buy another cake topper. I am beyond frustrated. I have never had a company do this to me, and I don't know where else to turn. I just want my money back, and for people to know NOT to shop at Mookie Gifts.

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  • Je
    Jenn Jan 27, 2009

    Same thing.. over and over... I ordered Christmas gifts from the web site a month before Christmas and here it is almost Feb. 09 and still no items, no response from the company . An email has been sent once a week every can this be happening in this day and age these people should NOT be in business. After all these complaints I do not understand how they are. To boot there is no number to call and limited information about the company.

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No response

Same like everyone else:
-Website look professional and trustable
-Made order via CC
-No follow up communication
-No shipment
-No answer to emails or phone calls

Had to cancel my credit card as I was really concerned about these scammers having my CC # and made a complaint with the Office of Consumer Affairs.

Do not buy from Mookie Gifts!

  • Ch
    Chris Long Nov 19, 2008

    Funny, It's a cookie-cutter website with a PO box as the address, no phone # or names or pictures of the building...

    You should have seen the Ripoff coming a million miles away...

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  • Ch
    Chris Long Nov 19, 2008

    funy, a simple Google search on " scam" turned up tons of complaints. Maybe the poster forgot to Google that scam company...

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item never received, no communication

On 6/28/08, I ordered a doormat from Mookie's Gifts ( On 6/28/08, I also received an automated confirmation of my order. On 7/11/08, I e-mailed "Dan" to ask about my order because I had not been notified that it had shipped yet. He answered my e-mail and said, "Your order has shipped via Priority Mail, which has a 2 to 7 day window, and should arrive very soon. If you do not receive this within a reasonable time period, please let us know and we'll follow up for you." Little did I know, that this was just a stall tactic. There has been no further communication. They don't answer my e-mails and their phone either rings and rings or if the answering machine picks up, no one returns the call. No real big surprise, but my credit card was charged on 6/29/08 and I have never received the doormat either. Along with reporting them to the credit card company, I have also reported them to the Better Business Bureau and the U.S. Attorney's office. One day, he will try to scam the wrong person and receive the proper punishment, but in the meantime, please don't be as stupid as I was. Please DO NOT order from Mookie's Gifts or D & S Giftware. These people are trying to make a living by scamming people. How very sad!!

  • Ka
    Kay Aug 25, 2008

    I'm the same trouble with you, only if i 'm in Bangkok, Thailand.

    I've place order for many items for my kids on 8/9/08 with & receive confirm that my order has placed that day. I emailed DAN re:shipping cost as it didn't show on the shopping cart - No Answer. So i wait & check back to my order status page on 8/18/08, the shipping cost show up. I also checked with my bank for the charged. The person said there are 3 charges from D & S GIFTWARE but only 1 charge is collecting money. I was worry that they gonna collect money from another 2 charge. I've email DAN few times but no reply at all. Till doday i've no idea if my order has beein ship or not. I'm going to wait another 15 days & will ask my bank to dispute my money/ Shouldn' t YAHOO shopping check there merchant or at least has us complain to them?

    Any idea for help?

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  • Sa
    Sarah Aug 26, 2008

    I placed an order for cocktail napkins on 8/6/08 ffrom Mookies gifts for a party I'm having on 9/6/08. I have e-mailed "Dan" and left messages on the company's answering machine since I have not received the napkins and there has been no communication with them. I wish I had seen the many complaints surrounding this company before I ordered the napkins. I have never had trouble with an online company before. We haven't been charged for the napkins yet but I will check the credit card statement daily. I am so frustrated. It sounds like some people actually get received their ordered merchandise but others don't. I wonder if they are completly out of business now.

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  • Lo
    Loralee Cornell Sep 09, 2008

    I placed my order to Mookies Gifts on 6/27/2008 and still have not received it. As fas as I know, I have not been charged. But it is not very good business to do this,

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  • An
    ANN Nov 24, 2008

    Well, I am glad I am not alone, although I hate it for everyone, b/c I placed an order November 3, 2008, and all the above sounds fimilar...still waiting on my overnite duffel that I was gonna get for my nephew for part of his 1st Christmas!!! How can these people do this and get away with it, lukily I will be only out 25.00 bucks but do these people not have a conscious??

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Product never received

I placed an order and was charged but have never received the products. Such a rip-off. I am now going on 2 months with no refund or products in site. Jerks!

complete scam website

I, too, have been scammed by this company. I placed my order through this website because this company had the two products I was looking for in stock, and all other websites seemed to only have one or the other. I figured by combining these items, I could get free shipping from this company and save a little money, and I even decided to order a few other things. Well, it almost cost me $160 (thankfully my credit card company let me dispute the charge) and it did cost me a lot of worrying and aggravation.

This company is a complete sham. They provide a "customer service" number that goes to a recording after the second ring with no option to leave a message. The company name isn't even mentioned in this recording. They provide a "contact email" to a mysterious "Dan" who never answers your emails no matter how much you try to contact him. What they DO provide, however, is a charge to your credit card as soon as your order is placed. There's no waiting until they ship your items to charge your card like most places do, they charge right away. Awesome.

I am normally a very savvy internet shopper, but I was so excited that they had both of my items at one store that I took a chance on them. Two seconds with google and would have saved me a lot of trouble. If you are finding this board before you place your order with MookieGifts (or the other two websites they control, D&S Giftware and It's a Girly World), consider yourself blessed. I wish I had been smart enough to investigate this company before I gave them my credit card information. If you are finding this board after placing your order, you might as well start the dispute process with your credit card company now.

I placed my order on May 27th, 2008 and it is now June 20th, 2008. I have not fooled myself into thinking my items are still coming. Luckily my credit card company refunded my money a couple weeks ago. Do yourself a favor and avoid this place AT ALL COSTS!!!

  • Re
    Rebecca10012 Jul 09, 2015

    Same thing happened to me. I ordered via Paypal and when I didn't receive the item opened a claim. Mookie immediately got in touch with me via Paypal message that I should wait as the item was on the way...and contact my post office. Right. Item never came and no reply now from them. TOTAL SCAM.

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no response to emails or no answer on their phone #

I placed an order on 4/09/08. They sent me an email confirming my order. I have sent 2 emails, made various calls to their phone number checking on my order their has been no response what so ever. I go on line checking into D & S Giftware and am shocked that they are not a company people should be doing business with. Why is their web site still on the Internet after all of the complaints filed against the? As of today nothing has hit my credit card, but what about the information that they have on me. I am going directly to my bank and putting in the paperwork denying any charges that they will put to my credit card. The bank will go after them.
Thank you,
Deanna Duguay

unauthorized billing!

I have attempted to get into contact with Miranda and/or Whomever with Mookie Gifts and/or H.B.M, LLC and/or...

Took on-line order, gets payment from credit card, order not received, doesn't answer phone, link to email invalid!

On-line order taken, confirmation notes that credit card is billed to D & S Giftware. No order received. Credit card charged. No one answers phone. Link to E-mail doesn't connect. What else can I say? How does a rip-off site get removed to prevent other folks from being robbed?

never received order

Never received my order. Ordered a Breed Apart gift figurine of a Lab dog for B-day / Christmas present on...

scam and cheating!

Count me in as someone else that placed an order on Dec. 22nd, with only an order confirmation to show for it. Luckily I have not been charged, but have contacted Mastercard to ensure they can't. No answer to phone calls, or emails. I've complained to Yahoo Shopping and they said they would contact the merchant, but no joy. When I contacted them again, this is what they wrote:

We appreciate your patience regarding this matter. If you think you may be a victim of fraud, we recommend that you contact the Internet Fraud Complaint Center, your local postal inspector and/or the Federal Trade
Commission at:

It may also be appropriate to contact your local law enforcement officials (through a non-emergency number).

More information on fraud can be found at:

Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Shopping.



Yahoo! Customer Care


For assistance with all Yahoo! services please visit:

They obviously don't keep tabs on the merchants that they deal with, but we get sucked in thinking they're legit simply because it's Yahoo or Amazon!

  • Va
    Valerie Sep 23, 2008

    I completely agree and unfortunately have just discovered that I am their latest victim. After reading several of these complaints, I filed my own with the BBB, and once I got to your complaint, I investigated the Yahoo! issue further. I submitted a report of abuse to them, and I also realized that MookieGifts does not provide their "Yahoo Username" nor does their URL or About Our Company page (or anything else on their site!) indicate that they are a part of Yahoo! Shopping. The only thing I see Yahoo on is my phony order status page, and I am thinking that they are not legitimately a member of Yahoo--so it is just a further part of their scam--using Yahoo! graphics and a phony Yahoo! url to make themselves appear legit. Sigh.

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Poor service, rip off

I ordered an item from Mookie Gifts on 12/11 in preparation for the holidays. My card was charged immediately, and I received a confirmation email. However, when I still had not received a shipping confirmation or the item by Christmas, I began calling and emailing. I did not receive a response, and I began to feel cheated.

I realized after the holidays that something was amiss. I went online, only to find my experience was much like that of many others who had been ripped off!

I tried one last time and blitzed the 2 email addresses on the website ([protected], [protected], and wouldn't you know it? I got the shipping confirmation next day.....

Haven't yet received the item, but who knows? I'll never order from them again and would warn others that this is an internet scam!

  • Le
    Les Duerr Jan 14, 2008

    I had a very similar thing happen to me with these "PEOPLE"! Ordered a mug on Dec. 16, 2007 and received an email confirmation w/ a number a couple of days later. I'm sitting there so proud of myself because I thought I pulled off the "last minute" gift thing and then NOTHING! My friend didn't get his mug before Christmas or after. I figured I would give these "PEOPLE" a couple of extra days, what with the Holiday mail and all! Well, I tried calling a couple of times after the first of the year and got no answer. Emailed both addresses they have on their website. No response! I finally called my credit card company to see if they had "hit up" my card for the purchase, but the credit card company couldn't find the charge. Thank God! Guess my order got lost in cyberspace! I WILL NEVER ORDER ANYTHING FROM THESE PEOPLE AGAIN and would strongly suggest that no one else order either. Don't know if anyone else has suggested this or written about it in the other complaints, but I am going to call the Better Business Bureau in Columbia, MO. and see if I can get any satisfaction through them. Maybe if enough of us do this these "PEOPLE" will go out of business!

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non-delivery of product

Just like the rest of you, I have been victimized by this company in the exact same way. Today I filed an on-line complaint with the Better Business Bureau. This company appears to have many complaints filed against them with the BBB. I don't know if this problem will be rectified, but I would suggest that those of you who were swindled by this scam also file a complaint with the BBB. Perhaps if enough people take the time to report these people, the Missouri Attorney General or State's Attorney's office might decide to deal with them once and for all.

  • Cj
    CJ Jun 04, 2008

    I ordered an adorable mobile from them. After one month, I've received no product and no communication other than the original order confirmation. The tracking link is non-functional. Why do people do this?

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  • Ma
    Marsha Mellott Oct 02, 2008

    I am having the same problem. I ordered something two months ago and I cannot get a response to my emails. I cannot find a phone number to contact.

    Did you have any resolution?

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  • Je
    Jen Oct 07, 2008

    I had a similar problem, after nearly a month of sending emails with nice "subject" lines, I finally sent one reading "FRAUD" and I got an immediate (albeit, rude) response. After three weeks they had finally charged my bank, and still no items were sent, and like others, the link in the confirmation email never gave me any info. I told them I wanted to know when my items were shipping, or else I was going to dispute the charge through my bank and report them to the BBB. "Dan" responded to me that he canceled my order and issued a refund (which I still have not received...went ahead and disputed the charge through my bank anyway) and rudely told me that "this email is not usually monitored" and that I should've "used the one on the website." Well DUH! That WAS the one on the website! Anyway, try using threatening words in the subject line to catch their attention, it may work. If all else fails, dispute it through your bank. These people are crazy to be messing around with peoples' money and bank account info this way. What a waste of time.

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On-line Order not Received

Order online 12/11. Never received my order. Tried calling numerous times and also emailed to Dan. No response. I will check if my debit card has been charged. Do not order from them. I threatened to report them to the BBB in my emails. I doesn't matter! I will have to follow thru on my threat! Everyone else effected by this please do the same. They need to be investigated, but I don't know where to start. Any advise?

never received product!

Placed order over 2 weeks ago. Never received- they took my cc and CHARGED it though. I have sent multiple...

order not filled. no communication.

My order was never shipped. The phone rings unanswered. They do not respond to my emails. My credit card...

order taken, no communication or product delivered!

I placed an order on December 5, 2007. I received an order confirmation via email, but no further communication. When I tried to follow up with email, no response. I tried calling the number on their website and its bogus... It says "We are unable to answer. Please try again later." No company ID or answering machine of any sort. I have since found similar complaints as I search the internet. I wish I would have researched this company before ordering. In the future I will only order from well known reputable companies.

  • Ta
    Tammy Wilde Dec 14, 2007

    I have had the same problem. I placed my order on 11/30/07 and only received the confirmation email. I have called daily and sent several emails. I cannot even cancel the order. I am placing a stop payment on my bank and ordering elsewhere!

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  • Ro
    Roxanne Stanich Dec 18, 2007

    Same problem here! I placed an order on December 4, 2007. I received a confirmation email, but that was it. I've tried contacting the company several times through email and phone... no answer! Do not order from this company!

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  • Ma
    Mark Sniadecki Dec 26, 2007

    I ordered an item on December 13th, 2007 and received the confirmation email, but no further information or notification of shipping. I have emailed them twice and tried to call on two different occassions, no response at all. Regret not checking them out thoroughly before ordering. This is apparently a scam or just a very poorly run operation.

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  • Me
    Meg May 15, 2008

    Same problem here, ordered on 4/12/08, now 5/15/08 and I have received nothing. I have called and left voicemails, when one picks up, I have sent emails. Nada. I just disputed it with my credit card company, but it will take them 10-15 business days to do anything about it.

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  • Ta
    Tammy Ratkiewicz Aug 22, 2008


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