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Money Network Complaints & Reviews

Money Network / money network card and dispute department

Shatonna Nelson on Jun 16, 2017
I submitted a claim from when I was in the hospital. I submitting supporting documents from the hospital. It was still denied. I am a single mom with a failed kidney. I clearly could have not done it. I was hospitalized. Still they denied it. I regret not using a bank. This company is just...

Money Network / refuse to refund me my money

I check into a hotel in on 06/09/2017 for my birthday getaway. .So we get into the room and it was not what we thought.The night clerk said that she didn't charge my money network card and the funds should be on there, not all I had 2. on my card and 300 miles away from home. So I called...

Money Network / keeping my money from me

jerry koole on Jun 12, 2017
so an atm a month ago charged my account without giving me me cash in return 460.00 to be exact..first i went to the bank of the atm they said call money net, so i did, . i was told wait 24 hour, wastold the computer says atm didnt give cash called 24hrs later they said up to 3 biz days so...

Money Network / lost money

GufranT on Jun 5, 2017
My employer deposited $172.93 on to my card on May 25, 2017 today I'm checking my account and it says I have $29.46. Between May 25, 2017 and today June 5, 2017 I have made $72.87 in transactions that should leave me with a total of $100.06 in my account on top of the pre existing money...

Money Network / won't let me fully login

Kaia Murphy on Jun 3, 2017
I've tried a thousand time it seems to try and verify my email and phone number so I can move to the next step. However, every time I try, it says try again. I'm extremely unhappy, unsatisfied, disappointed, and all of the above because I can't see what's going on with my card period. I...

Money Network / email

Destani Smith on Jun 2, 2017
I have a old card but it got hacked. I called & got it figured out. But they won't deactivate it. I got my new card sent it but the app it won't let me sign it with my new sign in. It won't let me verify my email or number. I've tried it for several days and it says I can't do it at thi...

Money Network / unethical behaviour

Octavialog on May 27, 2017
I use to do a lot of temp work, two years ago I worked for Apple One and they gave me a card. There is $4.00 on it. Last year I worked for Cornerstone I lost that card so this year Cornerstone gave me another card, even tho I asked for direct deposit. This was in January. Money network...

Money Network / customer service

KLM476 on May 25, 2017
I work as an employer for a global company, we use Money Network as a payment option. I have had several interactions with their customer service department where they have been less than helpful. The majority of the times they can hardly speak English let alone help resolve an issue. Most...

Money Network / hold on card

jam739618 on May 25, 2017
Had this card for almost a year and I've never had anything bad to say, until recently when they placed my card on a hold because of information verification under the patriot act. Its been 3 weeks with not update and I've faxed information 3 times as of May 25, 2017. Its annoying and...

Money Network / service charges.

rcabaniss on May 23, 2017
My balance was 469.65. cigarettes are 6.89 so my balance is 459.76. I take 30 dollars out of one atm so it should be 427.26 with atm fee. then i went to another atm and got 40 out dollars out of another atm and the balance should be 385.76 and then subtract 10 dollars worth of gas son my...

Money Network / lost card

DorisElliott on May 22, 2017
I having trouble getting in touch with someone so I can order me another card. The automative robot keeps saying they are having technicals difficulties and I think that is bogus that it last a whole day. I need to reorder a card and have it ASAP!! What is the problem. I would like to...

Money Network / about my money network card

Ogmarty on May 20, 2017
It says that my enrollment has not been submitted please call back and she I put last 4 digits of social it says experience difficulty please try again later my employer has verified that I have funds but I can't activate card smh and I need to get my money off so I need to be contacted...

Money Network / money network prepaid debit card

Melissa Culbertson on May 19, 2017
I noticed that my Money Network Prepaid Debit Card is dangerously close to the expiration date so I have been relentlessly searching for a link or website with information pertaining to ordering and updated card. I just set up my direct deposit with my new employer on my Money Network card...

Money Network / just got my card friday the 12th of may, robot on the phone says its 'invalid'

Rachel Winnett on May 15, 2017
I typed the number of my card and the last four digits of my ssn about 6 times in the past week trying to activate my payroll card, the robot on the phone tells me that I have entered an 'Invalid number of digits' each time. It has been nearly a week since i've gotten my card and nothing...

Money Network / I cannot access my money from money network!

Angellis on May 13, 2017
I received pay from my job directly deposited into money network card this Thursday evening the 11th of May. I have not been able to access my money to withdraw or to make a purchase of any kind. Customer service robot keeps saying the they are having technical difficulties. My bills do...

Money Network / money network card lost and customer service

bryan pablo on May 3, 2017
I have lost my card and I have been calling the number to cancel my card and get a replacement for over a week now and get the we are experiencing technical difficulties and are working to fix it which is ridiculous cause now I'm bout to be paid and have no way of accessing my money!!!😤😤😤😤😤😤😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡

Money Network / Money network card

Larry major on Apr 29, 2017
My card is lost and i looked on my summary and somebody been using my card and i just got paid on the 28th. I lost my card. My last transaction was at a latin grill restaurant for 18 dollars and some change but i checked my account and someone took 200 out at a atm in walmart it says. I...

Money Network / Fraud department

Ja'Neen LoNna on Apr 28, 2017
They do absolutely nothing to help you. I mentioned to them on several occasions that I am a victim of identity theft a day needed to put a password or somehow make my account more secure and was told they cannot do that. Hello you are dealing with my money. So long story short someone...

Money Network / Money card supervisors

Joe Chavis on Apr 24, 2017
My name is Joseph Chavis. I have just started a new job that uses money network cards for a paycheck. I transfered money into a personal bank 5 days ago but my money never arrived at the bank like i requested. I called them and told them the situation i even spoke with a supervisor. The...

Money Network / money network

Bsparrow on Apr 21, 2017
This service is very unreliable. I have been waiting to receive a replacement card since April 7th it's the 21st and they can't even properly assist me on at least transfering my funds into a personal bank account after being without any access to all my payroll deposits for two week...

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