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booked 4x49 seats not double decks buses

my church have booked 4 coaches for a trip day to littlehampton bn17, and the only thing have torn up was two double decks buses, (i have requested and paid for coaches no buses) the buses they have arrived to the church address, one has not legally road worthy, and the other one the central heather, can bee switch off, on a hot day, impossible to travel on the bus in this condition, i have raised a complain to the company, duo to the service, was not what i have requested and paid for . a person called Paul come to the phone stating he was the transport manager, saying the buses are legal, and meat the safety road worthy, i have inspect the buses and non of the buses meat the safety road worthy .
the church have diced not travel on this buses, because they not offer any safety.
on monday 9 th june 2018, i have sent a email to the company MONOMENT HUB requesting the full refund, on the same day i have received a email stating they will respond in 28 days, again they broke the terms and conditions of contract, they respond 6 weeks late .and no refund has own to the church, according to the company.
this company is nothing more the immoral crooks, avoid this case is now in the hands off county court, they have staffed the church the amount off £2760.00

booked 4x49 seats not double decks buses
booked 4x49 seats not double decks buses
booked 4x49 seats not double decks buses
booked 4x49 seats not double decks buses
booked 4x49 seats not double decks buses

terrible service

Earlier this year we booked a number of coaches from a company called Jab Coach Hire who I now know to be trading under 2 different names Jab Coach Hire & Momentum Coach hire and I also now know that they are not actually a coach hire company they are a broker. We were taking groups of school children (primarily primary) to visit farms to pick fruit and vegetables and to learn about farming. Without exception, the drivers were either late and / or then did not know the best route to get to the destination. The worst occasion was when the coach was late and we had 45 children stood out on the street. We called the office and were told that the coach was 5 minutes away. After waiting another 20 minutes we called the office again who said that they were trying to contact the driver. We also got the drivers number. On calling the number it went straight to voicemail. We waited for 1.5 hours and no coach turned up and nobody could get hold of the driver. JAB said they had no other coaches they could send and as a result we had to cancel the trip. We emailed the office with our complaint and received an automated reply to say that they would respond within 28 days. We then called customer services requesting a refund and for another coach to be put on free of charge. The only offer they would make was that we would should pay for the replacement coach and get a refund for the one that did not turn up. Totally unacceptable service but it appears that they do not care. AVOID AT ALL COSTS - Momentum Coach Hire and JAB / JAB Coach Hire - DO NOT USE.

ruined holiday for 51 people on a special tour to kent

Momentum Hub ruined our very special holiday in Kent this July 2017. 51 people were left stranded in their hotel for the duration of a 6 day trip, each day not knowing if a coach would turn up or not. No replacement, no communication with the group leader, no apology. This is the most appalling experience I and our group had to go through in the many years we have been travelling together. One would not expect this in the UK. Our whole itinerary was disrupted and we missed several of our planned visits. A lot of us suffered huge psychological stress and the whole group spirit was disrupted. We were forced to make last minute arrangements with Taxi companies and some had to use trains and hire private cars. All this at considerable additional cost. I would definitely not recommend this company to anyone.

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    customer-2013 Aug 07, 2017

    We had a horrendous experience with Momentum and I would strongly recommend everyone to avoid them. We hired two coaches for a tour we had across the UK and their horrible service ruined the whole experience for us as organisers but especially for the participants who were all young people coming from abroad. The coaches were arriving late at all times which was affecting the programme of the whole visit. One of the buses was so small that we couldn't fit and smelled really bad as the toilet inside had never been cleaned- this made our big journeys unbearable. The company was refusing to show me pictures despite the fact I was insisting and then the customer service never replied to our calls.
    One day, one of the coaches was running extremely late and we were running behind the schedule and when I called the driver to find out where he is, he shouted at me that I should drive in this traffic to see how difficult it is! When he eventually arrived he asked to be bribed to do the journey we had already paid for because he was really annoyed by the traffic! Drivers also didn't know some of the routes and we almost missed a concert we were performing at one day. If you have a tight schedule or you are responsible for a group, please do not use Momentum coaches.

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Appalling service

I booked this company for my wedding last month. They were very responsive until the point they received the payment. After that I struggled to get any clarification on queries despite numerous calls/emails. I repeatedly had to confirm the details, even up until 2 days before my wedding. Even though they said everything was fine, the service proved to be terrible. The driver ended up going in the wrong direction for 30 mins and had to be informed by some of our guests. This subsequently meant our wedding ceremony had to be delayed. Despite complaining over one month ago, and chasing up via a number of phone calls, and being promised a response within 28 days, and then within 2 weeks, I have not received any response. I would not use this company ever again.

Coach Hire

I booked a coach from this company in good faith to take 50 young people to a competition that they'd worked very hard for over a 3 month period. Momentum coach hire were one and a half hours LATE and caused half our young people to miss their competition.
The lateness caused us all so much upset and distress and not to mention the financial costs which we had to make in refunds (over £1000).
Momentum coach hire couldn't care less about the harm that they had caused even though they had charged me £760 for the hire of the coach.
They took no responsibility and paid me the minimum compensation of £76. I am apauled that they are allowed to do this. They completely ruined our day

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Changed additional money on day

I made a booking with Momentum Coach Hire for my wedding to pick up guest from the Church at 2pm to take to the reception.
The coach never turned up at the church, we had received a missed call from Momentum and when we rang the driver back he advised that he had been to the reception venue and was heading back to the depot as there was no-one there to pick up and insist that in order for him to come the church and pick up the 40 guests waiting we would have to ring head office and pay an additional £100. As there was guest waiting and it was my wedding day, my brother in-law sorted this out and paid the additional money. I have since contacted the customer services in order to obtain a refund in respect of this as my booking was clear to pick up from the church at 2pm, and they have advised that I will not receive a refund as the driver got to the church at 1:30 and waited until 2:10 and then went the reception thinking he had missed us. Considering we were all outside getting photos taken at this time, it is not possible.
Also the coach that turned up was not at all what we were expecting, it looked disgusting and dirty. A number of guests also commented on how rude the driver was.
If you are considering using this company I would strongly advise you not to. As was caused unneeded stress on my wedding day do to an error by Momentum.

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    americo neves Sep 13, 2018
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    my church have booked 4 coaches of 49 seats each for a day trip to littlehampton bn17, on 08 th june, on the day, two double deck bus have torn up for the services, one of the buses the heather cant bee switch off so is constantly hot inside the bus, on a 34 degrees day .not acceptable this, the other one the emergency doors have been blocked by a metal bar across the doors, the front tiers also bold less the 1mm required by law, the top windscreen also broken and hold with a clear tape, the church refuses to take this buses on that trip duo to the poor maintenance, and not offering any safety to the tripe . i have spook to someone called paul, ( very arrogant person, ) also i have reported this two buses to the dvsa, the bottom line is they booked coaches and they send buses, in critical condition .
    now they refuse to refund the money to the church stating no money own for refund .
    this case is now passed to the country court,
    Photos they are available to anyone to see the buses have been sent

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Diabolical Customer Service

I work in the group travel trade and have been booking coaches with Momentum for a few years. Never again!

We've had a few minor problems which are the result of the sales team not communicating with the operations team resulting in attempts to charge more than invoiced for things which should have been quoted up-front. This includes us going through the whole process of booking and confirming coaches (getting a quote, charging our client and confirming the booking, paying), only to find they want more money to cover driver accommodation or second drivers. Why didn't they include that in their quote?

However, that pales into insignificance when something actually goes wrong with a booking!

A client of ours recently had a problem when a coach driver made some very inappropriate comments to an underage teenage girl outside a school when arriving to pick up a school group.

This is clearly not Momentum's fault as a broker, it is an issue for the coach company who was contracted to deliver the booking to deal with.

To give them their due, Momentum did make every effort to assist. While the police were taking reports and teachers were going frantic, Momentum did try to find a replacement driver. When one couldn't be found in time they agreed by phone to compensate the group for having to book train tickets instead, which they had to do so they could start their long visit to London and not miss other booked and paid for activities.

Sounds great! We were all very pleased...that was until they refused to pay up, or to actually respond to the complaints when they came through!

Having taken place in July, it was late September when we actually got any form of response from Momentum's customer services department. Three months is a long time to respond to such a serious complaint!

To make matters worse, having booked an executive coach with air-con (it was hot in July 2013) they provided a standard coach with no air con. A shabby one at that.

The result - totally fobbed off, ignored dismissed as a nuisance, plus we're left with an angry client who is out of pocket and so they've lost future business for us too.

This company is very good at sales, not so good at delivering and if something does go wrong, totally diabolical at sorting it out or taking responsibility in any way.

There are better companies out there. Save yourself the hassle.

Appalling Service & the driver even swore at our wedding guest!

Booked a 49 seater coach for approximately 35 wedding guests to be picked up at Churchill Road, North Cheam (outside Fish & Chip Shop) at 12pm and taken to Pennyhill Park Hotel & Spa in Bagshot and then a return booked from Pennyhill Park to North Cheam at 1am on 05/04/2013.

We were advised to call at 4pm on the Friday to get the drivers name and telephone contact number which we did.

Our booking was for him to collect / meet our guests at the bottom of Churchill Road (outside the chip shop). This is a very large/main road which services the number 93 double decker bus route. But when the driver arrived he called to say he was at the top of the Hill/lost and could not come down. When one of my ushers said this was not acceptable as several of our guests could not walk to the top of the road, he did eventually come down to collect them but not without having to convince him first.

Two of our guests are very ill and need help to walk – both with mobility problems.

When the driver arrived at the wedding venue Pennyhill Park he refused to drive the coach down their driveway and made all of our guests get off at the main road, which is approximately a 10 minute walk from the hotel. He said the last time he dropped people off, it took him over 3 hours to get back out.
This is total rubbish, Pennyhill Park is the main hotel for the England Rugby team who reside there during the Nations. They have a double decker coach which is always parked in the car park.
It is a massive car park and you can easily drive a very large coach around the outside of the car park and back down the drive to get out of the driveway.

After forcing all of our guests to walk the 10 minute walk, it caused a great deal of worry and upset as this was not expected and we had reassured our guests that they would be driven down to where the car park is and dropped off at the coach drop off point which is a 30 second walk to reception.
We also had one of our guests with a small baby in a carry cot, who had to walk carrying the baby and all their belongings.

As we started to receive telephone calls from our very upset guests, it caused a great deal of unnecessary stress for us which I could have done without on my big day.

We had arranged for the coach to collect our guests at Pennyhill at 1am. And as the driver had already refused to drive down the driveway, we had to get a car out of the car park and get the concierge staff to drive the car to transport people back to the main road so that they could get back to the coach at the end of the evening.

When the guests arrived at the end of the road there was no sign of the coach and our guests waited until nearly 1.30am. All the time they were calling our mobiles to let us know the coach had not arrived.

Our niece called the driver and when it stopped ringing there was a very loud crackling noise on the telephone and she was not sure whether someone had answered. She hung up on the call, as she thought he might have been driving and didn’t want to cause him any problems with the telephone.
15 minutes later there was still no sign of the coach so she decided to give him another ring. This time he picked the telephone up and said 'Speak or [censored] OFF!'

This is disgusting and we do not expect our guests to be spoken to in this way. They had now been standing for over 30/45 mins on the main road, with two people with disabilities and families with small children waiting.

We then discovered the coach company had decided to send us a different driver (which we was not informed about or given new contact details for) and this driver had driven down the drive of Pennyhill Park and was waiting tucked away in the large car park of the hotel.

The second driver was very helpful, and very apologetic for this complete mess up and misunderstanding. He could not believe the earlier driver refused to drive down the driveway. He confirmed there was plenty of room for the coach and there was no reason why the first driver had refused to do this.

We have since complained and all they have done is tried to offer us a £25 off voucher for our next booking - this is appalling and we will obviously never book with them again!

We tried to take it further and since doing so, they now either do not respond, send an email back saying we have already dealt with this and there is nothing else to add to the matter or inform us they operate a no name policy and will not provide us the details of their CEO.

Having researched a bit more into this company since this awful experience, it appears they tend to let most of their customers down.

Whatever you do, do not book with this company - you will regret it otherwise. This is a genuine review of their service from a genuine customer so if they give you the whole talk that the bad reviews on all these websites are from their competition, it is a load of rubbish - the reviews are genuine and this company should be shut down!!

  • Pa
    PatJHarris Jul 17, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    BUSK is researching coach brokers and would be interested in speaking with you please. I would be grateful if you would make contact with us on [email protected] or call 01633 274944. Please visit our website to check us out.

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  • Pa
    PatJHarris Jul 17, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I would be grateful if you would contact me on 01633 274944 or email on [email protected] Check our website We are currently researching coach brokers, good and bad reviews.

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Terribke service

Booked a coach with this company for our wedding, coach was late, driver rude, emergency number useless, have tried to complain, but have got no where with the company, they don't respond to my phone calls or emails..

Please do not use this company, they are awful, my case is now with trading standards.

Momentum Cuts My Wedding Short

Tried to spoil the best day of my life!

I booked a 70 seater coach which turned out to be an old double-decker bus, but it had room for everybody and drove from requested A to B.

The problem was that Momentum had the wrong booking time despite me informing them on multiple occasions.
So on my wedding day I was forced to ask my entire wedding party to leave the reception 45 minutes early or risk being left in the countryside.

No help from the emergency phone number and even less following on. Emails and phone calls later and I get platitudes the equivalent of Little Britain "computer says no". They do hope that I consider using them again though.

Be warned, if your booking goes wrong Momentum will do nothing to help you and not offer any recompense.

  • En
    ENGLISH CHRIS May 17, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    This is an AMERICAN / U.S. Complaints Board !

    How is your Complaint about an Old Double Decker Bus supplied to You incorrectly in England / U.K. going to be of any interest to the mainly American / U.S. Members on here ?

    I sympathise with You about what happened on your Wedding Day / Night - but really what is your message doing on here ?


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  • Ma
    martysngc May 17, 2013

    There are a number of complaints from the UK on this website - so I considered it suitable.

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  • En
    ENGLISH CHRIS May 19, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The REASON why there are a number of complaints on here is that people keep making the same mistake that You made.

    It really is NOT appropriate or helpful to You to post complaints about either a British Company - or something that occurred in the U.K. on this AMERICAN Complaints Board.

    How do You think your complaint is going to help You or anyone on here ?


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  • En
    ENGLISH CHRIS May 19, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    "Hello again",

    As I am slightly irritated by your method of typing the words of your reply to Me - using spaces as if you are trying to `Spell it out to Me` - I am going to be blunt about this:

    You and the other people who went to the extent of actually registering on this AMERICAN Complaints Board and then posting Complaints about either a BRITISH Company - or something that occurred in the U.K. have acted in a ridiculous manner.

    It is utter STUPIDITY to have done this !

    Unless the Company concerned trades in the U.S. what would these complaints achieve ?

    N.B: I HAVE noticed that there are THOUSANDS of such Posts / Comments - it really makes Me laugh ! - and frustrates Me - the American / U.S. Members on here will think that We are all Idiots !

    Just in case You are wondering what I am doing as a Member of this AMERICAN Complaints Board / Forum - I spend quite a lot of time in the USA and I have American Friends who have used the Complaints Board to Highlight Companies who have either acted in a Fraudulent manner or have provided very poor Customer Service after a legitimate complaint - these Friends told Me about the Complaints Board.

    Although I could ask my Friends about their complaints during a Telephone call I don`t telephone them even as regularly as Weekly.

    I was looking on here during last Week to see if there was any progress on their Posts / Complaints / Advice given when I noticed some complaints from British people - about either British Companies or circumstances that had occurred in the U.K.

    I was prompted to comment / ask some of those people what I asked You.


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  • Ma
    martysngc May 22, 2013

    I am not arguing or disagreeing with you, however my comments on this forum appear on UK search engines and will hopefully be of help to anybody around the world looking to hire a coach in the UK.

    Apologies if you find this annoying.

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  • En
    ENGLISH CHRIS May 22, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hello again,

    If You feel that your complaint / comments on here might stop someone from another country dealing with the Coach Company in England / the U.K. that you posted your complaint about I now understand - although I feel this is a `stretch of the imagination`.


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Lack of anything!

I booked a coach with momentum, admittedly last minute, but they took my money and we booked the coach. When...

1 comment Portsmouth Other

Terrible Service + lack of customer care

Towards the end of last year I used Momentum Coach Hire twice for two large agent groups that we had brought to the UK from across the world for a familiarisation tour to a few of our locations across the UK. The first coach driver we had was rude to our staff and group, complained about having to wait (despite being sent the itinerary much in advance), insisted our group walk to where he was parked instead of picking them up at the hotel, and many more! This was extremely unprofessional and I contacted Momentum and explained who were apologetic. I decided to use another company for the second trip only to discover they were Momentum only trading under another name. After speaking with them I agreed to use them again providing we had a different coach and driver. The second trip was a disaster. The coach broke down on it's way to pick up our group and take them to Brighton and they did not call me until they were actually 10 minutes late for the pick up! It cost us £1000 to transfer the group by taxi's as we had run out of time. I was assured a new coach would be sent to Brighton which was clearly untrue as the coach that arrived was a rickety old thing that broke down again. I complained by telephone, email and letter and have NEVER had any response whatsoever. This company are brokers and do not care about the service they provide. AVOID AT ALL COSTS - Momentum Coach Hire and JAB / JAB Coach Hire - DO NOT USE, there are far more reputable coach hire companies that are not brokers around where you can view their fleet so take the extra time, I promise you it is worth it!

  • Mo
    MomentumMkt Jun 18, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have seen this posting on other websites and I have asked you to contact us [email protected] or call and ask for John on 0800 0567848

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  • Ma
    Matias Wibowo Jul 18, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    On 8 July 2012, the driver and the bus arrived late by 40 minutes. My guests and I had to leave on-time; we had to find an alternative. I emailed them asking for a refund. No response.

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  • Jo
    JohnK1969 May 13, 2016

    We used which we thought was Jab Coach Hire which we now know to be Momentum Coach Hire in April 2016 to take 70 people to Wembley, when the coach turned up it looked as though it was from the 1970, s We had nothing but problems with the coach from the minute we set off until we returned. The Air Conditioning was broken and the heating was stuck on full blast which caused some of the passengers to vomit and nearly pass out due to the heat, the entrance door was broken and had to be manually closed with who ever closed it having to go to the back of the coach and get on through the emergency exit, the skylight came off in your hands when opened as the hinges were snapped and when it rained on the way home water was pouring in through the windows. We phoned and complained the following day and was told that customer services were away on holiday and we would need to wait for them to return !!! Their customer service is non existent as they have not replied to most of our e mails (they have replied to 2 from around 10 emails) On my initial phone call to make a complaint I was told by Dean that they are an agent and they do not actually own coaches they sub contract the hire out to other companies. I would not recommend these clowns to my worst enemy and looking back I wish that I had looked at their reviews before using them !!!

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Bad customer service

I booked a coach for myself and friends for my birthday at a cost of around £300. When the coach arrived it was tatty, there was no radio and one of the lights in the coach leaked water all over my friends shirt. The driver was rude, swore at us (we weren't even late) and tried to drop us off in the wrong place. I ended up getting a taxi at a cost of £50 because I didn't want to travel back with him. I complained to Momentum and was told the driver had been "disciplined" and they would send me a box of chocolates. I refused and after not responding to my complaint for over 10 days; now they have said that they will not offer me anything further. This is a company who don't care about the level of customer service they provide, they take your money and as long as they get a bus to you, they're not bothered about anything else. I will never use this company again and neither will my friends they ruined my birthday and put a massive downer on the evening. AVOID!

  • Cl
    cleo5 May 28, 2012

    please please don't go near this company what so ever please they take your money but don't turn up tell you the night before that your coach has broke down

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avoid like the plague

As a result of the ash cloud in april, we were stranded in Val d'isere and contacted Momentum to arrange a return trip to the uk, when the initial enquiry was made we were told that whilst the coach was not a "luxury" coach it was an "executive" coach so it would not have a toilet but would have reclining seats, arm rests, etc.

What turned up can only be described as a "school bus", no recliners, no armrests, no tables and seats that were probably slightly less comfortable than public transport, certainly not what would be reasonable to expect having paid £4500 for a one way journey from France.

The booking was for Saturday 17th April at 11-12pm collection in Val d'isere, France, booked on the 11.20am ferry from Calais to Dover with an expected estimated time arrival in the north of late afternoon/early evening of Sunday 18th April and we were told the coach would go "straight through".

In reality the coach turned up at 5.30am the following day so we spent the night in the reception of our hotel. The drivers had apparently got lost which could have something to do with the fact that they were trying to navigate their way round Europe with a 2002 road map and I needed to give them directions of how to get to us.

We obviously missed the ferry and in spite of me contacting the co-ordinator to advise him and ask that he re-book us on the one to suit our timetable, they did not, it was left to the drivers who got us on one a few hours later.

Due to all the delays the drivers' hours had run out so another driver collected us from Dover and took us to Medway where we collected yet another driver. This driver was so stressed about the time he had been allowed for the journey that he would not let us off for a toilet break. Clearly we should have had two drivers as this journey would normally be considered to be five and a half hours; one hour over his allowed driving time. Anyway we got there within two or three minutes to spare.

Another concern that we found out on route is that the drivers should have had a nine hour break in Bologna but apparently only got three and it showed. I do not understand why anyone would give us such an unrealistic arrival time and jeopardise our safety, when if we had been told the coach would arrive at say 10am the following morning we could have all had a good nights sleep, the drivers included.

The reality is they did not provide any part of the contract we made and totally misrepresented the standard of product and service.

Average Service Provided

Coach - Somewhat older and more 'tired' looking than I would have hoped for, and no dvd player, and the lights in the toilets did not work. It was obviously provided by a sub-contractor

Driver - Excellent - arrived on time, and acceded to all of our requests - please pass on to him my comments

Office - Have had a good relationship with Zahir, who seems to understand our needs and the restrictions on demand that are beyond my control.

Accounts staff are ill informed when they phone with payment queries. For example I had a 'demand' for payment on Wednesday when I had not been given the courtesy of invoice. On Friday I had another demand for payment (still no invoice) when I had agreed that Zahir would call to collect payment later on Friday.

I realise that accounts staff have a difficult job, but some communication within the organisation would surely not go amiss.

I also was concerned as to the arrangements for Saturday, and was told that this would be explained to me late on Friday afternoon. as this was not explained to me, I e-mailed Momentum, however, my e-mail went unanswered.

Overall I would rate the service on Saturday as 'good' as to Momentum overall, it varies as to who I speak to ranging from excellent/very good to rather poor.

Shocking service

I had a coach booked with Momentum Coach hire only for them to ring me up 4 days before to tell me they were unable to forfill the booking and would give me a full refund! the reason they gave was because they could not find any coaches available. I had to go with another coach company which were much more expensive. to make matters worse eight weeks on the refund still hasnt materialised! i have phoned over 12 times and emailed numerous people. Each time I have phoned I was told either the refund would be actioned that day, which never happened, or the person responsible was unavailable and would call me back, which never happened. I have sent numerous emails all of which were never replied to. and I am still out of pocket! take my advise...DONT TOUCH THIS FIRM WITH A BARGE POLE!


The coach booked arrive 20 mins late, on sight it was a digrace and 22 years old, PLEASE TAKE NO NOTICE OF...

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Terrible Service!

I booked and exec coach wwith Momentum for the playoff final at Wembley, only to be called the day before to...

Completely unacceptable

We recently hosted a corporate event in Birmingham. Momentum charged a fortune to provide Executive Coache...