Milk and Chocofalse advertising, quality of product. timeliness of delivery, return/refund issues..

B Aug 16, 2018

SCAM ALERT: Milk and Choco
I ordered a dress from Milk & Choco from their site here on facebook, and it is worthless. Took forever to get here, and the dress is an unwearable piece of garbage; looks nothing like the picture, is flimsy material/poorly made. I found out, they are based in China so it would be to costly to return it/no guarantee of a refund.
Milk & Choco is a scam and needs to be shut down. I suggest DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THEM. I see hundreds of complaints about this "company" now, wish I'd seen them before, I would not have ordered from them, and I would have saved time/money...oh

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