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It is a mortage shell game. I'm persuing class action, YOU IN!?


Feb 16, 2009
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I had a mortgage through Homecomings financial, which offered me a loan modification, then sold my mortgage to MGC, which did not send statements, or give me any information about my loan. It was finally sent to an attorney threatening me with accelerating my loan, and foreclosing. I talked to the loss mitigation department, who claimed he would look into this matter, and get to the bottom of it, and I told him that if we could not reach an agreement, I would pursue legal action. He never called me back about the matter, but two weeks later, I received notice that they (MGC) sold the servicing of my loan to GMAC. I thought that now I have a legitimate company handling my mortgage, but I was wrong. I have sent it my payment as per the modification, but my check was recently sent back to me, saying not to redeposit, and only full payment would be accepted, and now they would pursue foreclosing of my property. I have counsel advising me on actions to take, and now I need all of you. Those of you that refuse to be "strong armed, and threatened", need to contact me, for we need to band together, and file a class action law suit in federal court. They picked the wrong person to mess with, now its time to take a stand.

If you have a similar problem with either of these companies, please contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it I look forward to hearing your problems, and joining together.



  • Su
    sunshine5718 Aug 24, 2012

    I am in on this class action suit also. I am being foreclosed on too. My loan was also sold to Gmac.. was homecomings first. Not good at all. The interest rate chewed me up. Unable to pay anymore.

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  • Ja
    Janet Oleary May 04, 2012

    I had a $730 payment with GMAC making home affordable program with 3 trial payments for June, July, August 2012. I made all 3 but the last one reached them late by 2 days because my area had a mandatory evacuation (hurricane) The payment reached them a few days late and they refused it, but later accepted the payment but said I had to reapply. That has taken until now and I now have a $1049.00 payment which is higher than my original mortgage which I could not afford then or now. This house is not my primary, it was my parents home and I cannot sell it. I was told the reason for the higher payment is that months have gone by and my escrow account is empty and I made a bad investment and therefore my payments higher. How do they think I can afford that now and why did it take months to get me an answer. I would have been paying the $730 all along, although that is a struggle. It seems they do not want to make it affordable because there is a low balance on this loan, maybe they see a way to make money and get rid of me. I do not know what to do, any help out there
    [email protected]

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  • An
    ancarmusick Jun 14, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My home foreclosed today (monday) after I was assured 3 days ago (Friday) that I would be granted an extension of foreclosure sale date. My modification under obama plan making home affordable (MHA) was denied in March 2010 I received a letter that my modification would be reviewed under traditional plan and they requested income documenation which I faxed on March 17, 2010, on March 31 I received a letter "thank you for your inquiry, you should receive a response within 20 days, in April 2010 I received a fedex envelope asking me to complete modication package (again) and sent all requested document (again, I've sent it 3 times) even though they already had a complete package I complied and completed the package and sent all required documents, May 27 2010 called was told modification request was in review, on June 1 I called again and was told my modification was denied under MHA and my home was schedule to foreclose June 14, I told representative that my modification was for the traditional plan, was told they made a mistake it was reviewed under MHA again instead of the traditional I was asked to refax (4th time) all documents and they will forward to correct department for review and extend foreclosure date. I fax all documents, I called same day to verify that all document were received and was told yes, I called again to follow up on June 9 to learned that the foreclosure sale date had not been extended and I was told they needed recent pay stubs and recent back statements because the ones I faxed where over 30 days old, I asked him to please extend foreclosure sale date and was told they will not do that until they receive all the requested documents, again I complied and faxed requested documents on June 10, 2010. I called June 11 (Friday) and was told they have received the requested documentation and they assured me that they would send a request to extend foreclosure sale date, to my surprise I called this morning to learned that foreclosure sale date was not extended and I was denied because they they did not have enough time to review my modification request...I told them I faxed documents timely in May and GMAC made an internal error and send my package to the wrong program and as of Friday I was assure everything was received and it would be sent for review and my home went on sale today at 10:45am. Through this whole modification process GMAC has failed to properly notify me of additional information being requested to review my modification, I have learned of additional information being requested by GMAC thru my own self initiated calls to them, but the only document received from GMAC was fedex letter requesting to complete the package and letter last week stating that modiciation was denied under MHA program, but is being reviewed for other workout plan (letter did not request any additional information) and then home is foreclosed.

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  • Ja
    jaf1701 Apr 28, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I to had all sorts of problems with GMAC mortgage. It is the same complaint's that everyone else has written. My family and I had to forclos and eventually just fininshed getting exepted for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy because the second mortgage company was coming after us for there money. The bad thing hear is that we had 9 offers on the house for a short sale and not one response to them. Last November they eventually sold the house for about $100, 000 les then the short sale offers. Now does that make sense. They basically forced us out but sold to a non American Indian family for less but through out hard working Americans. I want to join any class action lawsuit against them. MY email is [email protected]

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  • Jo
    john tull Mar 26, 2010

    Please add us to your list of those that have been screwed by GMAC mortgage. Like many, I'm self employed and my income has been reduced by roughly 80% during this economy. In March 09 I contacted GMAC mortgage for assistance and they recommended the modification program. Provided them full documentation in April. Couldn't get any info from them for months and in Jan. '10 I was informed that the modification was denied. By then they had added another $45K in fees. They then recommended a short sale. Hired the best short sale realtor available and he provided them with two contracts on the property for $425K (balance owed to GMAC was $505K). GMAC moved forward with foreclosure. They finally told the realtor that the offers were too low and they were raised to $450K. GMAC continued to push for foreclosure. GMAC would not work with the realtor and the house was auctioned off yesterday.

    The real rub is that the opening bid at auction was only $351K and the property was purchased by an investor for $352K. ALMOST $100K LESS THAN THE SHORT SALE CONTRACTS!!! Not only is this gross incompetence, but, it seems criminal as I will be held responsible for the deficiency.

    Please email me at [email protected] if anyone has any information on class action lawsuits against this group of crooks that are conspiring to push foreclosures instead of working with sellers.

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  • Mg
    MGC customer Jan 12, 2010

    My loan was sold three times last year from GMAC to MGC to GMAC to MGC back again whilst I was asking for loan modification help and whilst I was current on my payments .With a reduction of income I fell behind Aug 09, at that time I hired a rather unscrupulous attorney to handle my loan mod, unfortunately the only mod he was intrested in was to modify his style of living for the better. The attorney kept a big chunk of the fee. He hit a dead end with MGC. I have been trying to work with them for sometime but it seems impossible .I have taken steps to write to Obama and every elected official I can find to ask for help. and here is what I wrote:

    Dear President Obama:

    Thank you for the home affordable. program. I work for a GM dealership at the moment my income was reduced last year. GMAC mortgage company sold my loan to MGC mortgage in Plano Texas. I fell behind on the payments of $3700.00 per month, so far they have not accepted any work out except to pay a forbearance payment and catch up I offered to make the regular payments an add the balance to the loan but so far foreclosure is the only real option that I am hearing. They are not interested to work with your plan so they have given me very few options. I had perfect credit prior to Dec 2008 and my house payments were current up to July of 2009. I need your help as this is my last resort I have been living in my house for the past 16 years my children are the biggest worry I have. Unfortunately MGC mortgage according to others on the web has a very predatory brutal servicing policy. Every step of the way as I have made offers and payments they have threatened me with foreclosure. It is very difficult going to work with all these things going on. I am sure I am not alone. Please help me and my family.

    God Bless you

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  • Ki
    kimdavis Nov 27, 2009

    GMAC has also been playing nasty games with us too. i applied for a loan mod. i got a letter from them that if i pay this amount for 4 months it will show i can afford the payment. after i paid the 1st payment and on time, they said i didn't make enough money. they said i need to show a little more to qualify.. so i did. my boyfriend (who lives with me) gives me money to help with all the bills. they said ok, reduced my payments but backed out again after i made that payment before the due date. they put my home on forecloser without telling me and now they are saying unless i pay $40, 000.00 right now, they will not take my home out of forecloser. we got in this terrible loan and the payments have sky rocketed. i am in a process of divorce and have 2 young kids. it is horrible what they are doing to people who are so desperate to keep there homes. i'm glad i found this because i knew i wasn't the only one going through this hell from GMAC.
    i'm in!!!

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  • Mo
    Mort 51 Fighter Oct 24, 2009

    GMAC - HomeComings Financial GMAC Mortgage GMAC/Homecomings has and still is ripping off American Homeowners. How does anyone work for them? Waterloo, Iowa

    GMAC - HomeComings Financial
    Fax: 3451 Hammond Avenue
    Waterloo, Iowa 50702
    United States of America

    All of you scammed by GMAC/Homecomings are not alone... it happened to me too in the worst way. The fees not explained, drive by inspections, money up front for loan modification and a foreclosure with no notice... How does this happen in America and how are they getting away with this? I have experienced the 2 hours on hold, the rudeness, no statements, erroneous recordings, over $30, 000 in fees... Who is willing to fight these corporate robbers?

    Are there any former employees of Homecomings/GMAC who are willing to stand up and tell all of us innocent homeowners what the heck is going on in the innerworks of this big corporate entity? What is going on and how did Homecomings all of a sudden switch to being GMAC overnight? Were they in bankruptcy? were they failing? Is that why they were stealing money from all of us and taking our homes? All their executives were collecting their bonuses of millions while the American public was losing their homes... If there are any former employees out there who are willing to do what is right or anyone that knows how this is allowed to continue email me at the following address... all information will be kept confidential... Someone has to stand up and do what is right... [email protected] Email me if you are a former employee of GMAC/Homecomings, tell all of us what goes on inside this company... How do they get away with this?

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  • Rp
    RPhelping Oct 23, 2009

    My case is now going to Federal Court, being that GMAC and MGC Mortgage are in the state of TX and property is not. Attorney filed a complaint for me stopping the foreclosure within one hour in May of 2009. Must now go to Federal Court and battle this out being that I have paid almost 200, 000 on a loan that was initially 243, 000 and when they tried to foreclose, are charging me 251, 00 K which exceeds the cost of the original loan. The loan is also interest only until 2030 at which time, the payment will balloon. It is rigged badly. Interest rate was not to go below 9.5 or above 16. Crimeny! I was hanging in there when the interest rate was 14.2. What do they expect a body to do? Raise a family alone.

    Tried to get a modification too as well to no avail. Sent paperwork in one three different occasions. Income has decreased dramatically from what it once was. Then after attorney filed complaint, GMAC tried to give it back to MGC and complaint had to be amended to include MGC. Who are these people?

    This is simply predatory in nature.

    Posting above indicates that MGC said they do not participate in the Making Home Affordable (Obama) plan. However, why would GMAC have that all over their website and people can obviously see from this information whether they qualify or not? Sounds fraudulent. Stay tuned.

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  • Gn
    GNorman Oct 20, 2009

    I am having problems with GMAC Mortgage also. The have declined my short sale (have a cash buyer) because I have not been delinquent, but when I ask them so I am supposed to be delinquent first they say they would not advise that. My debt to income ratio due to a seperation is out the roof.

    [email protected]

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  • Cp
    cpin1988 Oct 20, 2009

    Please include me for a class-action suit. Any information that someone has to share, please email me at [email protected] Thanks!

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  • Pm
    pmom Oct 17, 2009

    Is there a spearhead on a class-action suit against MGC at this time? If so, we're interested. Exact same story as everyone else. The list of concerns/complaints is endless. Please email us at [email protected] THANKS!

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  • St
    Steve Dedear Oct 01, 2009

    I am in. [email protected] I have a short sale buyer with contract in hand and I am not getting any response, only an answering machine.

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  • Jk
    jkeck1983 Sep 17, 2009

    We have been goingt through the same issues with GMAC for six months now. We have filed for loan mod three times. The first time "you don't make enough" the second time "you make too much, but we will lower it by $49" and the third time is still being processed! They put us into foreclosure without telling us. In the beginning few months they never said we were in foreclosure, but now every time we talk to them they make sure that they tell us. It went into foreclosure in April and they didn't tell us until July...what a company. I am waiting for our house to be auctioned off without us ever knowing. I wish that someone would start a class action suit, because they would have so many people jump on the bandwagon.

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  • Mi
    MichaelAlabama Aug 30, 2009

    I want in! Soooo similar! GMAC is the 4tyh lender to hold my loan, which is fishy anyway, but I have been in the loan modification "process" for more than 4 months now! I was told they "didn't receive my paperwork" so I sent in the paperwork again by fax. Called a week later and they said again that they didn't receive it. So I mailed it. 2 weeks later I call and they say they still have not received it. So I fax it again.

    Finally they acknowledge that they have received it, and I am told it will be 30-60 days before I have an answer. That was 95 days ago. I keep getting told something different by each person I talk to. In the meantime, I have gone from paying $665 nper month to $1180 per month! That is almost DOUBLE my original interest rate! I am in a hard financial situatio due to being laid off in December. They know this. So I think they are stalling on my modification so that they can foreclose as soon as I miss a payment!


    Somebody please tell me how we can band together and legally get through this!

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  • Bl
    bljholmb Jun 27, 2009

    When we refinanced the house in 2002 it changed two times before the ink was dry, then Homecomings had it. We kept Homecomings, I think to Feb. of 2008, then the fun started. It was transferred to MGC, looked it up, did not exist where they said in Texas, tried to call them, no phone #. Was a little leary, so I sent my first payment to Homecomings certified figuring it would get to them. It did. I only kept MGC for about 4 months, enough to figure out where to mail the checks and it was transferred to GMAC. Meanwhile MCG didn't account for the payments sent, they said they weren't paid dadadada, it took the next 3 months with GMAC trying to straighten that mess out. Always good to send them through your bank. Finally get it straightened out in January, 2009.
    I just get a letter this week that the loan has been sold back to MGC Mortgage again. What joy I felt! There has to be something to do. You can't keep going back and forth. Hoping your payments are correctly put on your account. That the company is half legimiate. Brenda

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  • Lo
    Lorilei Jun 21, 2009

    Sorry that first posting was a test run!

    "Shame on you bought the house, now deal with it!" Hmm are ya'll tired of hearing that overused line?

    Thank goodness I found this site! YES COUNT ME IN!!! Shar...when I read your post, I could not believe how much are situations are a "T". (I have 7 kids - a blended family) Here is my timeline of events with my mortgage:

    10/2003 - Bought house through Sebring Capital (it was an 80/20 loan)

    11/2003 - Sebring "transferred" account to Homecomings

    3/2004 - Interest on big loan increases and does so every 6 months (reached 14.25%)

    5/2008 - After a few repayment plans during the first 4 years, we tried for a loan modification which was approved.

    6/2008 - Account "transferred to MGC but never heard anything from MGC until mid-July in the overdue "hello we are the new loan servicer" much for RESPA. I tried emailing them and left messages, but no one would reply back. There was also a moment when I called them and I was going through the prompts...I pressed 4 for customer service and then click...the call ends. So I tried it again thinking it my mess up...wahlah it happens again and I showed my hubby to prove it wasn't an error on my part.

    9/2008 - After waiting 2.5 weeks of MGC not cashing my double payment...I stopped payment on the check. Good thing too...Hurricane Ike dealt us a nasty blow (I won't even start with the BS with the insurance company). Three weeks after Ike hit, guess who calls...MGC, calling about a stop payment on a check :-) Ahh...that got their attention!

    10/2008 - received a notice from MGC that GMAC will take over my account 11/2008.

    1/2009 - Submitted workout packet for a loan modification and near the end of Jan found out that it was in the final stages of being approved. Asked what were the terms and if I should send in my monthly payment...No I was told, due to the fact that there was a down payment of $800 that would be needed only. Ok great I thought.

    2/2009 - Checking twice a week for the status before ending up in the hospital for pregnancy complications and end up having my baby 6 weeks stay in NICU for 3 weeks and guess what is NOT on my mind for that time period.

    Mid 3/2009 - Learn that my modification is denied but need to send in another workout packet (the other is over 30 days old). Fax in 1st packet...told to give them 5-7 business days to go over the packet, I called and *poof* they never received it. So I fax in again SSDD they can't find it but I can go ahead fill out the Home Affordability Plan I do...

    4/2009 - Fax AND mail it in (the HAP applicatioon) to CYA.

    5/2009 - Application is still being reviewed.

    6/2009 - Began receiving automated calls from GMAC informing me my payment for the repayment plan is overdue...WTH???

    6/18/2009 - After many phone calls I finally get a semi straight answer about my HAP application...GMAC's response is "The investor does not participate in this program." So I asked if that was the case why is the application on their website to download and send in? I was then informed that I would have to pay $1004 a month for the next 18 months. Houston we have a problem! The ONLY way I'll be able to do that monthly paymeny is if I do a voluntary repossession on my car...which I have paid on religiously for a year.

    6/20/2009 - Guess what came in the mail? The RESPA letter stating my account was being transferred from GMAC to...MGC July 1st! BOHICA!!! Wow...I wonder what other surprises are around the corner just waiting to pop out? Right now I am trying to find a private investor that will be willing to work with that I can save my house and not give up my car. I don't want to walk away from this home but...I won't be driven to insanity over it.

    I wish everyone the best of luck and have faith that something will work in our favor!

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  • Lo
    Lorilei Jun 21, 2009


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  • Fi
    Fivekids Jun 20, 2009

    I just received a letter that GMAC was going to be servicing my loan. I became Suspicious of the letter and timing due to we are in the middle of a loan modification and awaiting the final result. It sound like a property grap move that they are doing.
    Thank you for this information, i will return to let you know it comes out.


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  • Ra
    RaeG May 21, 2009

    Homecomings has helped ruin my credit when 2 months after closing, STATE FARM contacts THEM requesting payment for our homeowners insurance, which; as AZ Law dictates, 14 months had been paid for in escrow at closing. I have all documentaion from the title company, including a copy of State Farm's cancelled check...As a result, our 2 month's worth of escrow account was drained and showed a negative balance, which has since been reported to the credit bureaus regularly, our monthy payment on a 30 year fixed increase $500 and we have been given the '...not looking goood..., ' regarding our recent loan modification request. Bottom line, aside from AIG, maybe there were other crooked insurance companies benefiting from the mortgage cluster*&%$ and although we still have our jobs (blessing) and weren't a subprime loan...Our home has an auction date of 6/19/2008. So, for the record and to anyone interested...I'm all in if there are ANY class actions filed against GMAC/Homecomings/US Bank (like we don't know) and/or State Farm. Good luck to all.

    Rae Godson

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  • Kf
    KFS May 19, 2009

    I am courious of who the class action might be through. I am in a simular situation. Mine went to trustee sale on May 5th 09 all the while i was being told it would be postponed and the loss mitigator will be in contact with me.

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  • To
    Tori Gamulo May 19, 2009

    We want to join a Class Action Suit with everyone who has been victimized like us, by this horrible and unethical company! These crooks are the reason we are losing our home. The company we had before (Wells Fargo Mortgage) when we first bought our place 4 years ago, gave us a good rate and it was "fixed".

    So when it came time to refinance later on, we were conned into this company that gave us a "Toxic Option Arm Loan", without being aware of the damage it would cause. We made it clear to them we wanted a fixed rate just like we had before, but also to bring down the payments lower and include HOA, taxes & insurance. They made it sound so good. Later I found that HOA was Not included in my payments.

    Plus, they would bring down our interest rate really low, and that are payments will be definitely affordable. Our credit was awesome then. Yeah, Right! We struggled for years and did not know what are rights were. They increased our payments so high, it was not even livable. It was supposed to go up a little bit starting after a year, but they promised me not a lot like they did.

    We even had to take a second mortgage, since they told us that was the only way that we could get our loan. Keep in mind this was only a 1 bd Condo and our only home. I'm talking 600 square ft, so very small.

    We were stuck and could not get out of this mess for so long. They kept saying that they would Foreclose if we didn't make payments. Even though we were good about making our payments on time, they still charged Fees. On top of all this we had HOA dues, all together we were making nearly 2, 000 a month. Ridiculous!

    Then without any notice Aurora Loan Services bought Homecomings Financial. We were clueless where to send our payment then. By the time we did, it was noted late all because they switched companies on us. This brought us into a deeper hole and pretty soon we were owing so much more than what the place was worth.

    By this time FHA people called us and said they would help us. We were told if we pay 2, 000 dollars they would be able to Re modify our loan and bring our rate down. Also they would make our adjustable rate a fixed one. We were struggling and could not afford the money.

    Finally, we borrowed the money and payed them. They said it would not take more than 30-60 days to finalize it. Well, months went by and no change. We were getting into deeper debt in the mean time. They said they were waiting for a decision from the underwriter and that took forever. I kept calling them almost everyday.

    There was always an excuse why it was taking them so long.
    These were the hardest times for my husband and I. It got to the point where there was no food to eat and no money to pay other bills. After waiting about 6 months, we had to do a short sale. We lost out on the money we gave to them to help us, which did nothing for us.

    We were scared out of our home and we moved into an apartment. We had been through so much stress, and then I lost my job.
    We received so many calls and threats from Aurora. Our credit was so shot! We explained the circumstances and even wrote a hardship letter.

    All they cared about was MONEY MONEY MONEY! No consideration for the people who were about to lose their only home. We just put it into Gods hands and prayed that He would take care of it.

    Also the Deed in leu was an option for us, but we were never told about that. They never informed us about the possibility to save on our credit. By the time we tried it, it was too late they said. Basically, there was no hope for us. They would have to Foreclose on us on June 4, 09.

    So we put it on the market and there was no offer up until May 26, 09.
    During that time we got a disturbing phone call from Aurora saying there was absolutely Nothing they could do for us to avoid the Foreclosure, (unless) we were able to get an offer Before the 9 days of the Foreclosure date. That would save us from losing our home.

    On May 26, 09. Which was before the 9 days of the Foreclosure date, which was only 2 days later from the call. We ended up signing papers the next day and accepted the 59, 000 offer, which Aurora would not accept. They said it was too late to accept the offer. What??? Even though we still had almost a week left, they changed their mind.

    We got in touch with Dominique from Aurora and he put a hold on the Foreclosure for 30 days, and has asked to do another appraisal on our home in 5 days. Well, it's now June 18, 09, and nothing has been done yet. My Realtor is still waiting to hear from him. Time is ticking away!
    Please I want to know how I can get involved and join the Class Action Suit ASAP!.

    I want to help stop these Predators from doing this to more innocent people. Why can't we fight this and shut them down for good!?

    Thanks for listening and your time, God Bless you & yours

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  • Sh
    Shar May 14, 2009

    I am in as well. I have a grueling story as well. Homecomings Financial originally had the servicing of my loan for many years, which was sent to MGC for a short period of time late in 2008 and subsequently overtaken by GMAC as the servicer in October 2008. Have been dealing with GMAC since. I initially bought this property in 2002. Loan was for 243 K. I have been paying exorbitant interest rates for seven years, and was hanging in when rates were climbing as high as 14.2%. At one period of time in 2006, I had many medical bills coming in fast and furious due to a head on collision that I had experienced in 2004, which nearly resulted in my death, however through divine grace, I lived. I support four children alone and have a deadbeat ex that is well over 40 K in arrears in medical support. Homecomings had allowed me to complete a workout package during this time to get caught up (in 2006 when the medical bills for the portions not covered by insurance), in which I paid 3500.00 per month over the course of 13 months to Homecomings. It was honored to a tee.
    Then with the recent economic dive early this year, I no longer could afford to pay 12% interest that I am currently at. I talked with GMAC at length. I was again falling into arrears and wished to work with someone. GMAC indicated that they could not stretch any sort of arrearage over 13 months despite what had been honored with Homecomings or that Homecomings had done this, and that they could only stretch the arrears over a 6 month period and keep my payment current, bringing my normal 2, 468.00 payment to $4080.00 per month. Again, I am a single mother supporting four children and have done so for the past many years. I told them this was not possible to do as I had received a 26.3 % pay cut with my employer. (I did pay this $4080.00 once late in Jan of this year after filing my taxes early, but could not after this.) GMAC was heartless and sent me into foreclosure, which was literally stopped today by an attorney obtaining an order from a judge for an injunction. The letter of acceleration I received before receiving the intent to foreclose indicates the outstanding amount to be $251 K .This loan indicates that the interest rate cannot go below 9.5% and cannot exceed 16.5% and is interest only until the year 2030 . Was told by a GMAC rep last night that the investor is MGC. What a mess. I have paid literally thousands of dollars over the course of seven years and they opt not to work with me under the making home affordable plan? And WISH to foreclose? My escrow is short as well and the numerics of all of it make no sense at all. Something is amiss. Sebring Capital is the bank who initially provided the loan. They were located in Carrollton TX, but they closed in 2006. Must have seen the writing on the wall!
    Nothing but issues with MGC and GMAC.
    I'm in!

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  • Sh
    shannon May 10, 2009

    I'm in!! Have had nothing but issues with homecomings and I just rec'd whata they call modification paperwork and my payments will go up $400!!! Yeah, that helps! Not to mention that my escrow has somehow been short EVERY year, they are saying it is short now, but my taxes and insurance have never gone up???? I am being screwed every which way with them and I have had it! I just want to keep my home, too much to ask??? I don't see your email address, but please contact me at [email protected], or anyone else can that is having problems with Homecomings!! I don't even have the time to read all of the complaints on the web about these people!! Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!!
    Shannon Bryant
    Salisbury, Md.

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  • Nl
    NLJohnson Mar 10, 2009

    My mom is in the same situation. Homecoming modified her mortgage in Sept 08, which she paid on time. She found out that her mortgage was sold in Nov'08 (a company we never heard of) when she tried to make a payment. When she contacted the new lender to pay her mortgage she was told to hold on to it that they were trying to get her note even lower since that value had dropped significantly. She called every other week to pay and was told the same thing. It's now March, her mortgage has since been sold again to Kingdom Capital Fund LLC which I never heard of and can't find any info on and her home is in foreclosure because she had no idea who to pay. The company is trying to get her to sign a deed in lieu and make her a tenant in her own home. Please contact me my email is [email protected]

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  • Fe
    fed up Feb 26, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just had my home foreclosed due to the same issue. Please contact me [email protected] Thanks.

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  • Mi
    Michael S Feb 17, 2009

    I agree, I'm in.

    3 Votes
  • Mi
    Michael S Feb 17, 2009

    I'm in, I emailed you. Thanks.

    4 Votes

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