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I have started using TBE (Tshwane Business Express) from Tshwane to Johannesburg since the 4th of January 2016. Since then till today TBE has been making us to be late to work and day by day the is a fault. At one point i had to arrive at 11:00 pm at home and they do not do anything to assure our safety. If we loose our jobs they wont do anything about it. It is no like we do not pay we are paying customers and i demand that they company to evaluate their strategy and start putting customers first. We demand full service what they promised us when we purchase their tickets, . There is longer and beverages being served anymore and the wifi is no longer there. We demand full and excellent service. we want to arrive in time at work. They do not have shuttle buses anymore to carry us to the inner JHB CBD

Tshwane Business Express


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    hle Jan 24, 2017

    Yesterday I was travelling to Athlone from Fishoek with a train number 05... I got off at Heathfield waited for a train. When train arrived it was on platform 2 so we all immediately ran down the subway in order to get to platform 2. Just when we got there some of us managed to jump in especially young stars while some passengers including me didnt manage as the train just left off while we were running to it and so close to it. Time of this incident was around 9:20. I found the attitude of a Metro rail driver and his assistance very disrespectful. How can he leave passengers who were waiting for the train already knowing rightfully that he was on a different platform and passengers had to run over to the next platform. In fact such action put passengers life at risk when moving the train while passengers are jumping in. They left us standing right next to the train. Metro rail should discipline the staff member responsible for this action as such attitude towards passengers is disgusting, totally unnaceptable and should stop before passengers injure or get the self killed trying to go into a moving driven by ruthless and inconsiderate driver. I took contact details of passengers who were with me when train delibrately left us stranded. I had to contact my work and reschedule a 10 ocklock meeting which I had to attend due to this I'll treatment by Western cape Metro rail. I

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