MetroPCS Complaints & Reviews

MetroPCS / Warranty replacement phone

Jun 16, 2019

Ok so 6/10/2019 my phone froze up on me after it was dropped however no physcial damage was done to the phone. Thruout the day the phone was working but periodically would stop. Late that evening the phone completely stopped and the screen wouldnt slide open, I couldnt make any call...

MetroPCS / phone server and store service

Jun 13, 2019

My name is marlon Thompson and i recently puchased a phone from the Akron Ohio 44307 east ave area .and when i puchased my phone the lady put a phone case on my bill with out my consent and. When i got home to look at the reciet they charged me for something i didn't need or wanted.and...

MetroPCS / mobile data/internet

Jun 11, 2019

I've always had problems with their web service, but lately it's been truly ridiculous. When/if webpages actually manage to even load at all, the vast majority of the time it's after sitting and waiting 4-5+ minutes. I can't even watch short, simple low quality 240p videos without having...

MetroPCS / complaint

Jun 02, 2019

I just changed phone because the one I had wasn't holding a charge. The phone I have now is a Motorola. This one I haven't had more then 4 months. I can hear people talk to me, but they can't hear me. Took phone back to store I brought it from, which informed me to take to main store and...

MetroPCS / locked my phone without my permission for 180 days.

Jun 02, 2019

Metropcs locked my phone. My phone is my property, which I should be able to do with whatever I want. Metropcs has its nerve locking my phone. I had been a customer for years. I replaced my old phone with a new one and no one ever told me it would be locked for 180 days or locked at all...

MetroPCS / 2 lines cancelled unauthorized paraphrase locked out by customer service

May 30, 2019

My number was 317-444-1758 an unauthorized person went in and canceled two of my lines on my account I called customer service they said I need to add a passphrase that would secure my account I did just that they asked the customer service lady never asked me how to spell it a week later...

MetroPCS / someone change my information, unauthorized.

May 29, 2019

Hi my name is Christopher Simpson, I am a customer, and my number is (1-512 446 9375). I receive a message that there was a changes happening to the account, it contains a report, that someone was trying to change my account information, which i did not authorize doing it. The message wa...

MetroPCS / I tried to switch phones after my phone was stolen on 5/25/19

May 26, 2019

I have been a faithful customer for 8 years.. I paid my bill 0n 5/19/19. I have 5 metro phones in my name right now. My phone (510)730-6737 was stolen on 5/22/19.On the 23 my elderly mothers phone (on my account) turned off (925)848-9080 (I went to the metro store to buy another phone on...

MetroPCS / payment misplaced

May 21, 2019

I have paid my bill and they have allowed someone else to transfer my money to their account and tje best they can fo ids pprn cases and then tell me they failed. Me and my daughter are with out a phone and out ou money. I can't bate to dispute this with my financial institution because i...

Metro PCS / poor customer service

May 21, 2019

The worst Customer Service in years. On 5-16-2019 I went to pay bill for a relative. I was grilled by the girl at the register with questions like "Was the phone purchased at this store?", "How long have you had the phone?" I replied "why are you asking me all of these...

Metro PCS / cell phone and service promised refund

May 01, 2019

Metro Location: Address: 4247 Fm 1764 Rd, Ste 400, Santa Fe, TX 77517 Phone: (409) 316-9173 I went by this location to find better service at locations I frequent. April 22, 2019 - visited the store - great service and information. 30 minutes. April 23, 2019 - visited the store - wa...

MetroPCS / phone

May 01, 2019

I received a call stating there was a claim filed against me. I have been worried and confused since the call. I was told that on 1/28/17 I was approved for a loan by Smart Pay for a cell phone, which isn't true on my part. Smart pay was given an address that I lived at back in

Metro PCS / phone

May 01, 2019

Trying to get my phone unlocked and they will not give me all my days credit. The first phone I bought for 250$. It got stolen about 2 weeks after i bought it. All I could do is pay sticker price for a new phone the night it happen because I had to have one the next day. This was another...

MetroPCS / coverage

Apr 28, 2019

I signed up with Metro PCS in December 2018. I bought the MotoE phone at that time. I have troubles sending and receiving messages when at my small farm that is only 18 miles from my home. Today, while talking to ATT about a problem with our land line, the call was dropped about 6 or 8...

MetroPCS / service

Apr 27, 2019

Went to the Metro PCS in 14249 S Inglewood Ave, Hawthorne, CA 90250. The guy that attended me was drunk or high could not tell which one and he gave poor customer service. This guy is named Eddie when I asked for his manager she was not there at the moment. When I approached the guy he...

MetroPCS / extension doesn't work

Apr 17, 2019

I went to the Metro PCS app try to apply for this tension it said everything went through but my phone still did not have service after turning my phone on and off over five to six times and call him back three to four times my service was still not on my phone I waited one entire day call...

MetroPCS / employee

Apr 11, 2019

I bought a new phone there couple months ago the employee there seemed new and a stressed because the sms tray wouldn't go in and she kept asking her boss for help but her boss was busy so she just shoved it in there and said it's all "fixed" and sense then I haven't...

MetroPCS / metropcs

Apr 07, 2019

I received a message from MetroPCS saying: "Great news your special offer New Line/AAL $50 Instant Rebate has been applied. Thank you for choosing Metro by T-Mobile!" English language used indicates the "Rebate has been applied" which is past tense, meaning it has been done. I checked account...

MetroPCS / internet capping before bill is due

Apr 05, 2019

I pay for monthly unlimited data. Unlimited means no limit. But every month a week or so before my bill is due to be paid. My internet starts buffering and lagging. But once my bill is paid that goes away for another three week. Then the problem. Starts over again. Been happening for last...

Metro PCS / amazon prime

Mar 01, 2019

Metro is offering free Amazon Prime with their service. The problem is, I never got the text to set it up. When I talked to customer service and got the link to set up the Amazon account it was temporarily unavailable. It has been temporarily unavailable every time I check, for weeks. The...

MetroPCS by T Mobile / service and management in its entirety

Feb 06, 2019

We have been with metro for close to 12 years now... We have 2 phones on the $60 addition to our nearly $100 monthly bill, we use hotspot on our phones to watch movies and things... So that means we have to purchase additional data every month in order to do this... That can add...

MetroPCS / service

Feb 05, 2019

Customer Service agents are very illiterate and rude. They all need to be fired. They are very repetitive, and deliberately attempt to annoy customers. They will mess with your internet service on your phone, just so you can call in to complain, obviously they like to waste your time; and...

Metro PCS / the data and customer service and hidden charges

Jan 25, 2019

I've been using metro PCS and my phones are so slow on the internet I have top-of-the-line phone and I get the $60 service which I don't know why they say unlimited when not every 2 days into my beginning my monthly cycle my inner I said I used up all my data on my that's crazy and the sad...

MetroPCS / iphone 6s

Jan 22, 2019

went to purchase an iPhone 6s at store 298 Sam Ridley Pkwy E Smyrna, TN 37167 after Andrea Contreras store manager told me the phone would be $84.99, $15 for connection fees, $10 for the sims card, and $50 for monthly bill lines total $184 for first time service, both ladies Andrea...

MetroPCS / phone service

Jan 20, 2019

I had a phone for about a year then my boyfriend went to pay our bills in Washington Court house Ohio. They did not correctly apply the money to our bills and they charged me double the next month. I went to another retailer and the offered me to change phones and get a new account until...

MetroPCS / an employee

Jan 17, 2019

I currently just left the Metropcs on 2653 Mt. Vernon Ave Ste #E with great service from a young woman named Lucia. Exceptional customer service. Upon arriving an older woman was sitting in the opposite chair eating and watch a show on her phone. Granted she pay have been on break. I left...

Metro Pcs Store at 5389 Kirkman Rd #101, Orlando, FL / poor customer service. very rude and unprofessional. lying to customers.

Jan 14, 2019

After speaking with corporate customer service, as instructed, went into the 5389 Kirkman rd #101 store. They insisted that I could only activate a sim card with them and could not activate a sim with corporate. I knew this was not true as I just got off the phone with corporate. Loosing a...

MetroPCS / metro pcs stores

Jan 12, 2019

Just about all Metro PCS stores in my area of Fort Worth Texas have their phone numbers unlisted & their business hours listed for each store are wrong on the Metro website. And if you do find a phone number for a store, they don't answer the phone. It's all pretty shady busine...

MetroPCS / customer service billing

Jan 06, 2019

Metro on Buffington Road, guy said he can activate my new phone. Charged me $15.69, couldn't get new phone to work, but didn't want to refund money. They refunded my money and phone shut off. I went to another one to get it back on. They say the guy should have made sure first. They got my phone back on, but I was charged with another 15.69. Sucks!

MetroPCS / debo union for, credit repair, I dont nred a telemarketer, if thats what she is useing a personal line, to do business,

Jan 05, 2019

Telemarketer s, , can't receive money, wired to them, 7912 tropicana Dr miarmar fl, , or cane mill rd Albany ga, Stated she has lots of experience in credit repair...she stated.use to be a partner in...Snead finicial service Delray fl...this lady is con...

MetroPCS / cellphone

Jan 01, 2019

you aassholes illeaggly shut my phone off when we just made a payment two days ago your company sucks pay us or we go to court do not mess with me I paid with my debit card and your claiming you never recived it and shut us off this is so wrong take your phone and shove retore our service...

MetroPCS / someone else on phone

Dec 21, 2018

I have been a customer since 2013 I have in the last year had somebody getting in on my calls and hanging up on me and also something bad coming through the phone itself that gives me massive headaches, I have to put phone away from me for a while longer than hour before using it again and...

MetroPCS / defective samsung galaxy j7 prime, samsung failure to honor refund warranty policy, scam artist company

Dec 16, 2018

I purchased a Samaung Galaxy J7 Prime cell phone from the Metro PCs store located at 3276 Buford Drive in Buford Ga on Dec. 19, 2017. I did not experience and issues until August 2018., when I proceeded to make a call and the entire screen went black and completely unresponsive. The phone...

MetroPCS / service

Dec 10, 2018

I have done business with MetroPCS for 7yrs with the Lakeland FL on North 98 office went in there yesterday cause my phone wasn't working right and got the worse service ever the guy wouldn't even look at it not even touch it just said buy a new phone I ask him what ones us good...

MetroPCS / one time 48 hr extended service

Dec 05, 2018

Date: December 5th, 2018 No Client # My issue is MetroPCS' 48hr one time extended service when you aren't able to pay your bill. They provided me a one time extension for 48hrs and provided no other service in the mean time. So I was able to use my phone to call or text, but I wasn't able to...

MetroPCS / services very. very unprofessional from a employee

Dec 05, 2018

2 weeks ago I bought a phone from 1166 n Main st Manteca ca 95336 I paid almost $200 now it's not working so I go back to same store to ask about if I purchased insurance 12/4/18 and a girl name Ericka said very rudely she can't help me with a attitude I ask her a lot of questions and she...

MetroPCS / unethical practices

Nov 27, 2018

Last weekend, my wife and I took advantage of a good deal offered by Metro and switched from our previous carrier and bought new phones too. We left the store feeling very good about the experience and our purchase. Unfortunately, we had no service anywhere in our neighborhood, which wa...

MetroPCS / cell phone

Nov 19, 2018

I purchased a cell phone from the store on Saturday November 10th, 2018 from a sales rep named Denise M. I have had MetroPCS for 4 years and wanted an upgrade of one of the phones on the account. I paid in total $211.33. After the sales rep inserted the sim card into the new phone and...

Metro PCS / cell phone

Nov 12, 2018

I was told by person working in metro store that he could order me a brand new galaxy 8 & he told me I had to give him $100 deposit & the phone would come in in 3 days well I went to the store today to pay the balance & pick up the phone & he reached in the draw & pulled out a phone which...

MetroPCS / samsung galaxy j7

Nov 12, 2018

When I first got this phone I complain to MetroPCS set this phone has a bunch of issues I've never had any other phone close to this one it's sluggish and times when you press the key it does not respond it does things on its own discuss the key and if that's something you're dead you...