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MetroPCS Complaints & Reviews

MetroPCS / employment/ management

CandyWorld TV on Jan 17, 2018
I've never worked with such a disrespectful manager in my life who brings their personal problems to work and let that affect their attitude towards others. I find it not fair how this company let this go on for so long without a comment being made about it. This manager used cuss words at...

MetroPCS / metro pcs phone

Toney Great on Jan 14, 2018
My service was interrupted due to metro automatic system errors. Called to speak to CS. Worst experience ever. Will take all my business to other company. Rude customer service. Poor help from anyone. Losing so much money because of a metro system error. I will make sure i let anyone i...

MetroPCS / employee, store manager

Carla Beaudoin on Jan 8, 2018
I just received a phone call from a man screaming at me, I asked who is this? He said Jamie's boyfriend. The store manager of your Lewiston Maine location. She and I had a personal private agreement and I now feel threatened. Is this policy to allow this behavior? Now she, Jamie is texting...

MetroPCS / employee not caring about their customers

Lostmama69 on Jan 8, 2018
My self and husband went into metro pcs store in Hemet employee assted us I explained my daughter gave me her phone it's not active now but my daughter reset the phone wiped it all told her I want to turn it on but if I do that will I still have to sign into the goggle acct once on phone...

MetroPCS / zte pro

Jill582 on Jan 5, 2018
Hello my name is Jillian Ford, roughly two weeks ago I brought my phone to the metro store on highland road, Baton Rouge, la. It was getting hot and not charging, told them it was still under warranty. They agreed to replace phone said it would take a little longer because of holiday and...

MetroPCS / obviously used phone

Suzanne Smallwood on Jan 4, 2018
Hello, I am writing you concerning a phone which I feel was pushed on me by your representative at the downtown Portland OR location. This phone is obviously used. When I got home I thoroughly inspected it and there were clear signs of wear. The "deal" I was pushed into purchasing was the...

MetroPCS / I have max pro by zte

Ryan Hubbard on Dec 29, 2017
Alright my complaint is that you know I'm thinking about discontinuing my service you know my phone needs upgraded and the last time I upgraded actually degraded and had to pay a hundred some dollars and I've had so much trouble the phones don't last very long they last at about 8 months I...

MetroPCS / 4g unlimited data and phone calls

Carol Boykin on Dec 27, 2017
After moving to N.E. GA. I had the ability to make a phone call & slowly get online. Three months later I can't make a phone call or get online. I drove back down to Buford Ga hoping to get my 4G back. I called customer service & she tried to help me but nothing changed. What in the world ha...

MetroPCS / customer service

Tom Ho on Dec 18, 2017
Too long to write all, too many to list and forgotten, so terrible no words can describe! Go pull calls and notations to see how many times how many days I have called and see the anguishes and time wasting you people have caused for me. It is one technical issue but 100 or more human...

MetroPCS / metro pc's zte pro

Jcastle20 on Dec 15, 2017
Poor customer service. I purchased a zte pro from a metro PCS store and was promised a 60 dollar mail in rebate on March 3rd 2016. They never sent me the money and I just called and customer service told me I can no longer received the rebate. I payed 100 dollars for my phone and they...

Metro Pcs / 4 lines $100.

Lynann Morgan on Dec 13, 2017
I've been a customer with Metro for probably as long as they have been around. I have paid for at the least 2 lines per month, sometimes more depending on which kids are living at home etc. Right now I pay $100 for 2 lines. I've also been paying my son's bill for the past couple of month...

MetroPCS / contract situation

Ined Bloise on Dec 13, 2017
I had two line first: $50 unlimited and second line $25 unlimited, total $75. I went to store at 1175 Webster Avenue Bronx NY 10456 and I asked for a family plan that they have a big sign outside, I explained to employee Robert that I had 2 line and I needed 2 line to get family plan, the...

MetroPCS / inappropriate picture

Rob23in on Dec 11, 2017
A picture is going around about one of your employees that work in the darby location 150 mcdade blvd darby pa 19023 she is known by Mia that is not appropriate for your store with cemen on her face with a metro pcs I do not feel comfortable with buying and phones from there in I will be...

MetroPCS / service at sacramento corporate office

Divineblis on Dec 8, 2017
I would like to complain about the customer service representatives working at the corporate office store at the Sacramento, CA. The girls working there are too stubborn & unhelpful. They are not talking nicely when asking them something about the phone. Why are the manager of the store not...

MetroPCS / so angry customer

carthine on Dec 6, 2017
I was in the hospital for days .I been trying to reach a customer service person and can never reach anyone, but they cut off my sevices.I NEVER BEEN WITHOUT PAYING MY BILL. I GOT PEOPLE CHANGE FROM THEIR OTHER PHONE COMPANIES TO METRO, BUT I WILL BE TELL THEM YALL ARE NO GOOD .TO GO TO...

MetroPCS / unknowledgeable csr

Juantxz on Dec 4, 2017
I went in to pay my phone bill. There was 2 csr's. One was available to help me. She did but I was kinda in a hurry. I expected a faster more courteous service being that I work for Apple Inc. and I know how these things work and can tell when a CSR is undertrained. She was very giggly not...

MetroPCS / my phone service

Marilynn Agostino on Dec 4, 2017
I spoke to a rep and i was told my payment was not due till the end of December and yet they suspended my service and I am unable to speak to someone plus I was trying to see where i was standing with my tracking number for my phone that is supposedly being sent out to me in the mail thi...

MetroPCS / I bought a metropcs phone I cant activate

Charlie pendl on Dec 3, 2017
I bought a Metro ZTE 3 I'm not able to activate it who do the customer has in on this account released it off of his account how can you help me I also got her I know I'm going case with PayPal but I would like to activate this phone he told me he was brand new I checked with you guys you...

MetroPCS / incorrect charges

My fiancee and I went to the Metro Authorized Dealer located at 7307 e admiral place tulsa ok 74110 on 11/25/17 and we went in to upgrade our phones and it took forever first off then we were about to leave and the store rep offered us a Bluetooth portable Speaker for 10.00 and when we...

MetroPCS / service

Sil33via on Dec 1, 2017
I have been Metro PCS customer since they opened, never had an issue. I have been going to authorized dealer for 3 days with the same question: add another phone to my account, but unfortunately unsuccessful. Dealer Jake was nice and was telling us that phone has to be unlocked( my husband...

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