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MetroPCS Complaints & Reviews

Metropcs / Samsung Galaxy s8 not working reduaing to trade it in

Jayme Kuhn on Jul 26, 2017
My friend put me on her plan well my home stopped working so i went to store to get another one and have my payment and info changes to my name and get my new phone traded in they tried to tell me that they couldn't do it so after they told me that it could do it so i want my phone traded...

Metropcs / 800 customer service & supervisor incompetence

AnthonyHH on Jul 12, 2017
I called metropcs in regards to my samsung galaxy note 2, I have had the displeasure of speaking to the car's & stupivor's in regards to dropped calls, intermittent internet service, 20 - 30 mins delays for text messages and incoming calls going straight to voicemail. I spoke to a total of...

Metropcs / in store customer service

Renee Meadows on Jul 12, 2017
I went to MetroPCS to switch to their lines for the $50 plan. The lady I had talked to I told me my phones were locked so I had to get one of their phones. Her knowing that the SIM card is locked on the phones still insisted on saying that. So I went ahead and got the $80 plan which I wa...

Metro Pcs / very rude service from the cashier.

S5tisha on Jul 11, 2017
I came in the store about 4pm on Sunday 07/09/17 this store is located on 14728 Mack Avenue Detroit, MI the Employee was Named Davon He was working along. I told him I needed to pay my bill the first time I said it he did not say anything to me I say it again. He finally takes the money...

Metropcs / terrible customer service

Lamborghiniace on Jul 8, 2017
I walk in the store so I wait for about ten mins just to see if anyone would say sir be with you in a min after ten mins of waiting she saids be with you in a few mins well a few mins turned into 15 more mins so I waste a total of 25mins for nothing didn't make payment or purchase any head...

Metropcs / representative

Amanda Lollar on Jul 6, 2017
This mexican represenative at the store on apache trail and signal butte was so rude to me. I was making a complaint about how for some reason I can't get the automated system to accept my credit card and he was a total [censor] and said * if you dont like it switch services * * well you...

Metropcs / unprofessional service

LanYvo on Jun 30, 2017
Today June 30, 2017 I went into the Metropcs at 1266 River St.HydePark, MA.02136 ph#617-910-3202 at around 5:30pm I was rudely greeted by a lady who seemed visibly frustrated? All I wanted was a 3 month print out of my account - the lady reluctantly gave her name as Mardi or Marti? Mardi...

Metropcs / refusal to give refund on new phone purchase

Richard V. Licata on Jun 28, 2017
Complaint against metro pcs – refusal to give refund on new phone purchase Metropcs store located at 516 86th street, brooklyn, ny 11209 On saturday evening june 24, 2017, I lost my lg android phone purchased from and using service provided by metropcs. The local store is the one listed...

Metro Pcs / phone service/customer service

Naenae4u on Jun 18, 2017
Metro pcs customer service is the worst!!! Watch when you make payments with their app on your mobile!! I made a payment but they say I didnt. Funny how they can see the date and time when I have my bank american express on three way with them. Spend 42 mins on three way and they still say...

Metropcs / customer service

Jeneva Willoughby on Jun 13, 2017
Sent complaint letter to you. You were to respond within 24 hours. That time has passed. So it's ok with your company to treat people like this? It was bad enough to be practically thrown out of the store because the clerk wanted to scheme with the woman who, came in after me. She lost her...

Metropcs / telephones

jean lw on Jun 12, 2017
On June the four, I purchased two LG Aristo phones. Twice I have attempted to take them to the Metro store in Janesville, WI.. I lived about an hour away. Reasons: 1. Call drops continually 2. No services at time 3. Slow text sending 4. Limited incoming call. I also called customer service...

Metropcs / customer service/phone service

Passion13 on Jun 11, 2017
I really don't appreciate the lack of help or support your customer service (*611) agents have I was hung up on 2, told false information 2, oh in hold for 15 minutes to a supervisor who really did not show any help was very condscending. I have been with metro for 3 years and the service...

Metropcs / zte zmax pro

double0s on Jun 8, 2017
I'm writing to you because no one that I contacted is trying to help. My husband went to our local metro store. We purchased a buy one get one free zte zmax pro cell about 2 months ago. My cell has been nothing but trouble since he purchased it. I've called the store and customer service...

Metropcs / my wifi/internet/data

Manuel padilla on May 27, 2017
Hello ever since I got metro every month there has been a problem with the internet that I have to go to one of your stores or call customer service recently I got so tired of it I bought an unlimited plan but ever since I got it (three days from when I'm posting this) it freezes, lag...

Metropcs / metropcs

Fullmetal_cowboy on May 26, 2017
I've been a customer with this company for 3yrs, an recently I brought my girl friend over from Verizon to metropcs an within those 3yrs I've lost countless photo's, music, files, ect. Do to my phone whipping my SD card clean. An when I called to see what they could do to fix it or help or...

Metropcs / account theft

Tacy Flora on May 10, 2017
My daughter just told me her ex bf managed to somehow change her entire account an put in a new high security password. Your good-for-nothing store & company will not help. So his name is now on her account. How can this be legal? This is ludicrous. I am calling bbb & consumer affairs if...

Metropcs / rebates

veronica munnlyn on May 10, 2017
I upgrades my phones they are on the same account. While at the metro pcs store no one told me that you are only allowed one rebate per account which they dont tell you when buying the phones. Ok fine I get one rebate. But where is my denial letter. Called rebate customer to find out where...

Metropcs / I am making a complaint about an employee/store

Anmoore on May 9, 2017
I had two lines on my account. The other party went in and wanted to make a payment .They had to call me for me to give the sales person my high security password because this person was not allowed to have it, and only allowed to pay on the bill.When the metro pcs sales person got on the...

Metro Pcs / being cheated out of my money

Mrs.LA on May 8, 2017
I want to file a complaint!!! I went to activate my phone yesterday and got CHEATED!!! The guy told me in order to active my phone it will be $69, so I said no problem. He then asked me to see my phone. I handed it to him & he said "This phone has no sim card!" I told him thats impossible. He...

Metropcs / phone service

rekajones on May 1, 2017
My phone has been inactive on your network for almost 24hrs ago, I had not issues with my phone . I paid my monthly bill on the 29th and my hotspot I didn't have so I called in on yesterday 4/30/17 and spoke with a lady who stated that my hotspot have not been reset since I paid my monthly...

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