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I had an account on and was a subscribed member. Recently I've decided to cancel my membership so I went to their website and tried to find some information how to cancel my account. There was a terrible lack of information and I wasn't able to understand what exactly I need to do.
Then I contacted MetroFax customer service and asked for help. They said that everything was written on their website and they have nothing to add. I explained that I needed their help because I could not understand what was said on their site and they asked me to wait and I was put on hold for like forever! No one came back to me and when I called again they did not pick up! The worst customer service ever!!


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      Apr 04, 2017

    I did a 30 day trial but never used it. After that I tried the website to cancel. I called and these people refuse to correct it yet they keep taking my money. Just shows how reputable this company is. The have to rob people of their hard earned money for a service thats never been utilized. 6 months now of taking these payments. Guess I will just have to stop payments with the bank and I fully intend to call consumer protection. We need to stop these people.

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  • A
      Jan 09, 2018

    Tried to cancel by sending an email as it cannot be done online. Now they want me to call and cancel. Why are they making it difficult for customers to cancel. If you can sign-up online you should be able to cancel online!!!

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  • D
      Jan 09, 2018

    No information online on how to cancel/stop subscription even though it states upon signing that it is risk free, that you can cancel it anytime with no risks and bla bla bla.. I am surprised that in this extremely competitive business world today, these sort of businesses are still able to survive and they continue to exist! My question is to the CEO of Metrofax: Do you really think that you are smarter than your customers? You will fail, soon or late, with your sick attitude!

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      Aug 07, 2018

    I simply called the customer service number and chose billing inquiries and got a live person and told them I wanted to cancel. They tried to give me deals, etc, but that's their job. I politely told them no, I want to cancel, and the rep cancelled and that was it. Pick up the phone people! It's not that hard.

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  • S
      Oct 16, 2018

    @Tracy Westphal Fake Review from "Tracy Westphal" - all of these people, myself included, have experienced the same shady business practice by Metrofax. Their revenue model is failed as FAX is a dying service. Company must be a shell with skeleton crew off-shore. Billing Fraud may eventually shut them down - eventually they'll get investigated, if not already...

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