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I live in tidwater Virginia. Merchants tire is a rip off no matter what you do. They have a chart they follow for the mark up on parts and it is ridiculous. A friend of mine retained a copy of it. Example: if they buy a part for $15.00 they are told to sell it for $57.00 a 73% markup! If they buy a part for $25.00 again a 73% markup and to sell it for $90.00. This is how all of it is done. In April I had brought my car there twice for a flat and always get crap for service. Then, while waiting in the "customer lounge" ( which in most of their stores is nasty and dirty and sloppy) here comes one of the sales people to UP SELL you on everything. fluids, alignments, maintanence.. can't you just go in somewhere and get only what you ask for?? I just had my car at the dealer for some warranty work and they said all the fluids looked great and the car was great. It only has 26k miles on it. But Merchants always comes in with a laundry list and tells you you need brake fluid, power steering fluid and other flushes. I will tell all I know to NEVER go there! I complained to the manager about how this always happens and he said it doesn't. But while I was there they went to the waiting room to a lady who was in for an oil change and had told her SHE needed some fluhes and an alignment as well. She was VERY upset and asked the question I do. Can't you just do the work asked and stop trying to upsell when it is NOT needed. Is this a normal practice? Yes. After talking to the manager Doug, I recevied no satisfaction. He actually walked away from me. After leaving the location I called another store manager to get a number of his boss, a guy named Brent and he never returns calls. I called the store manager back and asked if this guy brent callls customers back and he said "no, that is typical of our ADS". Some kind of compnay you have there. NEVER GO to merchants, ntb, or tire kingdom!


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    B. VAUGHN Aug 09, 2010


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  • Al
    aleale Nov 18, 2010
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    Merchants tire Annapolis MD...

    had a bad noise under the hood. two mechanics said "its the idler pulley". so they replaced that, charged me $97... and the sound is still there. was NOT the idler pulley... did they offer to put the old pulley back on and NOT charge me? of course not. I emailed the company about this issue... no reply... crappy customer service. they played it off saying the pulley was bad, had play in it and was not suppose too... all I know is it was working... fine. and not the cause of the noise i went there for!

    avoid this company... get your car fixed elsewhere.

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  • Ym
    ymee Apr 27, 2011

    well I went to merchant tire on debaun ave in chesapeake on april 27, 2011 and wanted to purchase a tire there were two white gentlemen standing waiting on another white gentleman and here i am standing there in need of a tire because my spare was almost flat it would not take no more air so i wanted to purchase a tired and they saw me standing there and they did not help me at all so I turned around and walked out and went somewhere else and purchased a tire and where the people were very curtious and very helpful and nice they were done in 10 min. it didnt take long at all merchant tires u people i think are very predjudice i don't think you wanted our business and that's why we took it some where else and we gave them our business so thanx for nothing I will never come to your place of business ever again nor will i recommend anyone to you.

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  • Mo
    MORRIS0625 May 06, 2011

    I have experience Merchant's Tire bad service on two occasions: one time they left something loose on my front end, which made my jeep sound like it was coming a part. I went back to the store within 10 minutes and talk to the manager. He tried to tell me it was because a nut came off another part that had been put on four weeks prior to going to Merchant (BS). I took my 2005 Nissan (32, 000 miles) to have it inspected and I received a call claiming my struts was bad, my head lights needed to be adjusted, my tail light was cracked and I needed tires at the cost of $700. I had just had my car at the dealer and everything was fine, so I can not see how it needed $700 worth work less than a month, when I only drove the car to the dealer and Merchant. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND PEOPLE NOT TO USE MERCHANT TIRE; THE COMPANY WILL RIP YOU OFF AND GIVE YOU BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!MY OPINION

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  • Do
    Dont.Believe.Merchants Aug 10, 2011

    I went to the Merchants in Springfield, VA to get some work done on my Jeep. I had gone in a couple days before to get a "diagnostic". Of course they came up with a huge list of things of what they considered "absolutely necessary" that needed to be done. The estimate came to about $1600. I made a schedule with them to drop it off at 6am a couple days later. I showed up, dropped off the Jeep, and they said it would be ready by noon. So noon passed...1pm...2pm...Finally, I called and the service guy who answered said he just got done with the "free diagnostic" on my Jeep. I think I seriously cussed him out. They hadn't done any of the work from the estimate. My Jeep was there for 8 hours! I told them to get the f*@! off my vehicle, don't touch it or do anything to it. I went and picked it up, and took it to my mom's mechanic. I showed him the estimate from Merchants and asked him to diagnose my Jeep. He told me half the stuff on there was not necessary and just put there to "up" the labor time and that they unreasonably marked up their parts. He gave me his estimate of what really needed to be done and the bill came to about $500. He took me in that day and about 3 hours later, it was done and ready to go. And the manager from Merchants had the nerve to call me the next day to apologize and said he would give me a free diagnostic. Is he for real? How many "free diagnostics" do I need from Merchants? I told him I got the work done for less than half the price and I told him exactly what my "new mechanic" told me about them.

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  • Ga
    gaussdog Aug 13, 2011

    Had same 'up sell' experience at Merchant's in Ashburn, Virginia (43320 Junction Plaza). Sad part is that this obviously works on a large amount of the customers they serve. Tried to sell me a power steering flush and air filter change, when I went in for specific tires to be installed. I declined the service, picked up my vehicle, and took a look under the hood. It was obvious they hadn't even inspected the air filter or power steering fluid; both were fine. And from what I could tell, untouched. It was obvious they hadn't even cracked the air filter open. The air filter was practically new as I had replaced it a few thousand miles prior. The worse part about the whole situation is the outright lies that are told to customers. Lesson to everyone is to always be on the defensive if you ever have to service your vehicle at Merchant's.

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  • Ma
    Marguerite Twist Sep 05, 2019
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    I took my 2006 Hyundai Tucson to the Parkville shopping center location in Baltimore Md. for the TPMS light had come on and was told that the tire sensor was bad. The charge to have it replaced was $179.34. I had it done and 3 weeks later the light came on again but this time I took it to Mr. Tire. They checked the sensors and reset the TPMS and charged me nothing. I called the service person and asked him what tire the new sensor was put on and he did not know. I don't think the sensor needed to be replaced but just the TPMS needed a reset. I called their corporate office inre to this situation which is very suspicious and got some kid who was clueless to what I was telling him. I will not go back anymore for I no longer trust them and they have lost a good customer because of the way this was handled.

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