Sh Sep 24, 2019 Review updated:

I normally wouldn't say anything but I can't help it. So this restaurant has an A 100 health score and the burger literally tasted like poop. I've aeten there before and didn't have a problem. That's really gross especially if you have a 100 health score. Only certain parts of it tasted like that and not the whole entire burger. If something tastes like poop that's not even possible, that's just gross!

  • Updated by Sh.r5 · Sep 28, 2019

    It's a similie, I can't believe you commented on something gross that really happened just to be educated. Please do not remove your comment because it's so immature. You just proved my point all the more you're so pathetic. Your comment does not do anyone justice! And this is a complaints board website duh, I can't believe you didn't make it past that part already DUH! But I do love how you guys are the new criminal since you're such GOOD people, and you just proved that. If food tastesEXTREMELY disgusting then it does. Is that better. Duh!

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