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Worst move ever!

Just do not use them period! The worst moving experience in my life and I have moved lots! Empty promise...


We are a military family with a 2 year old in the middle of a PCS move from Maryland to Oklahoma. Mayflower was contracted by the Army to move our household goods. We scheduled the move on June 17th and everything was packed up and taken away on June 25th. We were told that our stuff would be here no later than July 7th. Bearing this in mind, we rented a house and have been staying in a hotel awaiting our stuff.

It is now July 6th and we were just told by Mayflower that our stuff is STILL in Maryland! They have not assigned a driver to it and will not give us an E.T.A. Of course this is not their fault. They blame the Army. According to them, the Army lowered the rate that they will pay the moving companies, so many moving companies won't do PCS moves anymore, so Mayflower is "busy." Translation: Mayflower has a corner on the military move market and is not afraid of losing the contract (since no one else wants it) so they have no reservations about putting military families on the back burner and giving them horrible service. After all, they're not going to lose our business! We don't have a choice but to go through whomever the Army contracts! Their solution is for us to continue to pay out of pocket to stay in a hotel or to rent furniture and they will reimburse us at some point in the future. Of course it's hard to make a decision like that, since we have NO EARTHLY IDEA about when we can expect our stuff! Meanwhile, our credit card will rack up interest as we continue to pay for things out of pocket, we'll have to keep eating mediocre, overpriced restaurant food, paying to do our laundry when we own a washer/dryer, etc. etc. while they get their act together.

I will NEVER EVER go through Mayflower when my husband retires. This is how they treat military families who are already under stress. My 2 year old is miserable stuck in this hotel room. I just want to get him settled into our house and a routine, but that is impossible!

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    m/m collins Mar 25, 2008
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    Mayflower agents caused damage to our furniture through their own negligence. Company promised to repair damage and then reneged on that promise. Make sure to avoid using A&A Transfer and Storage (a Mayflower Transit agency) of Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

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    Les Nov 26, 2008
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    I agree! Also avoid Smith Dray Lines. When $15, 000 worth of jewelry was stolen during packing of my house (full coverage insurance up to $250, 000 was purchased) they "launched an internal investigation". They admitted that one of the packers failed to report for a scheduled polygraph test and still have not done anything. It had been three months since my move!

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Resolved do not honor their original estimate

I contracted with Mayflower to move my household goods from VT to TN. Their professional estimator inspected my cargo and quoted $1475. There were problems with damage to landscaping at pick-up site and failure to deliver to correct address, but I will focus only on their demand for an additional $1348 to release cargo (at nearby trucking depot, not my new address) which I paid (original deposit, $700) and now for an additional $641. Mayflower has accused me of adding to the cargo after inspection and estimation, and in their most recent letter claimed that the cargo was heavier than their estimator though it would be.

I would like them to honor their original estimate.

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    Corihogg Aug 04, 2012
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    Just do not use them period!

    The worst moving experience in my life and I have moved lots!

    Empty promises, untrained packers, lies, non responsive...I could go on and on.

    You will not get return phone calls.

    Your driver will lie to you - tell you what he thinks you want to hear and then walk off the job with your paperwork and belongings.

    Your belongings will be transferred to a different truck and you will not have any idea if everything makes it to a new truck.

    You will be told that your delivery is on one date and take time off of work to find out it will not be arriving for another week to 10 days.

    Your household goods that you worked hard for or have been in your family for years will be treated like trash! It will be a huge slap in the face!

    You will be heartbroken, angry, frustrated, you will cry and scream at the way your belongings will arrive, if or when, at the other end.

    And they will NOT care one bit!

    Just do not hire them!

    Top 10 Signs of a Crappy Move from Hell (yes, they are all true!):
    10) You find a hole punctured through the door of the microwave.
    9) Your custom-made birdhouse, handmade by her recently passed father, is half destroyed because it is not in a box despite her providing a specific box to pack it in. The missing custom-made mounting pole is found back in Longmont, Colorado after 3 weeks of searching.
    8) The hot tub is packed on its side without taking off the top, destroying the arms and bracket for opening it and there are huge tears in the hot tub cover.
    7) Your new Mac laptop and 15k Cannon Digital camera is missing.
    6) Not a single box is marked with your name, contents, or even the room it came from.
    5) You find a piece from a sentimental porcelain figurine lying in the gutter next to the moving truck.
    4) You watch the crew take your several cases of wine out from the belly of the truck, rather than the cargo space, after two weeks of extreme heat and road vibration.
    3) You see so many pieces of hardware, parts, and pieces on the truck floor that you insist on them sweeping the contents of the entire truck into a box, including the dirt and dust bunnies.
    2) The team leader for the move puts all of the hardware for your furniture in his cargo pants pockets then walks out on the moving company never to be heard from again (before the delivery, of course). Nothing can be re-assembled when it is delivered.
    1) The truck, with no crew for two more hours, shows up 10 days after it was originally promised. They have no paperwork, inventory list, or any idea what is yours or what should be on the truck.

    Just find someone else - anyone else.

    9 weeks later, you still will not have your belongings, you will still not be able to put your house together, and you will not even have one bed to offer your family. Best of all, they will all ignore you, point fingers, pass the buck, lie, lie, lie, never take responsibility, or do the right thing.

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be prepared for additional invoices and screw-ups in billing

In September 2005, we contracted with Mayflower to move our household goods fromTulsa, OK to Gilbert, AZ. After a considerable amount of confusion and miscommunication by Mayflower involving packing through another Mayflower company, which caused a one day delay in making the move, the move was completed in October 2005.

The driver told us that he was going to have the load re-weighed as he thought it didn't register correctly when first weighed. He said that we would probably receive a refund if the weights came out different.

In January 2006, we received a check from Mayflower for a refund of $2100. There was no information included with the check, just a refund of $2100.

In July 2006, we received an invoice from Mayflower stating that we owed them $2100 for packing materials. A phone conversation with Select Van told us that they did not know how to do accounting or to bill for their services. They made a mistake sending us the refund and were now billing us for the refund amount.

If anyone uses a company like Mayflower for future moves, be prepared for additional invoices and screw-ups in billing. Also, make sure you check your household goods very carefully. We had a number of scratched and broken wood tables after the move.

Needless to say, our next move will be with a professional company and not a company like Mayflower.

Mayflower Transit through Select Van - Omaha, NE